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  1. So as of tonight, I have my second platinum! I figured out a better method based off of the original method that optimusmart has provided. So at first, I made my new universe just called "EGG" and ran my character through to Fort Finch and then started to complete the Easter event. Wanting to double check if the eggs that you need to break would stay around after many completions of the Easter quest, I completed it again and then went to another zone and back to Fort Finch and sure enough those same eggs were still there despite the event quest being done. HOWEVER! I figured out a workaround that makes this method even faster, it's also safer on your universe. Here is what I did: First, I set my console to the correct date and then made a new universe to go to Fort Finch where I would again collect the eggs I needed for the Easter event quest. Once I had completed the quest, instead of setting the date a year forwards or backwards, you can regenerate the universe by pressing X on the cog button next to your universe on the universe list before starting the game. Regenerating the universe helps clear all of the egg build-up that the game leaves behind and it also resets the event quest, allowing you to do it again! Through this loop, I was able to get 200 event quests completed and the trophy earned! Hopefully, others will achieve similar results!
  2. I did the method on my completed universe with my level 30 ranger and all zones unlocked with the hopes of getting to 200 event quests a little faster as I had done some already before trying the method out. My game had crashed around 4 to 5 times already, so I ran around Port of Caul which is one of the zones the Easter event can appear in. However, the event was not happening in this area, yet the eggs were still there. I don't know why the eggs were there even though the event was not active but it's some sort of problem under the game's hood whatever it may be. Maybe this method would work better on a new universe? I'll give it a try when I have the time.
  3. So I decided to give this fast method a shot, and like others here who have tried it, I got the 50 events trophy but as I started to reach 200, my game started to crash and freeze and after running around my world before the game crashed while trying to attack enemies to no avail, I noticed the eggs that you have to break to collect the materials needed to craft the Golden Egg are still there and LOTS of them, around every place they would spawn with a few being in weird places like floating in mid-air and on top of other eggs. This leads me to speculate that exploting this event mission by doing this loop to get the materials instead of normally breaking the eggs as the developers intended the event be done causes all of these breakable eggs to build up in the world until it eventually hits some sort of object limit and the game's code starts freaking out. Currently, my world is screwed (at least in the event zones, haven't been to another zone where the Easter event does not occur) as I cannot attack anything or really destroy anything before my game freezes, I may need to delete the local save on my PS4 and download my online storage save to get back to normal.