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  1. Danke.. But no thanks, not to trying to plat. this again... Getting too old for this ahaha. 😬
  2. That really suxz. Ps3 didn't have hibernate like the ps4.. you can pause games or fall asleep and come back on ps4. Im sure they could have put hibernate in the ps3 but maybe they fell asleep in that department. They dont want people sleeping cause it is less profit for Sony.
  3. 100% complete is at 0.02%.. Everyone should slow down with the boosting before it becomes a 0.1%. 😨 STOP ALL THE DOWNLOADING!! 😆 (GI JOE!!)
  4. It was almost 'never'. I still can't believe I went back to get that plat. Even more, the fact I am almost 50 and I still managed to do it. Lifelong gamer I guess. had Pong in 1980 and Colecovision when that came out in 82(?). I guess it is never truly 'late' until you have run out of time.. 😇✌️
  5. Ironically, It happened to me before 😧... On the PS3 I was playing Farm Sim. 15 on PSNow. I had 1 trophy left where you have to drive 1000kms. About an 8 hour grind in itself. Last trophy for plat.. So the game crashes, I reboot.. corrupt save. Normally this would never happen to me, however I recall not being able to download PS Now saves to my ps3. Cause I have always been OCD with my saves. Anyways, I wasn't too happy and never touched PS Now ever again. Or any streaming game service from here on in. If you look in my trophy card you can see there is a 3 week gap where I had to start the game over again to get those last 2 trophies.. one of my saddest gaming days. 😨
  6. HI! I'm following you but not hiding in the shadows.  Just on here. 😇👍

  7. I just finished the first main mission of Ch.2. I noticed that everywhere the loot in the environment has replenished. Along with the baddies as well. Does anyone know if loot in areas refreshes after you complete each Main quest? ... The only thing that I noticed didn't refresh was the garbage cans, I guess that's cause they are where you find weapon upgrade parts (that would make the game too easy.) It's early in the game for me so I was just curious if anyone could let me know what triggers replenishing of loot and enemies. Thanks alot! 😘✌️ *EDIT* Source:
  8. I am going to continue on with it. Seems to crash when there is too much gfx stuff going on. It also has been crashing when I scroll too fast through the map section menus. I also heard that sprinting for too long can cause crashes as well. It's a shame really. This would be a real great game without the bugs and glitches IMO. I am making backup saves every hour or so lol... Not taking any chances that. 😉
  9. Hi... Just got 100% on the game.. I am quoting what I wrote in the difficulty thread over at Don't have time to type more about the game right now. Source:
  10. It is still crashing alot.. even after the update. By what I read here, it is mostly happening on regular ps4s. Maybe that's why they gave it away on ps+.. Cause I cant see buying this game with all that crashing.. unless you have a (ps4 pro or ps5). Good luck! 😉👍
  11. Nice work! 😉👍 Took the long route .. always good for leveling up and sharpening your poker skills. I don't do tourneys so I did it with AI in solo. They are very predictable and easy to mess around with. It only takes a day to get it done with the bots, in most cases.
  12. I had a wardrobe appearance glitch as well.. never saw that one before. Ill copy some of the glitch pics I have over to usb and post 'em here when I have time.
  13. There's a few ultra rare trophies in the list so that is cool. Most poker players don't care about trophies.. Some of the best and highest level poker players in PP, you can tell they dont care about trophies by looking at how sloppy their trophy lists are. I just happened to like poker; playing for many years. A trophy person as well. Guess I'm special.. 😜
  14. You're not a poker person?
  15. He seems to be in solo mode. I myself am having a small but weird issue in MP. Whenever I join a table I can't wave or do any emote actions until the next hand. I see everyone else able to do it when they join.. Just not me.. very strange. I also saw a glitch where a person was stuck in the "jesus christ" or T pose for the whole hand.. Sometimes you see a quick frame of people doing that pose but this is the first time I saw someone stuck in that pose for a few minutes.