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  1. So Ubisoft support finally managed to reply to my ticket, but they said the same that other people has received after reporting this: I think development team will never do something about that, because it has been like 1 year and a half of waiting. I'm really disappointed. Maybe if more people report this, they would do something being under pressure. Haha, there's no problem.
  2. I think the High Score trophy is unobtainable, because I can't get the TetrisĀ® Self Motivation badge on the game too, which is related to this trophy. Plus it seems that the solution doesn't work for the most of the people, I tried even adding my friends to UPlay, deleting and adding them back to PSN, reseting the data of the game and didn't work. How did you contact Ubisoft? And if it help, I can see and play with my friends' Tetribots without problem.