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  1. An option for a ps4 trophy? 😀 He'd probably make about $5... including his $5 donation that is. 😜
  2. This.^ Because it your save/stats file is on 505 Game server, so it has to be done on only ONE console.
  3. I am going throw another one out.. Try deselecting "Limit My Activities in News Feed" in your settings. My biggest suspicion has to do with having multiple users logged in while interacting with the game.
  4. There is no confirmed word from Sony on this bug. I searched up and down the net. Didn't bother looking in the 'deep net'tho... too perilous. Anyways, I have 4 possible solutions. Make sure ALL other users are logged out the first time you load the game / while playing the game as well. If your trophies vanish from 'What's New" try logging out and back in. Don't go into your PS4 Settings while the game is active. Don't synch your trophies while the game is active / Don't synch until you exit the game the first time you load the game. It happened to me 3 times. And all 3 times it seemed to happen when I went into Settings or Privacy Settings while the game was loaded. That's all I got could infer in the matter. Alot of steps to go through for something that may not even happen. It's confusing trying to figure these things out by yourself but that is what our brains are for. 😏 Sometimes "thought experiments" do come to fruition. -- But for those for which it matters, I hope this could help... have a good one.
  5. I did that math. If you wanted to buy this 'Billionaire' , it would cost you $38,140 CAD in micro-transaction purchases. There are 3 people with this trophy out of 52,000+ game owners. Am I to believe that 3 rich lunatics bought their way to that trophy?
  6. Alternate titles: A Button Mashers Dream, My Name Is Yuu. 😀
  7. Oh yea this help!... Thank you so much for this tip.. And very well written with no confusion..... KUDOS!
  8. I'm not aware of any trophy glitches. When I got mine I didn't have any DLCs installed. Some of the base trophies should be attempted without the DLCs as it makes them much more harder.
  9. The Proving Ground is a facility that allows you to create experimental items, such as ammo or grenades and specialized suits of armor for your troops. To build it, you must first collect the corpse of an ADVENT Officer (random chance to drop every time an officer is killed) and then have Dr. Tygan perform an autopsy on it from the Avenger's Research Lab. The cost of the Proving Ground is $100 ($125 on Legend), it requires 3 power, the build time is 7 days and the monthly upkeep is $25. It will take a few days to create an item (less if you have an Engineer staff the facility) but you do not have to suspend other research projects to do this. To build an experimental item, you will need an Elerium core (which is an uncommon drop from enemies and can sometimes be purchased from the Black Market). You can choose the category of experimental item you want to create (Ammo, Grenade, Armor, Heavy Weapon or Powered Weapon) but the actual item you receive is chosen at random from a list of several possibilities. You may need to research the same experimental category several times before getting the item you want. This trophy will pop after the first experimental item has been created. Build: Experimental Ammo
  10. Yes you can do that. Changing difficulty anywhere in the game only affects the difficulty based trophies.
  11. Was probably a joke by the devs done in bad taste. Should have at least made it a . Shame on the devs behind this trophy.
  12. Thought I was playing Prince of Persia on the PS3 at first. Story is boring. Voice acting is drawn out and contrived. Game is repetitive. Sure the scenery is great but nothing else feels new or original in the game. The combat is lacking as well. Chasing near invisible question marks all over a map is not my idea of fun really.
  13. I've been searching the net for people with this issue and found a few sites like reddit and some others where people have posted about it. No one seemed to have a real cause or fix. But I think I may have both. I hope. What happens is you are popping trophies for a certain game (while online) then for some reason they stop appearing in your "What's New" feed. I have come to suspect, by memory, that it seemed to happen when you go into your privacy settings. It puts you into some kinda "stasis" where you are online but your ps4 doesn't know it. And the solution for me was to LOG OUT of your PS4 and LOG BACK IN. I tried that and was amazed to see that trophies began reappearing in What's New, for the same game they stopped appearing. This is not 100% proven yet as I need to experiment a bit more but I have a feeling I am close, if not, spot on... I hope. Anyone else who has had this problem, I hope to hear from you about how you solved this mystery. With a game showing trophies in What's New, then vanishing, and then appearing again in What's New (the same game). If this is not in the right section.. Shoot me cause I couldn't find a better section. 😃
  14. Great info!! Thanks for adding this, I have since moved on from the game but always appreciate the help that is given to people who are new to this game. ^friend request sent^
  15. Yes, do it!! 😃👍