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  1. All chars low% run good pace today: bolt-dove-aria z3-3 (Crypt of the NecroDancer)


  2. New Lowest of the Low personal best: Bolt-Dove-Monk zone 4-3 (Crypt of the NecroDancer)


  3. I wish this thread was visible also on the vita version forums of the game. As i just purchased the 1 million coins for 13.99$ on psvita and haven't received anything😂 Update: I contacted PS us chat support and they asked if they would like them to try to fix it first or just a refund. I opted for the refund.
  4. Thanks, yes i guess it was for the deluxe version. But I am pretty sure I entered the store in-game and bought it from there (the free version from my download list) I uploaded this screenshot: They replied on twitter I'm just waiting for an email reply. Update: I contacted PS us chat support and they asked if they would like them to try to fix it first or just a refund. I opted for the refund.
  5. I have this in my download list, I just bought the 1 million coins pack from the in game store and was charged 13.99$, my issue is that the game did not give me any coins and the transaction was complete, any one faced issues activating purchased coins? I tried contacting ps support but they keep blocking me from the chat despite me not saying or doing anything. I also emailed them but did not received a reply yet. Twitter Ask Playstation, no reply too. Update: I contacted PS us chat support and they asked if they would like them to try to fix it first or just a refund. I opted for the refund.
  6. I have been feeling really tired from sitting on a desk chair all day and night (work + gaming), so I just repurchased Crypt of the Necrodancer again on my main account for the psvita after reading that someone cleared lowest of the low on vita

    This way I can play it more comfortably in bed (instead of sleeping😂)

  7. Platinum #69
    Gravity rush (ps vita)
    Fun 8/10
    Difficulty 4/10

    Plat screenshot:

  8. Hello, I am not the owner of the video so I asked around and my friend's friend (who also owns the digital version) got the physical copy and told us it is not a separate trophy list, the trophies list is shared with the digital version. Hahaha!! Yes it would have been crazy🤣 also much harder (in my opinion) because the all chars low% run has to been done with DLC enabled meaning an extra zone 5 and a new boss for all the characters.
  9. This released this month. It looks really nice. Imagine it having a separate trophy list😂. As far as I know, the trophies list is the same as the digital's (Edit: trophies list is not separate, it is shared with the digital version)
  10. Melody low% 4 wins deathless

  11. Impossible, right? Actually I think you or any one else can pull it off, if u do coda in phasing DLC mode it becomes much simpler & easier in my opinion. You can rest within the walls and plan ur next move calmly and carefully. And all the bosses have quick kill methods/strategies. The guide by Floriiss is extremely helpful and very useful. A guy who cleared Coda 15 times in a row without dying exists, so getting just one Coda clear should feel doable & feasible. It just takes a lot of time to practice and fully understand the game mechanics. Watching a lot of coda clears from different players on youtube helps a lot. Also two players on PC cleared Coda in "Hard Mode" which is way more harder than regular clears. They also cleared coda low% (low% means u cannot pick up any items or use any shrines the entire time) Think of the best and top speedrunners of this game and what they achieved so far, then look at the trophy requirements how simple and basic they are in comparison. This will motivate you to work towards unlocking all the trophies
  12. I just got 3 Aria low% wins in a row without dying 💪😂👍 i will try to get 2 Bolt low% wins in a row now. (Crypt of the NecroDancer)

    lifr6Z1.jpeg thecrodancer/sEu6rs

  13. Bit of an old thread, sorry for reviving it but I just wanted to show the crazy level Necrodancer is now at. There is a player called DL Kurosh who cleared Coda 15 times in a row without dying 😂😂
  14. huge congrats on the all chars dlc run. Nicely done! yes the dlc all chars doesn't unlock coda and doesn't stack with the all chars 9 trophy (non dlc). And yes the leaderboards for all chars with dlc leaderboards have issues, I told the necrodancer community about this on discord (bugs channel). The time field is messed up for everyone. but at least the score leaderboards is working. I also got 2 infinite error messages upon completing the run. I played it on PS5 btw. messages: "Something went Wrong" and the 2nd msg was "Unknown leaderboard SPEEDRUN All chars DLC) Good luck with the rest of the trophies, wish you the best!👍
  15. My first monk low% cleared! I was Inspired to finally clear it by @r2rokid after reading his status updates 😍😂t01FK87.png

    1. r2rokid


      Amazing job! :D That's everyone cleared at low% least once! You can definitely get Lowest of the Low. It's just a matter of when. :D:D