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  1. Crisis averted. I had selected "show all" at the end of the PS3 ribbon and it showed only 85.
  2. Only 85 PS3 games are left in Europe. Are the kidding? That is like 200+ titles janked without notification.
  3. You don't have to add them, because when they get removed you lose access anyway. So just download what you want to play now.
  4. I imagine this list is worldwide and we won't have PS5 region stacks?
  5. Made sure to have the PS4 saves on my system and nothing, so no save import.
  6. I own the physical gold edition and have claimed the PS+ version, but I was able to upgrade my gold edition just fine.
  7. No
  8. Dutch store is perhaps more specific, which states Discovery Tour is already included in Valhalla with a free update. I own Valhalla, this standalone version is not free.
  9. Not this version with the separate list, no? Just Discovery Tour that already is in the main game, without trophies.
  10. The list only shows PS4 and PS5 games. When I checked earlier today, it still showed GoW Ascension and the PS2 games, but not the PSP being on the service. DLC can be included in some Complete/Ultimate editions, but in general it is just the base game. Games can work with bought DLC but only when downloaded.
  11. Not all publishers support this, some games are only available with a subscription.
  12. Well, those are in the concurrently running "double discounts' sale.
  13. Have you never played a Codemasters racing game before? They are notorious for broken trophies,
  14. PSNprofiles is self selecting, but I wonder what happens when it goes F2P next month.
  15. This works, but... Some DLC's and pretty much all of the Microtransaction currencies are tied to the purchase account, meaning you can't share them under your main account. Same goes for streaming games with PS+ Premium. You could also just keep using your old account. Edit: Oh, Russia, yeah that might make using your old account not a good solution.