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  1. Bless WFH TBH. Otherwise my stats from last year would also be a lot lower.
  2. Shit, that's almost like 2 a week.
  3. Link Hit the link above, login, and share your stats from 2020! Even though the PS5 was released last year, most of our stats will still be for PS4. Here's mine: Total hours of gameplay in 2020 - 2476 Your top games 1 OVERWATCH 526 hours 2 BALDURS GATE AND BALDURS GATE II ENHANCED EDITIā€¦ 148 hours 3 CYBERPUNK 2077 134 hours Total trophies earned in 2020 - 1395 Platinum 30 Gold 85 Silver 258 Bronze 1022
  4. I used to buy a few strategy guides but completely stopped back in 2015 with the Witcher 3.
  5. I have weird taste. This will be my final set of games for awhile as I just bought an apartment.
  6. Not a game but since this is a PSN website, I finally got the whole set.
  7. Someone showed this on the trophies subreddit once. I immediately bought one. Absolutely love it
  8. Ive been looking for Rabi-Ribi and Wings of Freedom for awhile.
  9. Finally got some games from last year.
  10. It's been awhile.
  11. I paid $80 for Doraemon just after release in September. To see EB Games slash it down to $15 is crazy....
  12. So EB Games here in Australia turned their BFCM sale in to a Christmas sale. Certain games were reduced even further in price so away I went:
  13. Finally got all my Black Friday games!
  14. It was a good sale if you could find all the $5 - $25 games in your nearby stores. I paid $40 for Conception two months ago.
  15. I got the platinum for all three games. It's got a good level of difficulty throughout the whole series that made it enticing to play. I wrote a half-arsed guide if you want to get the platinums too.