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  1. KH: BBS. Unfortunately I will never get it, too grindy for my taste.
  2. Shadows of the Damned
  3. I noticed it in the PS Store - it can load painfully slow now. I also got disconnected within Nioh 2 a couple of times, but apart from it, it's been stable. I can invoke revenants without major lags. Joining as summoned through Torii gates gets much more frequent DCs
  4. Killer is Dead
  5. Of course there is - Thronebreaker is not fully similar to Gwent, considering the new mechanics introduced since last year. It would take developer time to issue a patch, and this is exactly what CDPR does not want to do. Console is a dead platform for Gwent, and dead means "not to touch".
  6. Guys, let's face it, CDPR does not care about your trophies. Console players have been second tier citizens ever since the game was released. They are slacking behind with the account transfer from PS4 to GoG, even though that should be their first priority because they would like to transfer paying customers to another platform. They also ignore the communication about the whole matter.
  7. I played 4 ranked matches yesterday on PS4, so these should be still obtainable. Though the player pool should be significantly smaller. To be fair, Arena would be quasi unobtainable even if they added back the mode to the PS4 version, due to how the game mode is structured. You are playing with other players who are in the same bracket as you (i.e. players with 1 win, 2 wins, 3 wins, 4 wins, etc.). With the significantly lower player pool, chances for getting a 6-win run is drastically lower as well. It was a big RNG fest before, and did not get better with time.
  8. Ni No Kuni: Wrath of the White Witch
  9. Mate, the Arena goes by win count (i.e. after your first win, you will be matched with another guy with one win, if you crush the second opponent, you will be matched with another 2-wins guy, etc.). It won't be easier / boostable this way, that one I can guarantee. It would be harder to get that trophy simply because the player count will be a lot less, so less players in each bracket...
  10. March 31st 2020 is the latest rumored date
  11. Yup. It's sad, I liked the PS4 version way more than PC / iOS. Gwent, you will be missed. If someone is aiming for the platinum on PS4, that's also bad news.
  12. Overall, FF VIII is my second most favorite Final Fantasy game, right after FF X, and just a bit before FF VI - and I played and finished the majority of FF games, including the spinoffs on other consoles. The only exceptions I haven't got a chance to play were the Japanese-exclusive mobile games from the 2000's, Final Fantasy Dimensions 2 and Final Fantasy Tactics A2. And the only ones that I haven't properly finished was FF IX (I lost my memory card with the save on the last disc), FF XI and FF XIV (but plan to finish this one, seems awesome based on my experience). In FF VIII, I really liked the cast (thus this Dissidia version of Squall has been my avatar for a long time ), the cadet school setting, those weird "another world" segments, and the pseudo-psychological story. It was also the first FF that was somehow open-ended and its ending was subject to many interpretations later on. I'm really happy that we got a remaster version on PS4.
  13. Well, probably no one cares about this game anymore, but I found a solution to my concern above. Y'Shtola was nerfed with the rework, however the core grinding trick still works with her, just need some extra preparations. I'm running a three-Marksmen team (Y'Shtola, Emperor, Ace, everyone is at Crystal level). For both Emperor and Ace, I added Provoke and Enfeeble as EX skills, and I'm using Leviathan as summon (for faster debuff skill gauge). For Y'Shtola, use React as your HP attack, dash near to the core, go to the ground, cast React, stand in its middle, and spam her ground forward attack, Stone, targeting the core. Recast your React spell if necessary (e.g. either it elapses or someone gets caught inside). Also, select maps which are relatively flat (Cornelia, Lunar Subterranea, Promised Meadows, Alexandria, Streets of Rabanastre, Eden, Porta Decumana, Akademia, Obonne Monastery, The Final Battlegrounds; definitely not go for Midgar, Pandemonium, Insomnia and whatever of the name of the FFXI map with the crystal bridge in the middle), and look out for teams that consists of Assassins and/or Vanguards (and preferably no Marksmen at all, you don't want to be interrupted by projectiles). There are certain Assassins and Vanguards that are still sort of a headache, those who have tools to hit you at midrange (Squall's thundara, Sephiroth's slash projectiles, Firion's ground stuffs, Lightning's bullshit attacks), so if you can avoid those, that also helps to quicken the progress. Also be careful about specialists: I hate to play against Vaan, Ramza, Onion Knight and Ex-Death AIs, because they tend to use a lot of projectiles, including HP attacks. I found Bartz, Zenos and Kam'Lanaut quite manageable. The method is still a bit slower on average than the one with pre-rework Y'Shtola, but not that much slower. If the conditions are right (small, flat map, against full speedy Assassin team), you can still get around 25 sec wins (my personal best is 22 sec on Promised Meadows against two Tifa and a Tidus), but calculate with an average of 40 sec. In rare cases, where you are getting spiked by the opponents and/or they are refusing to leave the core area, it can go above a minute, but it is an exception rather than a usual case. Also, if you manage to get a 40 sec win when one of your React is triggered, you more likely than not get an A++ score, or A+ at least. Overall, a full run nets you more than 10k EXP on average. Good luck everyone, and be patient. I still have more than 50 treasures to get, and it's getting painful lol.
  14. Unfortunately, I have to agree. The minigame difficulty in this game is the hardest in the series (and I platted all Yakuza games except for the 1-2 HD remaster [yet to play] and Dead Souls [too lazy to finish the last two speedruns]). Judgment might look scary with the mahjong requirements, drone racing and Puyo Puyo, but I would rather do those again instead of golf, darts, batting and pool here...