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  1. I have a couple of questions, hoping someone can answer. It looks like there are only two physical PS4 versions of this game made: Japanese and Asian (Chinese) Which physical version is tied to this trophy list? Also, if I had an English version of this game running on another TV next to this one side-by-side, would the menus and button prompts match? I have finished boosting the other three versions of this game and wondering if it's worth it to try to do this one too. Thanks!
  2. OK. I didn't listen to any reviews... and I have a lot to say about this game. I don't really care what reviews say. If something interests me, I play it. Everyone "hated" Duke Nukem Forever, but I loved that game and had a ton of fun playing it. Anyway... I've seen the term "unplayable" tossed around loosely quite a bit, but this game truly was an unplayable mess. I admit, the negative reaction to the game did influence me to try something I don't normally do, which is play games on version 1.0 if there is a patch available. I'm sure everybody here is dealing with not having as much time as they did when they were younger, so the extra 8 to 10 hours needed for another playthrough is a killer, especially when you are not enjoying the product. I took the risk of ruining my enjoyment for the game by playing on version 1.0 to save precious time, and it looks like my gut feeling was correct. I usually start games on graphics mode before switching to performance mode to see the difference. I couldn't believe that the game was seemingly running at 10 FPS right off of the bat. The frame rate was so horrendous that I immediately tried to switch to performance mode, but I couldn't. You have to quit out of the game to switch it from graphics mode to performance mode. So how did the game run in performance mode? 60 FPS (maybe) with tons of drops in frame rate, and guaranteed slow down after playing for about 5 minutes to where it will inevitably crash. Auto saves are supposed to be a good feature in video games, but not this game. As many other have mentioned, auto saves seem to be a trigger for this game to crash. The gameplay and combat system are absolutely terrible. You can tell that the combat was based around the dodging gimmick. Even with fully-upgraded weapons on EASY, I could never take down a single enemy charging at me, meaning I was forced to do the stupid dodging mechanic and then melee him to death. Notice how I said single? If there is more than one enemy attacking you, then there is no reliable way to dodge one enemy then launch a counter attack without taking damage from the other enemy waiting for you to stop your dodging animation. To make matters even worse, if you manage blow an enemy's head off with a gun, their headless body will still run after you. What if you need to use a stimpak? Forget it. It literally takes the character forever to go through the animation to inject himself with the stimpak, and you don't have the option to do it in the inventory menu, like in Resident Evil 4. So healing during a boss fight or in a combat arena is out of the question. Another thing I was frustrated with was the lack of any sort of may or waypoints. I can usually determine the difference between an optional path and the main path with an in-game map, so I missed out on some optional areas because I guessed wrong in which way I should go. Not having a map is inexcusable for a game made in the last ten years. For these very reasons, the gameplay can never be fun. The enemy encounters seemed to revolve around locking you in combat arenas instead of dealing with them while exploring. Not that there was a lot of tension to begin with, but very little seemed to happen in between the combat arenas. I'm not saying that was the case for the entire game, but most of the enemies are fought in combat arenas. This becomes problematic because inside of these arenas, there are usually a ton of moving parts on screen, such as giants fans and rotating gears, which can be used as environmental hazards. But isn't this a great opportunity to use telekinesis, you might ask? You would be right, but this is The Callisto Protocol version 1.0 we are talking about. The GRP weapon would grab enemies, but drop them about 80% of the time. You would be very fortunate if you could grab the enemy and then launch the enemy into a hazard, even 50% of the time. I don't know if the inputs were being dropped due to the slow down or if this weapon was made intentionally bad, but it was definitely infuriating. There are also stationary enemies in egg sacks that spring out at you that are impossible to dodge. I even died once because I was in the middle of trying to change my weapon when it grabbed me and the triangle button (button used to break free) wasn't working because the menu to switch the weapons was still up. I was a bit more careful the next time I approached it because I knew it was there. I tried to peek my face out and quickly step back behind a door to bait it out, but it still grabbed me through the door