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  1. The super deluxe edition of borderlands 3 has every dlc, what are you talking about? Also the surge didn't have a complete edition before, only after the dlc dropped that they made a complete edition. The only 2 examples I can think of that did this are Sniper elite 3 and Rage 2
  2. NBA 2K21 PS5 rip-off edition will cost 75e
  3. I mean you can't buy every game you see on the store, there will be surely tens of great games you didn't bought that are now on a deep sale. I know with MP games it can get annoying since there a much bigger hype and the first months (when the game is still expensive) are crucial if you want to enjoy the game will full lobbies. But for single-player stuff, I don't care if I'm playing a 2014 game as long as I enjoy it. And no, even when a game is a big hit it gets deep discounts (even gta premium edition was 10e one time) and RDR2 ultimate edition dropped to 35e after just 1 year. As long as you don't buy every game on launch, gaming is not an expensive hobby. In fact, it's very cheap as long as you focus on single-player and no microtransactions.
  4. Prey digital deluxe edition (includes mooncrash) was 10e not too long ago, star wars will soon be on ea access, old games are great very cheap when on sale. I don't know how someone can pay 60 or 70$ for a lot of new games when great games are on a deep discount
  5. Deus ex: Mankind divided
  6. Psnow has offered games that were on sale the month they were added in, also spider-man is only for 3 months not like ps+ which you can keep forever (most people won't remove their ps+ subscription after it ends). Ps+ has never done that in my knowledge.
  7. If it's on sale during the days of play sale, there no chance Spider-man will be a ps+ title.
  8. This is gonna hurt the review scores.
  9. Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six Siege
  10. At least Knack 2 has never been on ps+ as the people who got uncharted on ps+ can't get it now since they already have the license
  11. Ryu ga gotoku has always been at the pinnacle of great practices for yakuza games even compared to cd projekt red, this move is more like sega doing it's corporate bullshit.
  12. Atlus, Ryu ga gotoku.
  13. Anthem, just to get that grandmaster platinum for your next milestone
  14. They are from the only publisher that is greedy on the sales departement, koei tecmo. I would rather prefer those than games who go always for 5$ at a sale Wrong, dead wrong. I have psnow an another account and it's FULLY usable with all it's features on my main account. Heck, for ps3 games, it even lets me have my saves from the ps3 games on my account.