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  1. Yes I tend to live by the old maxim of "If something seems too good to be true, it often is" But hey i've been wrong before, just not often.
  2. It seems a bit iffy to me too. I clicked the link and hopefully HK will get the hits to release a network code for credit. It doesn't seem to want any login credentials as that would turn me off it immediately but rather a visible code is displayed to input on PSN.. That said it's mentioning PSN back up on the home page so i'm thinking the site may be a long time out of date and just not taken down. On an additional note take care when casually throwing names around for people (i.e dunce) whatever people do here I will try and support and advise them as necessary and although I agree with the "meat" of your post I don't think it's well worded as a first post here and you perhaps need to reign yourself in somewhat when posting in future. No harm no foul just insulting people is never the way to make friends.
  3. Clicked the link for you mate. Let me know if it works..
  4. Well i'm in the uk and although firearms laws are very stringent you are allowed to buy and own shotguns and rifles here under licence whereas any handgun although can be owned has to be kept in a gun club / firing range. Personally I shoot pretty much every weekend, I don't feel the need to name them with model and serial number, they are used for work as in pest control of pigeons, rats, rabbits, foxes etc so without being too specific a .22 air rifle for the smaller vermin ranging up to a rifle and a couple of shotties for the bigger stuff. Also the odd clay shoot isn't out of order if I think i've got a chance at winning the comp..
  5. Ok no worries i'll see you online then mate. I'll have to dig out my turtle beachs.
  6. how I only update this feed every 2 months, erm merry christmas 2010..

  7. Yes it's the morbid playthrough that is better on SP due to it being alot easier this way. Undead skill only requires a level completed so I wasn't meaning that. It's up to you i'll give you a hand whatever but is just a question of when i'll be on. This weekend is looking pretty busy for me but I may be on sat night. Sunday i'm out all day and monday i'll be on from 6.30pm till whenever more than likely. If you want to hook up then let me know and we'll have a crack at it. Skill level is up to you but personally I co-op'ed the easier skill, I can hopefully remember where some of that pesky loot is hidden for you to help you towards that trophy while we go through it.
  8. There you go, the definitive answer for you there. Eloquently put too.
  9. A lot of people from across the pond are members here Antiox so timezones can be tricky. By all means send me a FR on PSN and i'll add you in. I play various times around shifts but if we're on at some point and I have some time i'll help you do it. A question, I can't remember for sure but is Grim the hardest skill or is morbid worse. It's been a while, it's just if you plan to play the hardest difficulty on 2 player it gets nigh on impossible at times as there are more zombies with 2. It's better to make the co-op playthrough on an easier playthrough to tidy them trophies up independently.
  10. I still need the online trophies for these. I'll give that a go when I get around to it, thanks..
  11. I don't know whether it's been patched but I've just completed War Hero and Hero of Skyrim trophies by siding with the stormcloaks. I did have a bit of trouble I remember with the missions splitting down and having to select them again in my journal to keep me pointing in the right direction. Apart from that no probs. Now the companions quests seem to have glitched on me. I have a mission from the huntress to clear a tower which I have already cleared and the marker just directs me to the floor on one of the floors of the tower. I'm hoping I won't have to revert back to an old game save as i've read somewhere that enemies will respawn after 30 days in game so i've ran around doing other quests and left it for a bit. I'm 110 hrs in now and still messing around although i've managed to tidy up the thieves guild, college and civil war trophies now. I've been busy spreading my skills and i'm level 73 now with ridiculous weapons, i'm systematically maxing each skill out individually as I go so at the moment I am favouring conjuration. It's a truly great game dispite it's glitchs.
  12. I've got Sly trilogy and already platted that but Trine 2 for free gets my vote. I've had 3 months ps+ and i'm going to have to extend it I think, all these games i've not even started yet.
  13. Differing opinions are what make the boards interesting Daniel so please don't apologize for having your own take on things. I'm in the minority here being from the uk but its how we roll.
  14. I sort of agree with you there Daniel. I've put it down a few weeks back now being 2/3rds (I reckon) through the story and maybe 10hrs of MP. It became a bit of a grind so I bought skyrim a month ago and I may return to it after I finish this. Maybe the break will do it some good.
  15. Favourite clothing line, would have to be rotary...