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  1. cool app update I guess if you're a dweeb that actually uses it. but real question is where the hell is the communities app Sony? How bout we bring that back?
  2. Both these games are cheap as hell. terrible month.
  3. Psn: thefinalboss_666 Add me if you like talking games/trophies/420 I'm always up for a party chat. I also play a lot of Dark Souls 3, Killing Floor 2 in case anyone needs any help.
  4. I have 3 crews set up and got 460+ in total after being off for about 20 hours
  5. Good one, laughed so hard at this 😂 Never played this one, heard good things, seen good memes. Looking forward to it!
  6. Likes em ultra rare
  7. Remake of Viewtiful Joe 1+2, but that might be on the switch first if it ever does happen.
  8. Level 17, 6 wins.
  9. Seems to be a little buggy, it was happening to me and my friends to the point where we had to close the application because it wouldn't let us leave the show even after being eliminated
  10. I was #38 platnium achiever for Butcher, according to Psnp only 53 people have the plat. I'm guessing because the game isn't very well known and a bit difficult. I was working on a trophy guide at some point, but I never finished it mainly because I don't think anyone will use it.
  11. It's out now with a 20% discount for PS+ users, only $15.99 or Path of the Crow Edition for $16.79 which by looks of it adds quite a few extra goodies!
  12. Dark Souls 3, Sinner Sacrifice for Redemption, and Gta San Andreas
  13. Is a Fifa Master! lol
  14. I got the 5 grinds at the easy day school there's a bunch of benches in a circle in the front by the parking lot