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  1. Added, thank you.
  2. I put it off for the longest time. But decided to go for it. It is a good game. Takes a while to get used to the controls and gameplay but you will get it down soon enough. There is alot of strategy and item management involved with the game. Minimum is 4 playthroughs but that is for the pros. I'm on my 6th playthrough now which isnt bad because you will get right into the game after some hours and your first playthrough. It is quite a challenge if you are going for the platinum. Much patience.
  3. I can upload a copy if you want.... if I can find it.. lol
  4. Glad I could help. 👍
  5. As long as you dont fire any bullets or get shot at. So be careful around the mall and the mansion areas. Do those first when collecting packages in case there are shots fired.
  6. I hate it when they stick some extra game content in that is totally irrelevant to the game. Like mini games... and usually they are hard as hell. Half the time they are that 1 trophy that screws you over from getting your platinum. Damn Devs stop playing with us. We buy the game FAIR so we deserve some kinda sportsmanship from the devs.
  7. Here are some tips I put together to help you with your RE journey. Most are more crucial for Pure Survival mode. 1. Yawn & Plant 42 are weak to acid rounds. 2. Flame Rounds will burn zombies so they don't return as a Crimson Head. 3. Daggers can be retrieved from zombie heads if you blow their heads off. 4. Self Defense Gun can nearly or totally finish a boss with the one shot. 5. You can break an enemies attack by twirling & pressing . 6. Try to dodge as many zombies but if you kill them be sure to burn them if they are in high traffic areas. 7. In Pure Survival 2 Grenade Rounds will finish off Crimson Head prototype1 without him having a chance to attack. 8. When collecting Ink Ribbons don't combine them. Use each batch down till there is only 1 left. That way if you need to save in a certain area and not come back you wont have an extra Ink Ribbon taking up an inventory slot. Same goes for ammunition. 9. In Pure Survival, keep your handgun handy cause there is quite a bit of ammo for it. Use on weaker enemies if you have to. You will save on ammo for you bigger weapons to deal with tougher enemies later on. 10. Equip Defensive Daggers when around zombies as there is always a chance you can retrieve the dagger from the zombie. (See #3) 11. Zombies on stairs can't grab and bite you, their only attack in this case is vomit which is quite easy to avoid. So feel free to run into them when pushing past if you fear you might be surrounded. (thank you AFRising) 12. In Pure Survival hoard as much as you can early in the game so you don't have to backtrack when enemies get tougher. 13. In Pure Survival use the East Wing item box for storage as it is more handy because you can unlock the art/picture room shortcut early in the game. 14. Barry's Magnum will take down the Tyrant in 1 shot. Even in Pure Survival. 15. Chimeras (cockroaches) will die with 1 shot from a Magnum or Grenade Round. Even in Pure Survival. Will be editing when I think of more. Feel free to add your tips, I will adjust the thread and credit you as well.
  8. If you use the money cheat too much it can lock you out of Godfather rating.
  9. Glitchless in Cyberspace. 😁👍
  10. Did you change your PSN name at an point?
  11. The PS2 version was the best one. Controls were really good, not so tanky. This Ps4 version the controls arent the same. But the best one is set 1 IMO. This is one of them rare games where you never get bored playing through it. Probably cause there is a a bit of strategy involved.. It's not just a shooter. There are many dimensions to the game. It was ahead of it's time when it first came out.
  12. I got to the mini game and deleted the whole game. I still have nightmare from My Blaster Runs Really Hot... Mini games kind of tick me off these days after years of video games.
  13. Its a 7/10 for sure. Hard to the Core mode is quite hard. There are some good videos out there. I do recommend playing through on a lower difficulty to familiarize yourself with trouble spots. No sense wasting time in hardcore mode practicing as you only get 1 attempt. I came back to it years later and for some reason I felt I could beat it. I guess as you get older you get more determined than before.
  14. The method in the guide works great:
  15. I answered a few categories to my best intent.. then got bored and kept hitting X to get through it.