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  1. Finally got it. Hosted all the way through. Played with public and private slots. And with randoms. All coop (as to not mix solo and coop as that could be part of the glitch). I recommend anyone going for this trophy to solely concentrate on getting it.. Don't go off the play any other modes or play with any settings or skins.. stick to the plan.. Keep it simple.
  2. Zombie Army 4: Dead War Deluxe Edition is on sale (till 30th) for $20 (Regular $80) in NA Store. Doesn't say anything about Level DLCs.. So I guess nothing there but a few extra skins and weapons dlcs.. 🙄 What version has all the DLCs? Or does all 3 seasons passes have different DLCs? Man this is confusing.🤔
  3. I am doing the same thing. Also for my first playthrough to open nightmare mode, I played solo all the way through. Only diff. with you is I did a few levels private with a friend.. hope that doesn't matter.
  4. Not done Nightmare yet (again).. Will let everyone if I get the trophy and what measures I took. I dont think there is a fix yet or ever will be.
  5. Did you play through Terminal Error DLC on your first playthrough to unlock Nightmare? Oh, you have 2 posts.. Doubt ill get a reply.. Maybe someone else can answer that question,..? Thanks Can anyone also answer if they got Nightmare trophy by having the open slot Public or Private?
  6. (**EDIT, Just got the trophy. Did my first playthrough offline/solo to unlock Nightmare. After that, I always was host in COOP. (you have to do a full play through if you are hosting... If you are using the glitch I am not sure but I think you ALWAYS have to NOT be host.) Played with both Private and Public slots open, Randoms are ok.) I crossed out some things that I can confirm didn't cause glitch. I made a separate thread for my best theories and possible solutions on avoiding the None More Hard/Nightmare trophy glitch. Be advised these are not 'set in stone'. Anyone wishing to comment to help further in this is welcome. Any comments are welcome. --------- Backup all 3 of your save/profile/checkpoint data files to USB or cloud. Gonna start fresh here. Delete all your 3 of your save/profile/checkpoint data save file when they are backed up. Delete the game. Restart you PS4. First download Terminal Error DLC, then the game (DO NOT download anything else. Incl. add-ons, other dlcs, costumes, weapons etc.) Load game, play through game SOLO on whatever difficulty. I chose Medium in order to level up better. Got to 35 so all perk slots are open. DO NOT GO MULTIPLAYER UNTIL YOU ARE READY FOR Nightmare with a partner. Optional: Go for as many collectables as you can, try to get as many upgrade kits as well, to master your weapon before Nightmare run. Don't mess around with skins, gestures or anything.. Leave your character at default. Don't drag any heavy weapons into safe rooms (?) Don't skip cut scenes or bullet time scenes (?) (unlikely, but ya never know) Don't mess around with any game settings. (?) When you finish your first run SOLO (when you get back to main screen), backup your save to a DIFFERENT usb thumb drive/or hard drive. Make 2 backups in case you mess up one of them. DONT ERASE YOUR GOOD BACKUP by accident.. When you are ready, start nightmare with dedicated partner. Level 1 must be completed fully. If you are doing the last chapter of each level glitch, YOU MUST NOT BE THE HOST. It is recommended you play through the game fully with same (?) partner with you, as host, ALL the time. Or your partner as host ALL the time (?) Always invite your partner into the game before starting any areas. Avoid having your partner join your game from their end, without an invite. (?) If at any time if your partner drops out of the game, right then and there you must exit as well. Restart the level with your partner. If you hit another checkpoint without your partner it will register that you have SOLO'ed. So be careful. Wait for you partner to come back in order to continue on with your nightmare run. Start and finish each level with your partner. If either of you have to exit, be sure the next level has loaded before doing so. If you are having difficulty trouble in nightmare being lower level... Try doing Nightmare run with a partner who doesn't need the trophy who is level 100+ or really good. You MUST be the host, play through Nightmare fully. If you want to try it the opposite way, with the skip chapter glitch, make sure you finish Level 1 fully, with your partner as HOST. You most NEVER be host if using skip level glitch. Just make sure you ALWAYS have a backup of your first run SOLO that you did to unlock Nightmare. That way you can experiment with different ways to get the trophy with it backed up twice. DO NOT MIX SOLO AND COOP ON YOUR NIGHTMARE RUN. That is all I can think of for now. Be advised, these are not 'set in stone' or definite solutions. Just my best theories on how to avoid the glitch. I have just completed my first run to unlock Nightmare. I'm sitting on 2 of the same save files on 2 usb thumb drive. Waiting one of 2 of my partners. 1 Partner is 100+ level, hardcore ZA4 gamer. Other partner I will play through who has Nightmare unlocked like me. JUST DONT ERASE YOUR GOOD BACKUP by accident.. Take it slow, think... then act. ☯️ I will get back to you if/when I get the trophy with details. If I don't get trophy. I am done with Sniper/Zombie Army games.. Besides, Sniper 3 and Zombie Army 4 will probably be the best game in the series. Good luck! Below is recommended perks for Nightmare playthrough. Whatever works for you.. But these ones are my favs.
