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  1. So hello friendly people. My name is Christopher, but everyone calls me Chris. I am from Northern Ireland, I enjoy most sports, except rugby, which is a useless excuse for a sport I am also interested in Graphic work, and am keen on making sigs. That's all I can think of, so good to be here!
  2. Watched Shooter last night. Easily one of my favourite Mark Wahlberg films, if not my favourite. It must've been the 10th time I've saw it but I never get bored of it. Such a great film.
  3. You've got some good work up there. These are my favourites: Very nice text in this one ^ Good sig ^ Nice grunge look to this sig ^
  4. I enjoy making graphics and make a few sigs every now and then.
  5. Very nice, and as Parker said, if you need any images made I'd be happy to help.
  6. Thanks for the welcome everyone!
  7. SAY WHAT NOW?! Thanks for the welcome Indeed, I shall have to repay the fello who bought me a beta invite. Thanks for the welcome
  8. I've met you on Chat Roulette haven't I? Or was it Omegle? Good to see you!