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  1. Hi, What weapon did you use? Did you stick to one or switch?
  2. Not sure if anyone is still here but this trophy is driving me nuts. I tend to use the catch plasma exclusively but saw the youtube walkthrough and he was using the swing vulcan. Is catch plasma still viable in later stages? I also to get to Stage 7 and I have barely any bombs or shield left to survive past it. Anyone who has completed this trophy got a rough guideline for how much shield, bombs, fairies they should have in the last 2 stages?
  3. Raiden V: Directors Cut and Muv Luv.
  4. Haha, we're a dying breed mate.
  5. I would never consider the danganronpa games to be easy plats. They just seemed ridiculously time consuming and RNG-based as well.... Dangaronpa: Another Episode - Ultra Despair Girls however was relatively straight forward.
  6. I like to alternate between a difficult and easy platinum whenever possible. I got the platinum for DOS2:DE and then followed it up with some visual novel plat on vita.
  7. This is me right here. I must be the only person in Sydney, Australia who regularly plays a vita on the way to and from work. I did get a switch back in 2017 but I never really considered it portable. Also, seeing as this is a trophy website/forum, PS vita platinums are helping to increase my platinum count quickly at this rate. I mostly play obscure japanese stuff (otome and other visual novels) as I can just read them on the train.
  8. Nice, where from? I got for vita; Tokyo Xanadu The Bard's Tale: Remastered and Resnarkled Rayman Origins
  9. I'm playing this on my vita right now. As for me, I also ordered a copy of The Bard from Red Art Games.
  10. PSN: thekingsman123 If you're in Australia and play Overwatch (Plat-Diamond), I could join you... Otherwise, I play RPGs and a lot of other random games. Just mention you're from here. I'm kind of dying to see people playing anything other than Overwatch, Fortnite or COD on my friends list at this point...
  11. I have a white 500GB PS4 and the 500 Million PS4 Pro. Ironically, I'm forced to use my Pro in my study with my standard shitty monitor while my wife, who is recovering from a back injury, gets the 4K TV outside.