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  1. Saw the exciting news about the new update - hope it will be up in the coming few days. @Twiton Any pointers how can I unlock the Sword that was Broken? I should "Take 8 actions with Leadership Aragorn in 1 round", but can't find the right deck / quest for it. I tried with a Leadership / Lore hybrid deck (Aragorn, Arwen, Dis), putting in as many cards I can that ready exhausted characters (Ever Vigilant, Lembas, Escort from Edoras, Cram), but it requires way too much setup to ready Aragorn 8 times in one turn. I would appreciate any tips. Also, it seems that I can't unlock Hero Award in Quest 5 of the Tutorial campaign (at least I didn't get Elf-magic after recovering 8 different trait allies with Rossiel). Is it a bug or is it intended to be like this?
  2. Thanks a lot for the detailed answer, much appreciated
  3. While waiting for the update (afaik the blame on MS's side), I've been playing the game regularly with a good friend in coop. Any tips one certain trophies? The Gandalf - 100 villains seem to be a pain. In theory, the Ungoliant map should be the best as you start the first scenario with 3 bosses. Question: if I fail the quest, does the kills there still count for the progress? I.e. just spamming the first map with the 3 bosses / villains and purposely let myself defeated. If it would, that would be awesome.
  4. I crushed through DotD with a Versatility / Active Skill Damage hybrid dual sword / sword build. The equipment is practically the heaviest armor you can get, with mixed Benzaiten's Grace and Bishamonten's grace, it provides you high survivability (300 toughness is essential, though) with good damage thanks to Versatility stacks. I used this build to complete DotW as well, and did not have any problems - I was surprised a bit that you actually don't need to upgrade to orange graces to have a chance on DotW. It's not a one shot build, far from it, but it's pretty fun to use the different skills and makes you play creatively. General tips/ideas for DotD: - Use the heaviest armor possible but keep yourself in green agility - Confusion is still OP, so dual element is heavily preferred, either on weapons or complemented by soul cores - Soul Cores - depending on preferences obviously, but Kasha, Gozuki, Nuppeppo are all excellent choices. Kasha for Fire damage (helps a ton applying confusion), Gozuki for massive Ki damage and Nuppeppo for rage / extra damage. - The help from Scampuss is also very OP, you can have three up at the same time. I did not use any Clay Bell of Beckoning before, so have a lot in my inventory, I often bring some to high level Scroll of the Wise missions, and they deplete the boss' Ki surprisingly quick
  5. it would be a bit redundant - I also finished the game on Lethal, but it was not bad at all. If they add a new difficulty where you practically gets one-shot and you do miniscule damage, well, that's a different story. Hope they will not do so, this game does not fly well as a 12th century Japanese Dark Souls.
  6. Final Fantasy VIII Remaster. Still need to find the time for it, too long backlog.
  7. Metal Gear Solid 2
  8. Middle-Earth Shadow of Mordor. Game is on my shelf for more than 3 years now, but didn't have the time to play it.
  9. FFVII Remake
  10. AC Odyssey I generally liked the AC series, but haven't tried Origins and Odyssey yet due to the open world formula.
  11. Final Fantasy VII Remake Even though I was really looking forward to this game, being an FF fan since 1998, I hate the battle system a lot, and I don't see myself enjoying it on Hard. So it's probably a RIP platinum for me.
  12. Watch Dogs BtW, FF XIII-2 was never released on PS2 It's either PS3, or the game is FF X-2
  13. God of War (2018)