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  1. If it's on sale during the days of play sale, there no chance Spider-man will be a ps+ title.
  2. This is gonna hurt the review scores.
  3. Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six Siege
  4. At least Knack 2 has never been on ps+ as the people who got uncharted on ps+ can't get it now since they already have the license
  5. Ryu ga gotoku has always been at the pinnacle of great practices for yakuza games even compared to cd projekt red, this move is more like sega doing it's corporate bullshit.
  6. Atlus, Ryu ga gotoku.
  7. Anthem, just to get that grandmaster platinum for your next milestone
  8. They are from the only publisher that is greedy on the sales departement, koei tecmo. I would rather prefer those than games who go always for 5$ at a sale Wrong, dead wrong. I have psnow an another account and it's FULLY usable with all it's features on my main account. Heck, for ps3 games, it even lets me have my saves from the ps3 games on my account.
  9. Most koei tecmo games rarely go on sale, greedy publisher, it's not like people will buy 3+ year old games at full price anyway especially for vita and ps3, it seems to be the only publisher that think so.
  10. Fifa 19, a trophy is unobtainable and it's just a game to experience with friends not endure a long, grindy platinum full with microtransactions and lootboxes.
  11. You can't beat detroit become human, that is the greatest menu design i have ever seen, so alive and interactive it is lovely. I mean in the the 14th of july she reminded me of the french revolution, how cool is that!
  12. Some amazing prices at this sale, Snagged FFXV and BB GOTY
  13. The prices of those games in sale are no joke, they're all their lowest yet, It's unfortunate that it will only last 3 days but it's better than nothing.
  14. Amazing year for the guides, here's my picks: Exceptional Walkthrough Guide: Persona 5 - Complete 100% Walkthrough: the sheer amount of detail present in this guide is staggering. Amazing job by the writers. Exceptional Gameplay Guide: Resident Evil 2 - Ultimate Survival Guide. The ultimate gameplay guide! Exceptional Use of Formatting : Bloodstained Ritual of the Night Definitive Collectibles Guide. The work put into this is insane. Guide of the Year: Dragon Quest XI: Echoes of an Elusive Age Trophy Guide. I remember when I first saw this guide and I was amazed at the hardwork in bringing all the screenshots to literally everything in the game, props to the writer.
  15. The evil within 2 is 9.99 it's lowest price for a long time (always has been 20e)