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  1. Singularity
  2. So i just tried this on my main account which was made in the beginning of this year and also on my sub account which was made late 2014. I couldn't get it to work no matter how much i tried.
  3. Binary Domain
  4. So if i was to start this game right now from scratch i'd be able to get all the online trophies?
  5. Just picked this up yesterday too and got an awesome steelbook case too. if you want we can coop the story mode.
  6. Army Of Two: The Devil's Cartel
  7. Burnout Paradise Kinda of a funny story with this one. I used to have the remastered version for the PS4 but i decided to sell it and platinum the PS3 version instead because i think the platinum trophy looks much better compared to the remastered version. Am i weird for doing that? Maybe, but i embrace my weirdness 🙃
  8. Thanks! This game was a game i wanted to plat ever since i played it on my old account. Thought it'd be a nice plat to achieve. The MP wasn't that bad to be honest. Only the 20 airstrikes glitched on me but i ended up getting it without too much problem. I'd write a new guide for it if i had the time because they say you need at least 2+ playthroughs but i managed to get everything done in just one.
  9. I have a 20% off coupon for new game releases on the playstation store that came with my ps4 pro. Willing to trade for a $10 PSN card.
  10. Does anyone know if this includes all the dlc? looking to start this game soon. Even bought a ps camera already. https://store.playstation.com/en-us/product/UP0006-BLUS30061_00-PS3ST_COMPLETDLC
  11. Mercenaries 2
  12. Saints Row 3
  13. I just signed up today. I thought i'd have some points with all the stuff i bought recently but i have 0. Did i have to be registered first before buying the stuff?
  14. Drakengard 3
  15. This was my recent purchase. Cant wait to get!