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  1. I've been searching the net for people with this issue and found a few sites like reddit and some others where people have posted about it. No one seemed to have a real cause or fix. But I think I may have both. I hope. What happens is you are popping trophies for a certain game (while online) then for some reason they stop appearing in your "What's New" feed. I have come to suspect, by memory, that it seemed to happen when you go into your privacy settings. It puts you into some kinda "stasis" where you are online but your ps4 doesn't know it. And the solution for me was to LOG OUT of your PS4 and LOG BACK IN. I tried that and was amazed to see that trophies began reappearing in What's New, for the same game they stopped appearing. This is not 100% proven yet as I need to experiment a bit more but I have a feeling I am close, if not, spot on... I hope. Anyone else who has had this problem, I hope to hear from you about how you solved this mystery. With a game showing trophies in What's New, then vanishing, and then appearing again in What's New (the same game). If this is not in the right section.. Shoot me cause I couldn't find a better section. 😃
  2. Great info!! Thanks for adding this, I have since moved on from the game but always appreciate the help that is given to people who are new to this game. ^friend request sent^
  3. Yes, do it!! 😃👍
  4. In the last level there is a section (I think it's the first part?) you can sprint through to the next checkpoint to avoid a mess of enemies to make things a bit easier on Uber.
  5. I'm all good man. Gonna save this platinum for either my 11,000 trophy or Plat. # 250. Or if I want to get real fancy, set it up so both of those accolades have this platinum. And specialist VERY useful. If you have one with good hack skill you can get intel and all kinds of bonuses hacking things during missions. They are also great for deal big damage on robots. Never count the specialist out!! 😉 TBH, Xcom: Enemy Unknown was the hardest of em all. I still have nightmares where I am being chased through dark alleyways by monstrous XMB buttons. PS, where in NS are you? I'm in Halifax.
  6. Glitch or not, this platinum is pure hell either way. Skip this game if you want to salvage your nerves.
  7. Green + Green herb = Machine Gun Green + blue herb = Magnum So be sure to start with 2 green herbs at the beginning as the magnum is less effective on harder enemies. Play on an Easy save file for less trouble.
  8. Wont touch this game after getting the plat. on the first Read Dead. I would have liked to see them remaster the first one really.
  9. In RE HD you have to open Youtube to suspend your game. Pausing doesn't work for that game. So to play it safe, I would do the same for this game as well.
  10. ERROR --- Does not compute. 😁
  11. Oops... thanks I'll fix that. Combining your knife only and invisible enemies playthrough is not recommended for your sanity though. 😁
  12. Not too sure on that one. But somewhat related, you can suspend your game/speed run by opening an app such as YouTube. It has been confirmed although I am not sure if there has been any patches to rectify this.
  13. Thanks will add soon. Auto aim is disabled for Invisible Enemies & Hard/Survival Mode.
  14. Thank you for the great tips. Will add them shortly. Although I don't think the shotgun is always 100% critical while aiming at zombies.