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  1. #14 - Shadow of the Colossus [The Horned Boy] First platinum of 2023. Ending this platinum went smoother than I thought, talking about the health/stamina grind. Although there’s close to zero dialogue and the gameplay is clunky sometimes, I very much enjoyed this game.
  2. Nice. Thanks for that. I still need to play it and though I was going to anyway, it’s nice to hear a grown up view on it. 👍🏻 Instead of just calling it a walking simulator. Like @StraightVege I am going to have to say Hades. I’ve played other great games this year like MGS5, Final Fantasy VII Remake, Ghost of Tsushima, but they had a few small flaws for me. Hades didn’t. It has fun and very smooth gameplay, an interesting story. All the gods have a lot of dialogue; sometimes very deep, sometimes very funny. Can’t really say anything bad about it. Can’t wait for Hades 2.
  3. Don't wonna throw oil on the fire, but got it on my first "try". It's possible you missed one, or are you absolutely sure? Did you follow a guide? There's a thing about the Tsuchinoko, where you lose it and have to get it back. Definitely check a guide on that.
  4. Fruit of the Land in Shadow of the Colossus.
  5. What new (and old) games are you looking forward to playing in 2023? For me, apart from the games in my backlog: * Hades 2 * Death Stranding 2 * Final Fantasy VII Rebirth * Resident Evil 4 Remake * Trails of Azure I'll probably be adding Hogwarts Legacy as well. I watched all the films and liked them, but that's it. But it looks to become an amazing game. Still in my backlog or about to start this week: * Crisis Core * The Last Guardian * Stray * Shadow of the Colossus * Rocksmith 2014 * Death Stranding
  6. You can buy the stick mechanic and replace it. The "youtube fixes" don't last long. You'll need a (adjustable) soldering iron and soldering skills.
  7. Marvel vs Capcom 2 Ground Zeroes
  8. Ghost of Tsushima Finally found some people to do the raids and got the last trophy last night. Did chapters 1 and 2 in under two hours. Thanks to these fine lads: I usually don’t do multiplayers, but actually like this one. Was just starting to enjoy it at higher Ki and with better gear. And now it’s done. 😅
  9. https://wrapup.playstation.com/nl-be/2128d6988ad1264a068bf0945bf07f9c02400120f71f599f10c886f77f4c57f3/?emcid=ot-ha-456949
  10. @Seraphim_Rez Hi mate. What are those clear cases on your games? For collecting? @Ino Yamanaka If you're into Japanese culture and feudal Japan, you're gonna love it. The combat system is pretty sweet as well.
  11. Nice! I might. Didn’t expect it to be so active. People I know either love the game or hate it. I’m usually not into multiplayer, but it looks like this one is pretty much free of 10 year old screamers. 👍🏻
  12. Got to 100 Ki now in a few days by playing survival mainly. Starting underpowered when going up a category, but thanks to equipping smart and the help from the three others I could survive 90% of the times I played. It’s more fun than the story. Still, gonna have to do half of the story missions now. Thanks again!
  13. Thanks guys, already very helpful. Looks like I wasted a few hours since I didn't know the Ki was maximised for bronze/silver/gold.
  14. Sorry for making another topic on leveling up, but I feel like I’m missing something or not doing it right. And apart from repeatedly doing one story or survival like everyone says, I’d like to see what else you guys are doing. I got my rank up to 20 for one character by doing the first Story bronze. Usually play with assassin. My Ki is 35 now, and it took me hours. How do I efficiently raise my Ki and how do I best use/upgrade my items?