  7. I'm glad you got the trophy.. thanks for sharing that method. Mine glitched on me as well. So I deleted all my saves, and downloading the game again. Started with the Terminal Error DLC before dloading the main game.. tho I doubt that makes a difference. anyways, I nearly pooped myself when you almost pooped yourself. 😱👉
  8. Try the grappling arm. I used that a few times.. Or get out of suit use Repulsion Cannon / Propulsion cannon on it. If you are getting stuck in objects or buildings before the game has fully loaded terrain, sometimes during saving this happens.. Wait for save to finish saving before travelling to new areas. Best I can offer.
  9. Loading times are insane using the glitch. But this game is your enemy right from the start. So I had no problem using the glitch. Last I heard it works wit everything except WoTC DLC. Good luck!
  10. Does anyone know if there are any table items that are in the smoke or drink category that doesn't get picked up and played with every 10 seconds? It's kind of annoying and slows down the flow of the table somewhat. The rusty/gold chain is the only one I know of. Not a big deal but sometime it gets annoying when you pick it up 2 times in a row.. Is there any reason why they pick it up.. or is it just random... Probably just rand.. Thanks! Just for fun, I added a poll. I didn't vote. Just so the poll will start off unbiased. 😋👍 Random pic for ya:
  11. Was on the official Subnautica forum today. All I could find was Steam time capsule thread. The submissions were over 2 years old as well. I didn't see any ps4 Time Capsule threads.. Maybe I didn't look hard enough. Will look a bit more another time. Guess it doesn't matter. I'll just submit it anyways, time to move on. Starting The Forest next. On sale now for $10.
  12. Thanks for the quick replies troops. Great info. I will put 6 good items in the time capsule anyways, since I have all resources to do it. Now that I am older I realize, what is the point in rushing out for platinums and missing the point of these games.. Some are real good. In the end, who even looks at other peoples trophies really? Unless your top 10-20 for world. I actually have 2 friends on my list in that spot.. yay me... anyways. Better to enjoy a good meal than to scoff it down in 3 minutes. 😘 One more question.. I played the game for 50 hours, never found a time capsule.. Was everywhere in the map. The trophy list basically forces you to go in just about all areas of the map. My question is, since I don't have ps+, is this the reason I don't find any time capsules?? Am not being connected to a server for that reason? Thanks.. Have a good day! 🌞👉☯️ - Corey I often wonder the rarity of the platinum if Dev. mode wasn't there..?
  13. 6 crashes on the ps4. Got seamoth stuck in walls and parts of the map that wasn't loaded yet. (due to saving often, while saving some areas don't get load fast enough. Got my seamoth stuck in buildings the formed around me.) You can even lose your seamoth if you accidently drive it up on land.. I think the repulsion or propulsion cannon may fix that. Got the seamoth stuck on land.. reloaded, swam all the way back and it was under the sand inside the ground.. lol so funny. Didnt lose a save but game is a bit glitchy. Back up your save OFTEN cause it may crash when you least expect it. Great game. I will miss it when I platinum it. 😘
  14. Hi. I am nearly done this great game. Are time capsules still being sent to the site for approval? Do you need ps+ to upload a time capsule? My ps+ just expired. Not renewing it till I finish some of my offline games in backlog. I wanted to leave behind some good items in the time capsule but not wasting my time if they aren't registering anymore. Here is what I want to leave behind: Blue tablet Purple Tablet Orange tablet Prawn suit drill arm Laser cutter Seamoth MK2 Thanks for anyone who can answer these 2 questions. 😘👍