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  1. Can all of the MP trophies be done with just 2 consoles?
  2. I've never played a PlayLink game before, but I understand it involves mobile devices and associated apps. Just wondering if anyone can confirm that this game runs on PS5 (I have no idea how compatibility would be affected for these games) and if the app still works. Thanks.
  3. Bug

    Solved: For anyone else who encounters this annoying bug (I saw just one other thread elsewhere with no replies from a year ago), slowly walk up to the yellow zone and press 'A' (which I believe is X on your dominant hand) to teleport straight to the zone.
  4. Bug

    In the warehouse action level 15/20 (Adv. martial training), once I reach the third yellow indicator to activate the wave, nothing seems to happen. Has anyone else had trouble with the action levels not progressing properly?
  5. no way you posted this after the starfield and redfall delays...
  6. The writing was on the wall. I read this thread before playing it and though "no way it's that bad". Honestly, this is probably the only game on my account that I truly hate.
  7. 995. Glad I stopped caring too much about it and now look at completion percentage for the value I'm getting out of my games.
  8. Ok, noted. That does sound like it would be annoying for insane mode, like that 5 minute wheelchair cutscene before Trager in Outlast.
  9. Based on various guides it seems this is harder than the first game, particularly due to the length of the insane run. To those who have completed both, how much harder is this than the 100% of the first game?
  10. Alright, cheers.
  11. I already have the digital version of the collection which I platinumed a while back. Do I just need to buy the standalone version of bioshock 1 to be able to get these trophies? My region is Australia and I most of my regional variants are EU by default (the one NA game I have is a physical copy from the states).
  12. Necro, but this ended up taking me about 21h in-game and probably about 30 hours in total due to waiting for people, menus, griefers, etc.
  13. I can also confirm that you can revert back to 1.00 with the AE edition. Honestly, though, getting A++ on all surgeries isn't a whole lot harder than some of the ambulance time trials (provided you're used to the controls) so it may not even be worth the rigmarole of downgrading.
  14. Good grief this trophy is a pain
  15. The same thing happened to me, some collectible in one of the tunnels didn't appear for me even after reloading a backup. I think this has something to do with interacting with the cat in the trenches (as the Canadian guy) but I'm not entirely sure what I did differently when I was finally able to get it to work.