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  1. These games aren't too bad, a whole lot better than last month's games that's for sure... but still ain't playing them though.
  2. that's too bad I really wanted to play it, but games with glitched trophies completely ruin it for me (I'm looking at you Mad Max!) I'll just get it on the switch.
  3. I've never been a fan of Bioshock, but I might give it a go this time around! The Sims 4 I already have, I bought it for my wife a year ago. I dont own a VR so that's out. Pretty decent month overall in my opinion. No complaints here!
  4. I never feel like I make no progress in a souls game. Lol you lost hours of progress? The save points are a few minutes away I wouldn't say you lose hours of progress, a few mins maybe. if you actually have a decent build and actually know how to play you won't get killed in one hit. Idk a lot of these things you mentioned can be solved by learning how to play.
  5. The Last of Us, every AC game and the entire Uncharted series. Top 3 most overrated games/series EVER.
  6. Looks ok I guess, but also looks way too easy. The 11 gold trophies was a dead giveaway that this is a Ratalaika-esque game.
  7. #70 BLASPHEMOUS The Penitent one Difficulty: 4/10 Personal enjoyment: 10/10 Plat time: 15 hours
  8. Shotgun and electric grenades are the way to go, it's much easier than switching between the shotgun and rocket launcher in my opinion
  9. Just heads up for "the last breath" trophy. It's buggy/glitched. I used Vidiriana on the first 3 bosses and after defeating 3 angustias she was supposed to appear and the trophy should pop but it didn't... luckily I backed up my save and reloaded it and did the exact same thing and she showed up after the boss and the trophy popped. That's one of a few bugs I found in the game. Also after crossing the door on the bridge sometimes when you die in that area your guilt shards disappear. it's another known bug. Edit: I encountered another bug/glitch this time it was pretty bad. I died a few times then the game loaded but the screen went blank but I could still hear the audio so what I did was close the application and restart the game but when I loaded in all my sword/magic/health upgrades were gone and I was back at 2 viles, and my health/magic bars were reset. I always back up my save files so I didn't lose any progress.
  10. Looks like a really fun game! Much better looking than the other 3 darksiders games, those are cheap as hell.
  11. Thanks, it really does work. Got 5 "runs" done earlier today.
  12. Of course they did that, typically Sony. Damn them! lol
  13. 3,271 unearned trophies... I wish there was more time in the day to play every game I own. But honestly I don't mind having unearned trophies I'm not like other people who only play games they know they can platinum/100%
  14. STRAIMIUM IMMORTALY Goreponics Boss Key Grasp the biggy key protected by a huge spewa! Only 6 achievers