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  1. Man I hope they'll fix it soon, Still holding on to this one until it's fixed
  2. OH MY GOD FINALLY! Finished it in first try, if you're having trouble following the Priest's (if you're playing inside the Manor) moves record it with your phone lol
  3. Do I only need to finish the 4 Classic Spec Ops missions?
  4. #7 Uncharted: Drake's Fortune Remastered Crushing difficulty is such a pain in the pass but in the end I did it, Also this platinum is my 500th Trophy so it's forever immortalized on my Trophy Milestones ♥
  5. This took me about 5 mins, I keep getting stuck on walls while sprinting. In the end I got 14.58 secs
  6. Technically this is my first year in PS4, I probably spent over $1000+ on steam games last year, So here's what I got so far (not gonna count yet, saving that till the end of the year): JANUARY God Of War The Last of Us Remastered Red Dead Redemption 2 Final Fantasy XV Detroit: Become Human Uncharted 4: A Thief's End FEBRUARY Uncharted: the Nathan Drake Collection Horizon: Zero Dawn PS PLUS 12 MONTH SUB Metro: Exodus Marvel's Spider-Man
  7. #5 - METRO EXODUS
  8. Spider-Man. My 4th Plat and currently my fastest Plat, completed in 2 days and 4 hours
  9. Not from US/CA so rip me