anyway! What a broken mess! The game doesn't have an option to disable the feature that makes it harder to press the triggers. I always disable that feature in every game because I don't want to break my controllers. I don't know for a fact if having to use brute force to press the damn trigger causes damage to the controller in the long term (or even short term), but I don't want to find out. It definitely feels like something that will break the trigger over time, so it should be an option to disable it in the game. It was hard to take in any of the lore because of the lack of subtitles during audio logs and the fact that the speech audio was so quiet that I could barely even hear it. I don't know if this was fixed in a patch, but the subtitles for the characters in general only worked half of the time and the speech audio levels seemed very low to me, even after lowering the music and SFX sliders in the mixer. If Callisto were an ingredient, I don't feel like it was the main ingredient in this dish. I love the planets and moons, so I was immediately hooked when I heard this game was taking place on Callisto. However, after playing this game, I feel like it could have taken place anywhere in space or underground and nothing about the story would have changed at all. The concept of the game had so much potential. Even the original trailers for the game had me hyped because the enemies looked frightening. In the final product, there are maybe four enemy types throughout the entire game, not reminiscent of what we saw in the trailers. Maybe I have played too many of these types of games and I am desensitized to it, but my initial reaction to any enemy jumping out at me was to pummel them to death with my police baton. I wasn't scared at any point during this game. The scariest thing, in my opinion, were the security robots. They way they were presented, especially early in the game, made them look invincible and that they could turn on you at any moment. Kudos to the devs for that, I guess. Now, you may be thinking, the worst of it is over. It's a short and easy platinum. Just move on. The most sinister thing about this game has yet to come, I believe, and I think many people are overlooking this. There is actually a $30 season pass for this s**t, and the description of what's inside has instilled legitimate fear into me. I guess they had to scare us any way they could... Anyway, they are talking about even an harder difficulty, permadeath and a game mode where you try to survive as many hordes of enemies as possible. Ever since the Last of Us in 2013, I learned to never trust a trophy list with less than 30 trophies. It can only mean ONE THING: a ton of difficult and grindy DLC trophies. So, as of today, the complete experience for this puke is $100. They lured us in with a cool set piece and thinking it would be anything like Dead Space. Well, Dead Space it is not. You can tell that this game was made by amateurs and that were riding the coat tails of an already-established franchise by name-dropping Dead Space. Just look at how bad the fire effects are in the game. The gameplay would still be horrendous and broken, even if it ran flawlessly at 60 FPS. I don't usually complain about the length of games, but charging $70 for this is outrageous, especially with how short the campaign is and how badly it performs without a patch. It was especially jarring, since I just finished playing an incredible game in Persona 5 Strikers, which only has a version 1.0 (or so it says on the main menu). And remember, if you don't have an internet connection, all you are left with is verison 1.0 to play. Even though Ratchet & Clank Rift Apart was a short game, I still feel like it was a $70 experience. The season pass content contains content I despise, so it will more than likely have trophies, forcing me to suffer through this game even more. In conclusion, all I can say is... It was mediocre. I have played worse, but the fact they are charging $70 makes this nearly unforgivable. It's like charging $120 for a Big Mac meal. Sure, it's not bad, but for that price, it better be some of the best steak and lobster you ever had. This game failed to deliver. There wasn't an aspect about it that was good or great in any category. It was either bad or mediocre across the board. Maybe I had too many expectations going in and because I wanted to enjoy it so badly, that I am so worked up over it. I don't usually write reviews for bad experiences, but this one could not be ignored.
  3. The second story-related trophy didn't pop for me either. I reloaded my manual save at the start of Chapter 2, before receiving the shiv from Elias and the trophy popped after playing the section again. I'm surprised more of the story-related trophies didn't glitch, to be honest. This is honestly the worst experience of playing a game on version 1.0 that I have ever had.
  4. Does anybody know if the DLC is cross-buy between the PS4 and PS5 versions? I have three codes and redeemed one. I would like to help anybody else that might be in need. Please let me know. Thank you!
