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  1. Had this glitch as well. Racer unlocked but the trophy did not pop. Only way I got it was starting from scratch on a new profile / save and getting back to the same point.
  2. Sent a request to join as well if this is still going on. Otherwise I'm willing to help reach 50 in this one. Sent a request as well. I do not know if sending a request to multiple crews has any effect, I may have to resend it. Crew I'm in currently is level 39 but there is no one but me contributing.
  3. VR version for me, but same issue here. Most of my accolades reset entirely and I can't even contribute to them, they just never update. Started happening with the driveclub server issues on the weekend (still down). Hoping it resolves itself when the servers get fixed...I would have thought accolade data would be stored locally and be unaffected by the server.
  4. For all companions other than Kurt all you need to do are their 3 side quests and go through their dialogue options (there are guides for selecting the right ones on a bunch of sites) afterward. 2 playthroughs are required to romance all of them unfortunately. Aphra - Male only Vasco - Male/Female Siora - Male/Female Kurt - Female only Kurt is very tricky to do in one playthrough because he is tied to the main story at a certain point, and there are 3 missable story trophies that require his side quests NOT BE COMPLETED at the time of the main quest 'Treason'. To get everything in one playthrough here is what has to happen: 1. Be a female character. 2. Do not do Kurt's side quests early! If you do you will miss three story trophies. 3. Play through the main story until the last objective of 'The Prince's Secret' quest, which is 'Return to Constantin'. Make a manual save here. 4. Return to Constantin. This will end 'The Prince's Secret' and begin 'Treason'. If Kurt's side quests haven't been completed, you get the Betrayal in blood trophy. 5. Complete 'Treason' until the objective 'Get to the port as quickly as possible'. Make a manual save here. 6. Choose to save Hikmet or San Matheus. You will get the In the name of the Enlightened or A preserved Alliance trophies. 7. After you save one city and get the trophy, reload the save from step 5 and do the opposite city for the other trophy. 8. Reload the save from step 3. Do the first two of Kurt's sidequests. Third should not be available yet. 9. Start and finish the 'Treason' quest again, which will now have a different outcome. You will get the Missed coup trophy. 10. Kurt will offer his 3rd quest. Complete it. He will then have the romance dialogue available. I'd also recommend saving before going through a companion's romance dialogue. It is possible to answer incorrectly and miss out based on the dialogue choices.
  5. Follow up. Confirmed & just got the achievement on my existing save by picking just Hawthorn. I had to pick roughly ~120, so I had some previous progress toward it. In Hikmet at the Camp in the Woods there is path going back toward the city with 6-7 Hawthorn, found it really efficient. Took just ~40 minutes. For the record the Intuition stat does not matter, I had Intuition rank 3. Thanks for sharing this!
  6. At level 20 as a technical now on extreme difficulty. Guns and traps are strong and very viable but I WOULD NOT recommend starting out as a technical. Having the ammo and resources for traps at low level is a constant grind, you will always be low on supplies until a little later on. For me at about level 15 (and level 3 science) things started to take off. The game now feels easy and I am no longer running out of ammo or traps (though I have to buy materials from every vendor I see). Also any spec can use guns. Using a hybrid build now that uses magic as a primary and guns/traps while I'm regenerating magic. Feels really good, though my attributes/talents are more spread thin than if I focused on one thing. Would highly recommend magic for low levels on extreme difficulty. You have early access to lots of damage and CC. And it doesn't require the resources technical does, magic just regens naturally. You also don't have to worry about enemy armor like the other 2 specs would. Only spec I have not played is warrior. Melee combat seemed far more difficult than ranged on extreme difficulty, but it's possible I did not have the right skills or strategy.
  7. Nope, spaceship combat is gone in this one. There's vehicle combat (hovership) in some levels, but it doesn't have the same controls. You can hover at a certain point and never have to mess with the up/down controls at all. They did tie a lot of titanium bolts and skill points needed for platinum to the Vid-Comics mini game though, which can be frustrating.