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  2. The game looks like something I might enjoy and while I am not a hardcore Platinum hunter like many on this site... I want a chance at getting the Platinum. Can anyone confirm that this could be 100% solo? If the game requires multiplayer... I suspect due to how old it is I will never find someone to play or simply boost any MP trophies. Thanks in advance for any feedback.
  3. All seem to be part of the game for me and I am playing from the PSN digital version that was free for PS+ members.
  4. Just to confirm - no issues on my end either, as soon as the requirements were met the trophy popped.
  5. So I was also to get the Angel of Death to show up - following SmileyCrow's idea on Unholy Cathedral. I also did it with a Crusader.... I originally had the following trees full unlock - Physical, Melee, Critical and Movement. I did the recommended sword and shield and having all my gear with psalm codes. At first... maybe I got 1 AoD every 10 mins and was frustrated. I then tweaked and replaced the Physical tree with Single DPS and what I found was that using Digital Weapons at about the 1 min mark I could get 2 or 3 AoD with each digital weapon use... until I got Overwhelmed or Suppressed. Hope this helps others.
  6. Totally agree with the comments above: 1) Online is dead and you will need a boosting group (at least 6 in total) 2) The trophy list is garbage with both collectibles and beat unreasonable times... I find the driving times are terrible as the game has terrible driving controls - not precise at all.
  7. I have been waiting for a few years as I managed to get the trilogy on sale in 2018. I just bit the bullet and paid for the ME2 DLC as I had enough PSN credit to cover it. As per psnprices no sales on the DLC in the US ever... so I will likely slowly start buying the ME3 DLCs one at a time. It's a total of 4 and costs about the same as a new game... luckily I bought the trilogy for less than $10 when it was on sale. As other have said.... Great game and shame to not play it if your into the genre!