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  1. It is a good game. If you are into simulators and repeat tasks.. alot of driving. It gets tedious after a while. I will give credit to the geniuses who made this game. The physics and mechanics are very realistic. If you are going for the platinum, be prepared for a "long haul". πŸ˜‰
  2. NM.
  3. Glitch was fixed with a patch.. It came out a week after I glitched out three times trying for this for a month.. oh the cruel irony.. πŸ˜€ At least now you dont need another playthrough if it glitched on you before.. as it retro-pops if you beat it in nightmare b4.
  4. I wish I found this truck earlier.. I found it on Pedro Bay, no need to fix it up (Pristine condition). It rivals the Tayga and I would say it is even better for hauling small cargo (sideboard not available on the civilian version). Only setback is lack of addons/fuel consumption. But that doesnt matter since fuel is everywhere in the game and addons you don't need for small cargo hauling. Even with stock tires I am having no issue in Pedro Bay. Don't bother with the raised suspension for offroad, it tips over too easy. It also makes a strange humming sound like you would here in a sci-fi movie. If you are early in the game, I do recommend trying to get this vehicle ASAP.. I haven't even upgraded anything on it yet. Here is the article on Wiki for more info:
  5. As far as I know, all trophy glitches have been fixed with one of the recent patches. It was caused by the game crashing in multiplayer. I've never had a game crash yet (200 hours, too many, hours in).. So I think you are safe there. If you have a friend you want to play the game with, I do recommend to ALWAYS be host or have friend to ALWAYS be host. Just to be safe. Backup your save often as well.. In case you lose a vehicle in a remote area or have an untimely accident. Anyways it's been 2 weeks, Im sure you figured it out by now. SO Im probably just talking to myself.. I do that sometimes.
  6. The game is pretty annoying until you get most of the upgrades and also mudtires.. i think that is level 11? Cant remember. I think I put in way too many hours already. It get's a bit tedious (logging) after a while.. So I set it down for a few days and come back. One you get the Tayga with updates/mudtires you are good for most of the game. I can imagine all the people who got stuck in the mud at the start and turned the game off forever. They should have at least given us 1 crappy vehicle with upgrades and tires at the start.. cause the game is already long enough if going for platinum.
  7. So true. Complaining about trophy hunters on a trophy guide/tracking website. πŸ˜„
  8. I have a question.. When you buy a game that is PS4/PS5 compatible.. Is there 2 trophy sets for the game or just one? Not sure how that works. Still have a ps4 backlog not even sure if ill buy a ps5.. May just retire on the ps4... pushing 50 now.. so.. doing less gaming; I realize how short life is when put into context of time.
  9. 2 years into the game.. I still dont know what dlcs go with what season passes. Ive nvr been this confused when wanting to get a 100% .. I wont be spending $50+ on dlcs just for 100%. It's a great game (best in the sniper series IMO), but the way the dlcs were released and organized ruined it for me.
  10. I was going to play this after snowrunner.. Not sure now. I was enjoying the game... then I got to the logging missions.. I am not sure why the devs made these missions so tedious and time consuming. I've already got over 100 hours in snowrunner.. Don't really feel like sitting in the mud for another 50 hours. ⚠️ I was trying to platinum snowrunner on the 1st day of spring cause Im kinda weird like that when it cone to synching things in my life.. that didn't happen haha... anyways.. I think I am going to skip this game cause after playing farm simulator and snowrunner.. I'm a little tired with these games.. good to mix it up and play as my diff. styles of games... cheerz!
  11. Ok thanks! Nice avatar BTW.. "Cool Egg". πŸ”
  12. I will nevr play another sniper game cause of this dlc mess.. Sniper 2,3.. ZA Trilogy, ZA4 plat.. Yea I'm done. Movin' on..
  13. The upgrades in Rift aren't needed for Bear Hunt trophy?? πŸ€”
  14. Thanks! Great info. The Tayga rocks! Works great as an "unofficial" scout as well.
  15. I saw Maiden with Anthrax in 1991. No Prayer for the Road tour. The last song they did was Heaven Can Wait. Anthrax got on stage with them and both bands did the song together. One of the coolest things I've even seen. I only wish I saw them in Long Beach, Cali (85). Powerslave is one of the best albums EVER. It almost rivals Master of Puppets on certain levels. Rime of the Ancient Mariner (Samuel Coleridge! - 1798) is the most EPIC poem in history IMO. So I went of track a bit. It's Maiden! Have a nice day. πŸ˜‡βœŒοΈ