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  1. Your guide was a massive help! thank you!
  2. I seem to be having this issue. Barrel rider has not popped for me. Thick-skinned and Consistent Performance still havent popped for me even though I have already completed Employee of the Month.
  3. Turns out the digital PS4 standard edition will have a free upgrade to PS5. So you can pay for the $59.99 to get two trophy lists, I would assume.
  4. Lets say i have been playing the bioshock ps3 version PATCHED for a while and im near the end. If i delete the patch before i finish the final boss, will this still work? or do i have to play the entire game while it is unpatched? Thank you for the quick response btw!
  5. does this work on the PS3 version?
  6. Hey everyone, this is the first time i posted anything. Sorry if this isn't the place to ask questions, but i have something annoying happening to me as Im fighting the final boss. right as soon as i start the final boss, i noticed that half of my health bars have been taken away. I have tried restarting the game and it still gives me 5 cubes of health. I checked everywhere online about it and havent found a single solution. please help me :/
  7. Im almost done with this atrocity. Im genuinely going to be snapping this game disc as soon as i get the platinum.... it's going to feel soooo good.