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  1. It's at the top because it's a recent game that has been played? Recently synced from my second ps3 I use to sync games for others and had that one completed so synced it to my new account! I think if I was able to edit trophy stamps I would choose something a bit more impressive than puss in boots. I can speed run the game and show you me completing the game even though I shouldn't have to haven't broke or abused any of the rules of the site?
  2. Flacy-94 Puss In Boots How are they to fast this is a simple game that can be completed in the time given? The Walking Dead How are they to fast this is a simple game that can be completed in the time given? Game of Thrones How are they to fast this is a simple game that can be completed in the time given? All games are completed in set time. No custom firmware has been used on these games. You can clearly see all games have been earned at the correct times. I have been working on this account hard to rise up the leaderboards this is unfair and has been flagged by someone who doesn't understand the correct flagging system!
  3. Thanks for the advice guys will save me a load of time
  4. What is the quickest way to complete the journey on The Last of Us? I have most the rest of them with boosting but these two joruneys are going to be a painful grind
  5. Just hide the trophy list and you will return to the leaderboards shortly after.
  6. Appreciate that my friend will try that Thanks will check these videos out
  7. Best approach to get to level 50 online? I have tried looking for the glitched servers everyone talks about but no luck finding any!
  8. Haven't bought it yet just planning on doing it to get the trophies before the servers go offline
  9. If I buy the game on the store will the DLC free pack work to unlock both sets of the DLC trophies?
  10. Thanks for the heads up
  11. About to start this on my account wondering has the patched cleared up the problems with the game or is it all okay. Also wondering if it isnt bugged what is the easiest way to track kills is there an in game counter or third party site that you can use?
  12. no problem my friend nothing worse than an incomplete game Im hoping it will but again risky to buy it and be stuck with a broken game!
  13. they do count
  14. Isnt game of thrones telltale only digital?
  15. Go to your download list on your computer login to your PSN account it will still be in your download list there I thought it was gone for me but was there and you can download it to your console from there.