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  1. I got a question about this trophy too. Can i disconnect my controller and leave minecraft afk? Cuz when i try to disconnect a controller menu pops up which says to connect it back. I don't really know if that would count towards the trophy progress. Thanks!
  2. Thank you for saving my time! Bought Minecraft on ps4 just of curiosity 2 years ago, played local coop with friend and then switched back to PC. I didn't want to spend so much time in minecraft on ps4 so thank you! Btw, can i get a "Passing the Time" trophy in your world without any problems, not bugged or anything?
  3. There was some kind of a separate device password thingy on ps3 and vita. I completely forgot that i enabled it and was so confused when turned on my ps3 once again. Maybe that's the issue.
  4. Wish me luck! Gonna try it soon. Btw stupid question, can i buy minigame machine and just put in in my home to play it whenever i want? Or i need to go to the saloon everytime in order to play it?
  5. You can add me, i'm still playing. ID: JuiceLemon96 Dropped the game atm.
  6. Sadly but Sony won't roll out store in my country, im using RU PSN instead, because it's relatively close to my country (Latvia). I'd be really dissapointed if Sony would just cut countries where there's no PSN officially.
  7. Actually, i have the opposite question. How do i view the new store? It keeps me showing the old one no matter what country i choose, but if i use VPN it'll show the new one. So what now? I'm worried because when PS5 comes out it'll have some sort of integrated PSN store and what if it'll open the Web version, then i guess im screwed because old version has no PS5 category. Anyone with the same problem or it's just me?
  8. Ok, never mind, just got it, it's completely random. Tried about 11 times and got it.
  9. I need to do 10 shunts or scrapping but i can't figure out how. Race always ends way faster than i can get 10 of those, i can't get past 5. Is there a special way to do shunts or scrapping? The one im doing is in "Superstar" called "what the truck"