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  1. Yes indeed, two controllers. I did it all with two normal controllers and input the kombat codes. Easy (but boring) With only one controller it's a nightmare. You need to taunt with Cage. Then the other player needs to hit him in4 order to land the X-Ray. Doing this online via a ranked match or KotH takes forever. Find a match, fill up meter, land xray succesfully...... man, even with a boosting partner it's a nightmare. BTW: Is this game still getting online players? I haven't played it in years online. -edit- My bad. I read "My kung fu with 1 ps3 controller how to", Yukonv is talking about one PS3 instead of one controller. One PS3 is perfectly okay
  2. That is a nice one! But how are you going to do the x rays with Cage with only one controller? This might be very difficult to pull off (if not impossible) .
  3. Hi, I've just started the historic challenges but i'm struggling with it. So my question is: should I manually shift or auto shift? Manually brake or auto break? Furthermore, are there any other tips you guys can give me? I only did RedBull and Moto3 championships btw. Should I first complete Moto2/ MotoGP to get some experience with moto racing? This is my first ever motorcycle game Although I did played (and got platinum) on Driveclub tnkx!
  4. Not true. I did challenge 10 yesterday. On the last win, everyone folded and I got the victory needed and thus, finishen the gambler challenges. never ever ever ever again.....
  5. Those survival modes in GTAO were awesome! Really enjoyed playing those. 😎 TBH I don't care one bit for online and have not played it after getting all the online trophy's.
  6. I did it by saving before each mission and reload when not getting the gold medal. THe problem with this method: it breaks immersion, a lot! So replayng the game on a second playtrough would be best. BTW: A real nice easy to follow and brilliant guide for all missions can be found here:
  7. I've done all the online stuff and currently doing the 70 golds on first playtrough. Save before each mission and when I don't get gold, i'll reload the save. On harder missions i'll try it 2 or 3 times and move on. Now halfway Chapter 6. Sometimes it's boring but most of the time I like it. The SP, the Online part is terrible and so glad I'll never have to touch that again
  8. I skipped ASWIAPT as well because of the same reasons and multiple tries. It's nearly impossible (for me at least) to get all the requirements done in one solid run. Skipped that one and moved on with the story. One thing I do (from half way ch. 3 onward) is get full cores, manually save, check gold requirements, do the mission and reload if needed. For some missions it would be possible to do it via replay so I would not reload but if any requirements involves anything with health items, time/speed or accuracy I do a reload right away and try again. Currently in Chapter 4 but want to do all the challenges first so that's consuming most of my precious time. It's a drag and a pain to complete them all.........