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  1. I've already been flaged for this game, because people were not aware of the CN version trick You're 100% right, you need to do EOTT music level which gives you 718 lums if I remember correctly,
  2. Agents Of Mayhem
  3. 100% In Space We Brawl (NA PS4 stack) 😀

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    2. Spaz


      So with Furi if you don't get a S rank on a boss you just revert back your save and try again?


      Mighty No 9 looks to be like Mega Man, but is a sub 1 percent platinum.

    3. The_ThunderIord


      The S rank is given at the end of the game if you finished it under 3H, no more than 30KO and being hit less than 600 times. So you just have to make USB save after each boss, and if you feel that your run is bad, or you have been hit too much you just have to reload your save :)


      Honestly, this game is bad. I'm a big fan of Mega-man but I hate Mighty N*9 😞

    4. DamagingRob


      Nice work!

  4. In Space We Brawl Rain of bulletsFire 500,000 shots And I got the 100% (NA PS4 stack) at the same time with this trophy
  5. Battlefield : Bad Company
  6. Persona 5
  7. In Space We Brawl Elite pilotComplete all the challenges with S rank
  8. Parle en anglais gros 😂
  10. Monster Hunter world
  11. Triple KillGet a Triple Kill by eliminating 3 enemies within 10 seconds of each kill. And by the same time, I finished this 100% with this trophy