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  1. Took the words right out of my mouth. The community is getting weak lol.
  2. Fun trophy list with some good references.
  3. Pumping these out faster than CoD
  4. I only play games that I have fun with.
  5. I'll count uncharted ps3 and ps4 but not 6 stacks of ratalaika.
  6. This post means nothing. This comment means nothing.
  7. Cute artstyle, reminds me of FF3 on DS.
  8. This happened to me in DOOM 2016 and Modern Warfare Remastered.
  9. Multiplayer trophy was earned a few times in January and February so probably still up.
  10. Kinda want to get this anyway because it would be a funny meme plat to have. How long of ingame time do you think it took you to plat?
  11. My friend and I tried for hours last night and only managed to match up a single time. We tried every method that I could find online, then tried resetting internet, deleting eachother on psn [some fighting games block matching against psn friends], tried beginners league for a bit, but nothing seemed to work. We live like 20 minutes apart.
  12. it's not a 15 minute plat so too much effort for a lot of hunters here.
  13. Hmm... probably Playstation All Stars Battle Royale simply because of the arcade mode trophies. I have no problem with completing arcade mode with every character as most fighting games that i've completed have that requirement but it was bad because in PSABR you can only kill the opponent using super moves and the fact that some stages are just who can get the most kills within the time limit. Would have been better if every round was focused on the last man standing.
  14. Days Gone Modern Warfare 4 [not confirmed but that's probably the cod this year] Oninaki
  15. Nope. Kingdom Hearts 3