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  1. This is pretty funny, all the completists show up to this thread for concern of extra DLC trophies possibly being flung at them soon. 😆
  2. The music is turned off cause it got annoying after 2 minutes. The game isn't engaging but sometimes I like to play a simple game and take a break from the more complex games I play. It's a video game vacation basically. One of the reasons I bought the game is because it has a unique trophy list. In all my years of gaming on the ps3/ps4 I have never seen a game with only 3 & 1 trophy for 100%. Also it is an Android port so that had me curious as well.
  3. Here a video I made with some completed levels in Croc's Word. Last level is also included. Not in order cause with sharfactory it can be confusing sorting clips... anyways... Have a look if you want.
  4. So it is the same as how SAT tests work. Your score related to everyone else's percentiles. I will leave this game at 97% for a while as to honor this thread. And I agree with the person who said that including DLCs makes this scoring system inherently flawed..
  5. https://store.playstation.com/en-ca/product/UP4786-CUSA14158_00-CW1PS47890123456
  6. It's actually a pretty good port. I'm impressed. 😀👉❤️ 100% was a challenge. Controls leave a bit to be desired. Clunkity Clunk. 😆 Croc's World (Full Game) $6.39 CAD
  7. Thank you once again for this explanation!
  8. Heatblast. Fully upgraded he destroys everything. I had trouble with the final boss. Here is a tip to help you a bit... If you take damage, and void the trophy, dont beat the boss or quit. Take some time to stick around to learn his moves and how to evade them. Use it as a practice session. Its more efficient than quitting out after you get damaged and starting the level over. R1/L1 is good for evading his plasma balls. While using heatblast, try to shoot your first 1-2 shots away from his arm then turn and shoot your bigger shot at his arm for doing more damage (this should help skip a phase of the fight). Source: https://www.playstationtrophies.org/forum/6329266-post17.html
  9. Thanks that a cool chart. Another example I have is Dragon Age: Inquisition Completed to 43% with a rank of A. Either this means (A) the game is shite (which it really was, having to pick up crafting items and armor, weapons every 2 seconds in the environment made me wonder if this was a point and click game disguised as an RPG 😁 ... So best course of action there is DELETE game and move on.) Or (B) It is a very difficult game to platinum.
  10. I have to agree. Recently I platted Fallout 4 and all the DLCs done but 1 bronze trophy (that stupid 100,000 NukaCade tickets). So here I sit at 99% with the platinum with an A. lol.... Sound about right? Not really.
  11. Wow.. I never knew that... thank ya kindly! 🔌
  12. How is it possible that I have completed the game to 97% and it's showing me as rank C in this game?? I have 1 trophy left: Mortar - Reach Level 47. .. Can anyone explain that?
  13. Use Heatblast fully upgraded. And watch above for queen bee dropping bombs. Keep moving from side to side to avoid the bombs. then far away to take the bees down quick. Also watch for stinger rockets! Queen bee goes down fast when using Heatblast. The key is to destroy the bees as fast as you can... and if you are surrounded jump out of there... jumping helps alot in this fight.
  14. This game looks like an unfinished PC game from back in 1990 lol. 📺
  15. Just got it for $10 on sale.. This games always on sale. It's Rebellion so looks good so far. I miss the ps2 days. Glad it has SOME multi-player.😃👌