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  1. I have completed the 1st playthrough and have progressed to around chapter 6 of TVHM at level 35. My predicament is that I want to do the DLC trophies and simultaneously earn xp towards levelling my character to level 50, but I don't know which playthrough it's best to do this on. My main questions are: Do you get significantly more xp for completing missions on TVHM? Would it take a lot longer to do the DLC trophies on TVHM?
  2. I’ve heard very conflicting information as to the impact of cutscenes on the mission timers. The guide on this website claims that skipping cutscenes is necessary for most of these missions, but others say that the mission timer is paused during skippable cutscenes and will even go as far as to say that skipping cutscenes can be detrimental to time requirements. So which one is it? Has anyone found empirical evidence that proves one case or the other or is it a matter of trial-and-error?
  3. If you use the quitting strategy where you leave 2 games in a row and then collect supplies to get everyone back up to 'healthy' you can do it in <20 hours, even if you aren't good with multiplayer games.
  4. Roughly how long does it take to earn the multiplayer trophies? That is, with minimal boosting but a strong focus on earning trophies.
  5. So I am doing my crushing run of the game and during chapter 10 I realized I missed one of the rock piles. Instead of waiting until I finished my crushing run to go back I decided to replay the chapter. If I continue this save (the one that was created through chapter select) will I be able to unlock the sharpshooter trophy? Or do I have to continue the one that I started the game with?
  6. How are these rarities calculated? Moreover, how can it be known the number of people who have a certain DLC if some don't earn any trophies? I bring this up because for tlou remastered, the survivor difficulty trophies are rarer than the grounded difficulty trophies, even though this version of the game includes the grounded mode trophy list by default and completing the game on this difficulty unlocks all difficulty related trophies.
  7. How hard is it (NG+) compared to other games? Uncharted on brutal? Bioshock infinite on 1999?
  8. Can I earn all of the trophies on the easiest mode? I realized that I have voided the empathy trophy for my first play through (I am playing as per the guide) and want to do this stage with minimal difficulty as I have already an idea of the story.
  9. You need to make sure you complete a tennis match. If you begin a match and play only 3 games, for example, your stats will report the tennis match as being completed, even though it will not count unless the match played was fully completed i.e. one person wins.
  10. Only 2 trophies require you to play online (i.e. require PS plus) and they can be easily boosted as many people have this game. If you haven't already done so, you can use a free 14 day subscription on your account (or another account on the playstation) to earn the trophies, although I would recommend PS plus because of the ability to play online and the 2 free games every month.
  11. While I am aware that there aren't really any missable trophies in the game (because of chapter select), is there anything that I should specifically focus on doing in my first playthrough, besides collectibles? I remember playing through the previous two games and needing to do trophies involving killing enemies with traps, hacked security, etc.
  12. While not particularly relevant to any of the trophies, I was wondering if the outcome of each street case is always one in which the suspect dies. I have done only four so far, but in all of them I have either shot and killed the suspect or they have killed themselves. Is this always the case or is there a way to arrest the suspect? Maybe I missed this in the first street crime case I did.
  13. I've recently done all of the trophies in the game except for the one for completing the game on hard. I have already died as a result of having no ammo in the second level, so is the rest of the game this hard or does it get easier when you can buy tonics and plasmids? Also if you have any other tips besides doing the infinite health glitch thing, that would be great.