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  1. Thanks for sharing the news! I have the plat and I don't mind or care much about the patch because the date I got the plat is associated with my profile๐Ÿ˜‚ It was a nice 1000-1100 hours experience I will never forget in my life. It taught me dedication and that I am a special person who can do something not many can ever dream of doing. Something too difficult for the average person that the creators had to find a way to make easier because normal people cannot do it and will never be able to it. The moment I got the plat I spent jumping in my room for 15 mins๐Ÿคฃ it felt more exciting than graduation day when I got my bachelor's of computer science degree at university I also have a trophy in Watch dogs ps4 called something like "Drinking games" I got that legit as well before they patched it. Ubisoft patched and nerfed and made it easier because the community complained it was too hard.
  2. From what I remember there isn't a library called "Necrodancer" in Xim. A lot of other games like FPS games Xim libraries exist and have pre-made configurations ready, but not Crypt of the NecroDancer. I could not find it either, so I made a custom library and mapped everything manually there using their mobile app. Also I used Xim Apex but I believe Xim4's app is probably very similar to Xim apex's app
  3. If you do not want to wait for the good one to charge up: Use a long USB type-c cable you can charge your controller and play at the same time while it is plugged in. Or get any small power bank (the ones for mobile phones) and you can also charge your controller and use it at a distance with any USB type-c cable
  4. congrats, may I ask how many hours did you spent in Outlast 2?
  5. I think if you are premium you can give 25 reputations per day instead of 10.
  6. You can try it on an alt account it won't effect your trophy list. I do this when I want to play for the game's story only not trophies Try to look if the game has a demo you can download and try before buying it. I used to have the same issue and my budget is limited so I spend a lot of time watching gameplay and reviews on Youtube before buying the game. The downside is you may see spoilers of the game. I prefer to see spoilers than lose money. Also if you have friends who bought a specific game you are after, ask them if it was worth it, their opinion may change your decision and save you money.
  7. You have to wait outside next to the platform(island) she's on, let her shoot her sniper (you hide behind a wall). And then immediately jump onto the platform she is on, you have around 2-3 seconds window to hit her while she is reloading she cannot run. Edit: to make it more clearer for you: you should not jump to the same island she is on, unless she just fired and is currently reloading. Otherwise she will run away Edit2: the best way to spot her laser is by going to the middle of the map, the platform in the middle. Then, walk around the edges of this platform and you can easily spot where she is, by her sniper's red laser line. Source: from my experience and these 2 comments from this youtube video Goon: "You know...with The Burst, when she's shooting at you, just hide behind the smallest pillars and let her shoot it and while she's reloading you can hit her, and it triggers the caged section.. Except for the second part where she runs and says like "eyes on the prize" that's inevitable" Mike: 'For Burst you HAVE to get her to shoot one of the small walls around her. You gotta bait her to start aiming at you before you reach the "island" she's on then jump across the gap and go behind a small wall. Then after she fires there's a small window when she can't run away this is how you can consistently get her out of the "hide n seek snipe mode." I was frustrated by this too until I found this out then she became pretty easy, well except the final form.'
  8. Broforce 100% completion

    time 17 hours, difficulty 8/10


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    2. Yuno Gasai

      Yuno Gasai

      Nice work Stealth. :)

    3. ihadalifeb4this
    4. stealthlevel100


      Thanks a lot everyone!!โค๐Ÿ˜ƒ๐Ÿ˜Š

  9. Excellent trophy guide by Floriiss: NecroDancer discord server filled with the best speedrunners and players (it also has a help-strategy channel): Invite link (never expires, no limit for max uses) : Best Players, in my opinion: SpootyBiscuit Hokuhok u AbuYazan DL Kurosh Morra Conda bigmacdontcare Coda Phasing mode: 3:50.85 (SpootyBiscuit) 5:18.71 (SpootyBiscuit) 4:21.99 (SpootyBiscuit) 3:57.51 (WasKi115) (Milesment) (Danny_Johansen) (xenomorfi2) (MohandGamer7) (SlimSanta94) (Smzthyy) (stealthlevel100) Coda pre DLC: (GDQ live event, SpootyBiscuit) (3:31.56 SpootyBiscuit) (AbuYazan) (Almazest Tv) (leonid) (Grimmy) (k1ttyloaf) (SlimSanta94) (Floriiss) (Krauvando) (PSvita necrodancer coda clear, Hokuhok u) (Smzthyy) All Chars low% preDLC: (SpootyBiscuit) (Floriiss) (Danny_Johansen) (Riku_KHX) (Krauvando) (All chars low% speed PreDLC 1:36:40.913, Hokuhok u) (stealthlevel100) Notes: Best to do All Chars low% without DLC because the DLC crashes more often on PS4 than preDLC and DLC adds an extra zone 5 making runs longer and harder for Coda's trophy "Impossible, Right?" you can unlock it either regularly in pre DLC or with DLC using Phasing mode To install or uninstall the DLC just delete the game and redownload it again, it will ask you if you want to install the DLC too or not In all chars low% preDLC, Do not throw the spear as Bolt and pick it back up, it will remove Low% status Back up your save file (on USB/PS Plus/in-game cloud save) after you unlock Coda, because the game crashes at some points and corrupts your save file.
  10. On the xbox version an achievement guide mentioned that it can be done by completing the same challenge 10 times to get 10 Gold medals. This does not work on Steam. I was wondering if any one knows or tried if it works on the PS4 version ?
  11. Platinum 78th Furi (1.66% ultra rare)
    Difficulty 8/10
    Fun 9/10
    Time 22 hour
    Next: Super Meat Boy


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    2. The Arizona Ranger
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      Yuno Gasai

      Well done. :)


      I really hate this game. Dammit. You got lucky Stealth. Ugh. :(

    4. ihadalifeb4this
  12. 3 only NecroDancer, Wolfenstein 2 and Project cars 2. I think today I may finish Furi
  13. I was very scared of the difficulty, might consider playing it now ๐Ÿ˜‚
  14. Has the same "Trophies per Day" as me. 1.22๐Ÿ‘
  15. Crypt of the NecroDancer ๐Ÿ˜‚