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  1. does this game offer a free ps5 upgrade? sure I was told after Horizon forbidden west there would be no more free upgrades, just hoping I made the right decision buying the ps5 port!
  2. Dear oh dear why the lack of thought and effort with the trophy list? Just 25 trophies across the two games really? Gaming is going so downhill but still going to get it
  3. What a load of shit! Games developers are getting much less creative with trophy lists these days! And in which case the collection is absolutely not worth almost £40 that the retailers are asking for.
  4. https://www.exophase.com/game/klonoa-phantasy-reverie-series-psn/trophies/ Dug this up this morning, a source claiming there will be 25 trophies, please to god not a grand total of just 25 trophies across the two games surely?!
  5. One reason why this version of Sonic 3 and Knuckles will suck is the music licencing issues, theyve replaced some of the best level tunes with crap sounding stuff instead. Otherwise im down for some sonic retro fun ive grew up with him since i was 5 so yeah
  6. Thanks, done all time attacks now, big mistake i was making was trying the time attacks in single races rather than test flights with no opponents lol, makes it an awful lot easier!!
  7. So i have now platted every single yakuza and related game available on ps4/5 except this one, and man the drone racing seems pure hell and very unforgiveable on this. Is it me or did the drone racing seem alot fairer on Lost Judgment? More specifically its a few time attacks i am struggling with, those are 3,4,5, 9 and 10. The whole mechanics/gameplay is just horrendous, one slightly wrong move and you blow the drone up or just completely fuck up your progress. My drone parts are as follows: SMZ Black chariot, modded thunder god motor, S One S3 Propellor, Modded God speed turbo, Lightspeed Esc, so that gives me the grading of Speed= S. Turbo = A, Handling=C, Durability=C. That was following someone else's example. But maybe some of you know a better layout. It would really be a shame if i couldnt plat this and finish every RGG Game but it does really feel like a platinum breaker.
  8. Platted it finally!! THanks so much everyone for the support, a bit of patience, practice and good eye co ordination was all it took, i personally didnt find it that hard in the end, i got way more frustrated with some of the mahjong requirements in the yakuza games than this, dont see why many would struggle for hours or days/weeks on this, just Judgment left now and done all the beat em ups available by RGG on ps4/5!!
  9. yeah this is the only trophy I have left now and the first 5 didnt give me much grief, close to mastering the 6th but the last two look like pure hell, the buttons are very scrambled and come so fast, shame on sega for making such a shit inclusion into this game. So yeah if you or anyone else reading this thread can give me some helpful tips for the last two songs it would be much appreciated.
  10. Seen many complain about the clinic trophy...is it really that bad? and yeah every yakuza game is a grind normally, some more than others such as 0 and 5. But you have the time of your life on these games haha
  11. yeah i did a third run in the end, wouldnt say that boring just grindy like the yakuza games, still not sure if i wanna do the destiny talismans to level 7 though, i have just that and the clinic trophy left for plat now and yeah ive been juggling multiple saves, got two to juggle now, both on endless eden, had one for the level 99/all abilities grind on ex hard, and then got another older endless eden save which should help me get the talisman level 7s alot easier
  12. Only i installed it a few weeks back and when i tried to sign in online it was failing everytime and i read one trophy you need to do online for the plat
  13. Purer than the River and Purge the Real filth i missed on my first playthrough, are they really highly missable? As I have now completed my first run on the game whats the best course of action to take to get these trophies? Have i cost myself another full run of the game now or something? Is it really a tedious plat to get??
  14. ....Just like the first one, i find the in depth stats and upgrades and coil systems etc rather scary and confusing, does anyone else feel the same? Basically I feel I'm overthinking it but anyone else just going with the flow and using whatever set up for weapons, gear, coils etc? Because its so crazy in depth its often hard to work out the best stuff to use and of course with the game being so new. I'm playing on easy mode right now but turned it down to story for the rockbreaker side quest, he was slaughtering me. I can compare this game to Far Cry and to be honest the stats and upgrades are a fair bit easier to understand there. I am just hoping to get the most out the game. I don't even know if im using the best weapons, and I could be here all day talking through my entire set up, but i know ive followed Powerpyx advice on the trophy guide and strictly invested in the warrior tree so far. I'm sure theres many out there far worse just playing super basically sticking to story difficulty and just literally shooting and whacking everything and thats it
  15. Pleased to report that I have finally platted it this afternoon thanks so much for all your tips and advice! Took a few attempts but scraped by and just about made it in the end! I have to say, part of my strategy was that I just believed in myself that I could do it and remained confident i could do so. My party werent overly special but clearly it was good enough to get me through it.