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  1. I've never played a bowling game that is less logical or less enjoyable. How they've managed to get rid of all the fun of bowling and just keep the frustration, I do not know.
  2. Garfield and Shredder counted towards the 5 for me...
  3. I'm hoping for some more Rugrats characters as DLC!
  4. Yes, you can do that. Or you can do 1 vs 1 with your opponent on a low level, and it's super easy!
  5. The rarest trophy in the game...I think the description must be misleading, as I have broken the stairs so many times without getting it.
  6. Does gaining weapon XP make the weapons stronger? Or is it just...a thing?
  7. The new release has different versions of the games - so there might be different trophies for the SNES/Game Boy/Mega Drive versions!
  8. There is currently something in-game on FIFA 18 that is promoting FIFA 22, so they still make the effort to add that to an old game...
  9. Trying to do the daily challenge to win a cage match - and also get the trophy - but the CPU seem to always be ahead of me!
  10. Currently free via PlaystatoinPlus!
  11. A few more people might be playing it at the moment as it is on sale!
  12. It's still pretty active, most the online tournaments still have 100s of players taking part!
  13. It has messed up my foundation date...if I were to buy the missing FIFA cheaply and play a game of Ultimate Team on that, would it fix it? Or is it messed up for good?
  14. I got it accidentally while playing with a friend today, too! I was so confused, as I've played less than 200 games in total, never mind with one player. I'll probably eventually play 200 games with a player anyway, as I have one who passed 100 recently, but yeah...I wonder if they will patch it eventually?
  15. They are far better than PES, who close the servers less than 2 years after release.