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  1. Thank you for the response!
  2. So this is what the game did: To clarify, i got to level 20 and did a reset on my diamonds, then did a match to continue to boost a weapon and when the match ended and we went back to the lobby in my loadout those two diamonds were placed without me choosing. Question is did this ever happened to anyone and if so can I continue doing the warlord glitch?
  3. I'm posting this just to make sure the game didn't screw me over. Last night I got to level 20 and reseted my diamonds for the first time, before I unlock the last weapon. So I started leveling up the last weapon I need before starting the warlord glitch and when the match ended and went back to the lobby menu, I went to loadout and noticed that the game had used 2 diamonds on a random class, without me choosing. My question is can I continue leveling up the weapon and then continue to reset my levels for the glitch or did the game just screwed me over?
  4. Thanks guys i go it!
  5. Thank you for the reply, I already hided the game in question, you guys can go ahead and lock this thread then.
  6. Kip_r34 Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 This isn't really a dispute since I don't remember this happening.<br /> I remember using a Savegame trick to unlock weapons in Lan Multiplayer so my friends and I could play without the grind but as far I remember the trick didn't involve co-op neither did any trophy unlocked when we used it.<br /> My PS3 got YLOD and when i got a new one I did import MY saves back to the new one but i don't think that's the issue.<br /> I can't really explain what happened.