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  1. Metal Slug Anthology. Easy plat. Not sure if that game counts though since it is a ps2 port.
  2. Black thrash assault!!!
  3. I love their old stuff like this better, it was much more powerful, evil and violent.
  4. RIP DEAD.
  5. I would highly recommend this game to anybody, ez plat with the duplication exploit. Inf ammo, inf caps, inf anything.
  6. Currently working on 99Vidas. Should be done by the end of the week
  7. Little bit of this while i spark one
  8. Don't worry about the game, worry about a new controller. Someone get this guy a kickstarter going. lol I've had controller's analog be all wonky and I've just stopped using them i couldn't imagine using a remote with almost no working buttons.
  9. Always stay true to the crew
  10. So when you finish a level you get a time. Can you go back and redo a level to get a better time or will it just add that to my total time, does the speedrun trophy not work that way in this game? I hope I'm making myself clear.
  11. You're putting too much thought into trophy hunting and OTHER PEOPLE'S trophies. Do you realize that? You're seriously taking the time out of your day to hate on someone elses gaming choices. Like everyone else said stop caring so much and the problem goes away. I personally am not bothered if someone else has more plats than I do, i don't care what they do or what they play at the end of the day it's their money and their games let them stack their quick indie plat who caaaaarrrreeeessss...... oh wait you obviously do.
  12. I rewatched Wilfred. It's great.