  5. I forgot to mention it in my original post, but I had completed 36 challenges before I had to downloaded my back-up save. I completed a 37th challenge just to test if the game would award the trophy, to no avail. It looks like the trophy was programmed to unlock specifically on the completion of a 35th challenge, so when I met the conditions for two challenges at once, it bumped my total from 34 to 36. Maybe it's the notification that needs to pop up for the trophy to register, because the amount of challenges in the cheats menu counted the challenges correctly. The problem regarding this trophy may occur when meeting the conditions for multiple challenges simultaneously cancels out the notifications from popping up on the screen. It wouldn't matter at any other point in the game if you completed two challenges at once (if notifications won't pop, you wouldn't even know that you did), except for when you need to make sure the notification for the 35th challenge pops up. Either way, everyone attempting this trophy should create a back-up save when they have 34 completed challenges, and to make sure that the next challenge that they finish is the ONLY one.
  6. I think you are right about the glitch (or one of the glitches) occurring when the conditions for more than one challenge are met at once. I went to a fort, put a group of six riflemen to sleep with a sleep bomb, then shot them with a shrapnel grenade. It wasn't until I re-downloaded my save from PSN (Thank God!) that I was able to see that I met the conditions for two challenges at once: kill 8 guards with grenades (I was 3/8) and kill five guards within 10 seconds of using a smoke bomb. Neither of the notifications popped up that I finished a challenge, so that got me extremely worried. Completing another challenge didn't make the trophy pop either, so thankfully I had my save file from the cloud that I reverted back to that had 30/70 challenges completed and used it to unlock the trophy without any issue.
  7. Even though the OP hasn't been updated since 2020, I would like to submit for a rank in this series. In addition to finishing every game in the series with 100% completion, I also did both speed run trophies in UC4 legitimately and did not auto-pop any trophies in the Legacy of Thieves Collection. As an added bonus, I have the "Treasure Hunter" trophies in both versions of PlayStation All-Stars for completing the arcade mode as Nathan Drake and the "So Great and Small" trophy in the Last of Us Part II for finding Nathan Drake's ring. https://psnprofiles.com/series/1-uncharted/tenike1 Hoping for a Golden Abyss remaster, Uncharted 1-3 on the PS5 and hopefully new Uncharted games!
  8. I actually used your strategy cheese both Vagaries in the PS3 version of the game. Instead of going to the right, I actually went underneath the scaffolding to the left. The Vagaries just ran around and tried swiping at me with their hands. I tried killing one with the pistol, just to relieve the tension after a stressful campaign but she was able to swipe me after getting too close to the front of the bars. After reloading the save, I just held back up against the wall as far as I could and took them out with the machine gun. One Vagary actually ran away down the hallway so I had to come out of the cover and aggro her, but I just used the same trick and ran underneath the scaffolding to take her out easily. Thanks for the tip!
  9. I just finished Doom 3 and ROE on Nightmare. I originally played Doom 3 and ROE on PC in 2005. I loved vanilla Doom 3 and used the flashlight as a weapon all of the time to kill zombies. I was originally able beat Doom 3 on Nightmare difficulty but was not able to beat Maledict on Nightmare in 2005. I played all three campaigns on recruit difficulty in 2019 while knocking out all the collectible and miscellaneous trophies. I beat the Lost Mission on Nightmare and played ROE up until Erebus 4 on Nightmare before I got fed up with the reloading times and the horrid controls that I had to put the game away for three years. If it matters to anybody regarding Nightmare difficulty of the three campaigns, I felt that Doom 3 was more insufferable due to the length of the campaign, not having the double-barrel shotgun, not having the Grabber and the cheap deaths caused by enemies constantly spawning behind you, popping out from panels behind you or coming from rooms behind you. I felt like I was having way more fun and able to make more progress in ROE solely due to less enemies spawning behind you. I also made the mistake of playing ROE like Doom 3, trying to evade the enemy projectiles and dying a lot from the splash damage. The Grabber is a great weapon on Nightmare because even a Hell Knight's splash damage can't take away your precious HP. Also, shout out to people here who figured out that you could use the Dualshock 4 + back button attachment because that lowered the difficulty of Nightmare dramatically. I don't know if I would have been able to get through Nightmare with the Dualshock 3. I actually made a big miscalculation by playing the entirety of Delta Labs and Hell with only 3 HP, thinking there would be at least one health station in Delta. There were health stations on the wall, but they were inoperable. 