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  1. Bossa studios just answered me, to appear in the game leaderboard you must check your privacy settings and make sur that your "Activities" are not disabled So problem resolved
  2. Marvel Ultimate Alliance
  3. #45: I Am Bread Oh boy that was tough, my proudest platinium ever I'll do my montage with ShareFactory and upload it on Youtube to help anyone who want to plat this awesome game cause I found some good strategies for story mode You have to go though 5 game modes (from easiest to hardest): Bagel race, 0G, Story, Rampage, Cheese Hunt Bagel Races: It's a EZ piece of cake for everyone 0G: My first impression when I came in this mode was "wtf is that shit?" But honestly exept for the petrol station it wasn't that hard at all Story: Nothing to difficult here, if you can make a good use of SIF launch it will make the difference for A++ Rampage: I really hated this gamemode and luckily I haven't struggled a lot, keep retying and keep your combo it's actually luck based asf Cheese Hunt: Oh boy, the fun begin Some levels in this gamemode are brutal compare to the other mode, I struggled a lot in Bathroom and also Garden (like everyone ) I really enjoyed this game and was so happy to try hard and finally got the platinium in a pretty fast time (I made A++ story and bagel on an other account before, just to test ) Personal Difficulty : 9.5/10 Fun: 50/10 Time to 100%: 3 days, 19 hours (#5 Fastest Achiever) PSNP Rarity: 0.27%
  4. Surgeon Simulator 👍
  5. Turophile A++ all Cheese Hunt levels (0.26%)
  6. I just got it in 2 days, I made 2:13 OMG my body is shaking right now 😱
  7. When I played on my US account before that, my runs were registered as soon as I closed and restarted the game but not on my main account... Kinda unlucky cause I did TOP3 CH garage, I'll post it on YouTube but I would like to appear on this leaderboard 😔 I'm stuck on CH garden, this level is really damn hard OMG, I saw your video you did a very good run 👍
  8. I've waited,reboot my PS4, replayed the level and nothing 😔 But when I trained myself on a secondary account, the runs were instantly resgistered so I'm confused 🤔
  9. Hello, I started this game yesterday and I saw that none of my runs are registered on the leaderboard. Has anybody already had this problem? I contacted Bossa studios so I'm waiting an answer 😔 I recorded all my A++ to post them on YT, but I would like to appear on the leaderboard cause I did some top 10 😒
  10. Raconteur A++ all Story levels (0.39%)
  11. Project Cars 2