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  1. Does anyone else have issues with tearing on 60 fps mode? I think the 'High Quality' mode might help to get rid of it, though it means playing at 30 fps which feels so sluggish.
  2. I liked the story and its main ideas, though the original order of chapters was honestly a pretty terrible structure as the development of Jodie's character is really important to the main themes in my opinion. For me, the clunky controls prevent this game from being truly great and I still think heavy rain had a stronger story with more tangible consequences for decisions that the characters had to make.
  3. Pretty sure you have to do all 84 days. I don't recall having issues with these trophies popping at the right time.
  4. I have missed about 20 ID tags and I am finding backtracking to be quite tedious, so I was hoping to do my 'one shot' playthrough whilst getting the missing ID tags. However, I saw a reply to a thread on a different website claiming that this method did not result in the one shot trophy unlocking. Has anyone else had trouble with this?
  5. As per title, I don't have an 'endgame' option in mission select. I'm not sure why this is as I have finished all of the missions in the main game and the DLCs. This is particularly concerning as a workaround that I must use for the Foundation hidden areas being bugged involves selecting this option. Has anyone else who encountered this issue found a way to solve it?
  6. Not difficult in a technical sense, but quite tedious
  7. I can now confirm that supplements and parts do carry over, as well as the upgrades themselves. Similar story for me, used a guide for supplements and parts and I was able to finish them off within the first day for Abby's story.
  8. I collected about 500 supplements for abby in my first playthrough and barely spent any of them because I wanted to save them for the best upgrades (making grounded a bit easier). Do the supplements themselves carry over in ng+ or just the upgrades?
  9. I thought this game was too short and missed out on answering questions I had when I played the first game, such as how Frank and Rachel formed a relationship. I suppose it is better to leave the events surrounding the "Dark Room" up to one's interpretation, as we can probably figure out most of it. Something that people seem to think was unnecessary-- the short scene at the end in which Rachel is being photographed in the Dark Room-- in my opinion, was really powerful and an apt conclusion, a poignant reminder of the transience of relationships which is something that pervades both games.
  10. Just ordered the ultimate rapture edition so I will be able to potentially 100% this game. If the trophies are boosted, as they are pretty much impossible to do naturally nowadays from what I've read, roughly how long will they take?
  11. I have completed the 1st playthrough and have progressed to around chapter 6 of TVHM at level 35. My predicament is that I want to do the DLC trophies and simultaneously earn xp towards levelling my character to level 50, but I don't know which playthrough it's best to do this on. My main questions are: Do you get significantly more xp for completing missions on TVHM? Would it take a lot longer to do the DLC trophies on TVHM?
  12. I’ve heard very conflicting information as to the impact of cutscenes on the mission timers. The guide on this website claims that skipping cutscenes is necessary for most of these missions, but others say that the mission timer is paused during skippable cutscenes and will even go as far as to say that skipping cutscenes can be detrimental to time requirements. So which one is it? Has anyone found empirical evidence that proves one case or the other or is it a matter of trial-and-error?
  13. If you use the quitting strategy where you leave 2 games in a row and then collect supplies to get everyone back up to 'healthy' you can do it in <20 hours, even if you aren't good with multiplayer games.
  14. Roughly how long does it take to earn the multiplayer trophies? That is, with minimal boosting but a strong focus on earning trophies.
  15. So I am doing my crushing run of the game and during chapter 10 I realized I missed one of the rock piles. Instead of waiting until I finished my crushing run to go back I decided to replay the chapter. If I continue this save (the one that was created through chapter select) will I be able to unlock the sharpshooter trophy? Or do I have to continue the one that I started the game with?