😢 I didn't have any saves left from Phobos Revisited, so I figured I was in for a grueling final stretch. The parts I had trouble with in Delta were the ones where, you guessed it, enemies spawned behind you. The Hell Knight that spawns behind you between the servers and the Revenant that spawns behind you while Ticks spawn in from the front made me feel like I was playing the base campaign all over again. I probably made it harder than it needed to be because I stubbornly would rather die and suffer through the reloading screens than use than Artifact. Surprisingly, I didn't have any issues with the Hell level. I was very afraid of the Maledict fight because I was never able to beat him in 2005 when I played the game on Nightmare. Similar to catching every bounty alive in Bounty Hunter for PS2 in 2002, I wondered for years if I would ever be able to beat the Maledict on Nightmare. With only 3 HP, it didn't take as many tries as I thought it would to beat Maledict. I watched some boss fight tutorials on YT and mashed together the strategies I thought were the best. I didn't use any Artifact charges during phase 1 of the fight and shot single BFG blasts. Firing single BFG shots was a game-changer because you don't have to hit him directly to damage him and the trails from the BFG shots revealed his location underneath the arena. I died so many times before because I never knew which direction he came up from until his fire balls killed me. I made a save shortly after Phase 2 started, only for a meteor to land on my head. I reloaded the save and... immediately died due to the meteor. I feel sorry for anybody who only used 1 save and saved at a spot like this. So I re-did Phase 1 and made a save AFTER activating the Artifact, then unloaded the rest of my BFG cells and rockets into Maledict's face. I died several times due to not being able to activate the Artifact again until AFTER one charge wears off, but I got the timing down well enough to finish the fight. It would have been a lot easier if Artifact charges could stack, but oh well. After 17 years, I no longer have to wonder what it feels like to beat ROE on Nightmare. (It doesn't feel good. I was really frustrated with the loading times, the chest-mounted flashlight and the horrid controls. I always felt the graphics were bad, even in 2012, so looking at it now makes it even worse. I also don't want to play Doom 1 and Doom 2.) So in terms of difficulty from easiest to hardest (cheap deaths and getting pissed off due the loading times are factored into the difficulty), I would say Lost Mission -> ROE -> Doom 3.
  10. The plans can be obtained via the "Time saver: Technology Pack" DLC, but at the cost of $1.99 on the PS3 store. At least it is an option if the Kenway's Fleet mini-game does go down for good.
  11. So this list: https://psnprofiles.com/trophies/7530-shantae-half-genie-hero-ultimate-edition Is associated with this game? https://store.playstation.com/en-us/product/UP2053-CUSA11666_00-SHANTAEULTIMATE1 I would need to buy the individual DLCs to complete this list either way? https://psnprofiles.com/trophies/5670-shantae-half-genie-hero
  12. I noticed that the Ultimate Edition is on sale at the PSN store for 50% off. Does anybody know if this one of those ultimate/gold/goty digital bundles that unlock the DLC for free/purchase in the store or is it a stand-alone game? If it's a stand-alone game does all of the progress on my vanilla save carry over? In fact, do we even know which trophy list that this game is associated with? I have the physical Ultimate Edition from the UK and I know there is a separate list for that. I want to get the DLC for vanilla NA as cheap as possible, so should I get this version and possibly start from scratch or risk waiting for the individual DLCs to go on sale again?
  13. I purchased the free PS+ games for this month and it gave me the hyperlink to my download list. I was able to bookmark the page. https://store.playstation.com/en-us/download/list?PlatformPrivacyWs1=all&psappver=19.15.0&smcid=psapp
  14. I had to attempt this a few times as well. The first time I dropped down to the lava was from where you break through the ceiling and it didn't work. Then I took the elevator down to ground level and hopped in from there and it didn't work. Finally I took the elevator up and walked off the catwalk in to the lava and it popped.
  15. Thank you. I spent about an hour looking for it and decided to look at the forums to see if anybody was having the same problem. It's a good thing I did. 👍