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  1. Nope u can't. I had to start a new character. Unless there's an update.
  2. I was able to get other trophies after I played the DlC. Yes I'm glad its over and that people know. Thanks!
  3. Hello all I started a new game from scratch. I ultimately got the trophy and finally my platnium. To confirm you have to do all the bounties after you liberated the safe house and including the settlement campus. I suggest put the liberation task pinned to ur screen and ensure each task is complete. Once all task are complete the project is finish and a bounty will be issued. I dont think u have to do the bounty right away but i did. I think the glitch happened for me bc i did the WONY dlc before i reached level 30 and didnt finish all my bounties but its hard to say. All i know is on my first play through i liberated everything and did all bounties and still didnt get the trophy. I can also confirm if u die durning th bounties or work in a group and die u still get credit as i did on my last bounty. If anyone has any specific questions about this happy to answer the best i can.
  4. Hello All, So I've seen post about this trophy being bugged and not bugged. Based on my knowledge you are to liberate all safe houses meaning complete all projects. Once this is completed the safe house will have a bounty. None the less i have liberated all safes houses and completed all bounties for that safe house. This is the list of bounties i have completed: Meatwagon, 12th Street Spicelords, Wolf Pack, Jefferson's Legacy, Lafayette's REgulars, Kindled Front, Peace Movment, Bully Buzzards, Embers Movement, Simple Front West, Strikeam Echelon, Garent Squad, Omega Company, Aqua Squad, Taskforce Obsidian, Beta Comapny, Taskforoce Ruby, Griffin Company, Team Sappphire, Taskforce Indigo, Violent Delights, Weighty Cog, Darkened Blades and Burning Wheel. This is more than 9 and some of these are fromt he DLC expassion WON. When i got to progression i see that im 100% for bounties and liberation. I heard if you die during one of these bounties OR mistakely take down the bounty and leave the area without taking out all enemey targets it wont offically count. Ive also tried doing random bounties with via mulitplater and did bounties with a friend in their group setting. This is the last trophy i need for the platninum and its soooooo frustrating. I want to write this fresh thread to see if anyone is having this issue. It seems people ar popping this trophy recently soooo im super puzzled. I think i may have to start a new player sadly which is going to take more time.... Any thoughts or feedback would be great. Thanks everyone and happy gaming!!
  5. I started back into this game. Im not any good but would like to get the online trophies. Do you have a mic?