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  1. Thank you! One wealth on East Anglia went missing in my game too, I thought I lost the plat there Edit: Also got the Vinland bug, man this game is so broken even an update managed to break it even more
  2. how about the xbox dudes? has anyone said anything about achievements stacking?
  3. my guess is if you want to play the PS4 version again you'll have to uninstall it, then just install the game normally without accepting the PS5 upgrade promo thinggy.
  4. You can still play the PS4 Version on PS5 if you don't upgrade it, Upgrades are completely up to you. I've read that at their Ultimate FAQ.
  5. rewatched for the nth time
  6. Here's the 5 new trophies, still an easy 100%
  7. I have a PS Plus on my other account so this is a bad news for me
  8. They really got rid of the Friends Activity Feed
  9. A third party site added this feature recently, it's surprisingly accurate. idk if I can mention other sites here tho
  10. Oh man, there's gonna be a lot of 20 second platinums on PS5
  11. What's the glitch you used? I've had this game at 22% for almost 2 years now, I'm thinking about clearing it up
  12. Congrats man, Looks like I have no choice but do that before I get a PS5
  13. Mixed of Gold and Nightmare, there are some part where the game will just spawn like 7 Onis at the same time. Raids 2 is definitely the hardest and most time consuming, If you play with strangers expect a heated discussion at some point.
  14. I finished Raids couple of minutes ago, here's how long it took us (blind playthough) Raids Chapter 1: 1 hour and 15 minutes Raids Chapter 2: 4 hours and 56 minutes Raids Chapter 3: 13 minutes and 34 seconds