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  1. Thanks for what you’re doing, much appreciated! I’m also interested to take part in the boosting session for “Honor Upheld”
  2. This year on PS3 I’m finally planning to make use of my PlayStation Eye and PS moves on the game “PlayStation Move Heroes” 😁
  3. Just thought I'd share here my experience playing the Isle of Siptah DLC on PS5. I got all trophies excepting The Gem in the Tower (Explore the Isle of Siptah). I can guarantee that ALL locations were discovered including: - the Duskholme location absent from the interactive map in the guide - the second location hidden below the Towerwatch Keep - the sometimes forgotten black hand Ashen Core I re-installed the game but the trophy never popped. The only solution I found was to start from scratch on my PS4 (yeah, I know). I did the exact same, discovered every locations over again and guess what... the trophy popped correctly! Hope this can help anyone in the same situation 😉
  4. Good news from Max, the Need For Speed Community Manager. Servers could be back online today!
  5. For what it's worth; here's my 50 trackmaster medals! I can confirm the trend in this thread: white series and green series are a lot doable. I didn't bother with multilaps though. Most importantly, go for the one you feel comfortable with! Good luck y'all!
  6. Looks like servers could be back online next week!
  7. RIGS: Mechanized Combat League. You don't see that often this VR launch title!
  8. Been using Crash Bandicoot since the first day I set up my PlayStation account!
  9. There's a Q&A session right now on the FALL GUYS Instagram account. Thought I'd share here the official answer regarding 'Infallible' trophy!
  10. Just sent an email to the devs; will keep you guys updated when I get an answer.
  11. Glad I could help mate! 😁
  12. I’m FINALLY done hunting those bananas and made this video for you regarding Master 6-8. I did this exact same run in “Challenge” mode with 3 lifes. One run for getting the 6 bananas / two runs left to clear the stage. And you can repeat as much as you want with infinite continues until you’re done. Hope this help! (now back to practice to clear all stages with no continues).
  13. Congrats for never giving up!
  14. Update as of novembre 2020; this ultra infamous trophy popped for me last night. Some feedback: - never give up. May sounds silly, but as long as you don’t loose hope the chirpnado might eventually appear. It’s RNG based, nothing you can fail. - 100+ish hours. That’s what it took for me, semi-idling a map large of 6 squares, playing beside on PS Vita/watching Netflix/doing chores. Create a sustainable and independent city that won’t bankrupt without you, able to resist all other catastrophes. - don’t be impatient for the 100%. Every week or so I’d take a break, in order to stay sane. It’s quite rewarding in the end, I guess that’s the price we have to pay for being completist! Cheers y’all and good luck
  15. Found myself at the bottom of Hex-A-Gone after falling through several layers.. Then eliminate the other dude while stepping in front of him