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  1. I'll tell you why, because the season pass is supposed to save you money, in this case the season pass is 40$ and each dlc is 25$ so if you buy the season pass you'll save 10$ in total. That's the mission of all season pass, saving you around 5$ to 20$ than if you purchased dlcs seperately. And the season pass content is known in advance for almost every game so any additional dlc they develop after that is not gonna be included in the season pass (they might do a season pass 2 but not in this case since ubisoft wanted to release just 1 more dlc). They aren't gonna give you a 40$ dlc with a season pass that already saved you 10$, no company does that. No need to shit on ubisoft.
  2. That persona dancing collection has dropped from 70% that it usually goes for to directly 80% which is an amazing deal and doubt it will get any lower than that like ever
  3. you haven't read my first sentence it seems. Besides this is a new low for sega (ofc it's nowhere near as bad as other publishers) but YK2 had the majima mode and if it had been released in 2021 that would have been a 20$ dlc
  4. I know it's been on y7 but that was added later and not sold as 1st day dlc also it's on the japanese release and who plays that besides someone who can speak japanese. What do you think?
  5. it's still waiting for review?
  6. Does this include all the dlc released so far? because if not than why call it ultimate lmao.
  7. 80 not 60
  8. Some franchises are known with a console, and especially some third party ones like persona. exclusives games that are 5 years old are a good proposition to bring to pc (unlike days gone) but it just feels weird when a game that doesn't require a mouse to get better at it (horizon, days gone and uncharted will benefit hugely from a mouse and keyboard) but if you say gravity rush, persona or even god of war then it's better to play these using a controller and I would love them to stay on ps (bloodborne, killzone, the last of us can go to pc because as i said it's a natural platform for them)
  9. you'll see
  10. don't mention season passes that don't offer any trophies (especially fighting games) and also simulation games are notorious for this. This has never been the case in a single player game like this
  11. Looks easy enough 👀
  12. Same thing happened to me for the sea trophy, it was my last trophy before platinum and I was to closing the game but I waited a bit and it popped!
  13. this is the first I've seen a dlc title not capitalized, it should be A New God not A new god, it's a minor detail but I imagine the ubisoft guy was sleepy when he wrote it lol
  14. Easy one: the best profile on this website is this: https://psnprofiles.com/narimanhabibagad. Nobody comes close to his achievements