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  1. F this game I cleared big 4 low% about 4 times and then died in ez characters😂 I think I will delete it and stick to PS5 games only
  2. Me too this happened with me as well. Once the update finished cutscenes were enabled. The weird part when I redeemed the codes that came with the disc: besides all the dlc, it also gave me digital versions of mk11 ps4 and ps5. I Already own the ps5 disc version, why did they give me the digital versions as well😂
  3. Very impressive trophies. What do u have in mind for plat #300 ?
  4. Rarest: 1) Wolfenstien 2 2) Project cars 2 Proudest: 1) My name is mayo 1 2) My name is mayo 2
  5. Nice question op👍, @MohandGamer7 play crypt of the necrodancer, it would be fun they said😂
  6. For a keyboard, you either want membrane keys or mechanical keys. The majority will recommend mechanical, they last longer than membrane(chicklets) keys but cost more and generally cause more and louder clicky sounds. If I remember correctly I think everyone I've read about used mechanical (floriiss razor, kittyloaf and miles corsair) except mohand used a membrane keyboard fantech I use this one myself and i really like it but I think it is hard to find in some countries: (mechanical) Genesis Thor 300 NKG-0947 green with xim apex Price:28$ (Before that I used a used razor black widow chroma kb for 100$) I recommend these as well: Logitech k120 (membrane) Price: 10$ TechNet mechanical keyboard for £27 Razer Cynosa Chroma 60$ Redragon mechanical keyboards around 35$ someone used Aukey mechanical keyboard for xim from Amazon that was under $30 and it works perfectly. K55 from Corsair and the RK61 60% keyboard (mechanical keyboard) from Royal Kludge (both under 60$ each) (but 60% means it does not have directional keys) Ajazz ak33 (around 40$) A lot of options, I know it is confusing. I think the best option if possible is to go to a gaming store and ask about a budget gaming keyboard that is compatible with the xim4, maybe you can test it there or they will allow you to return it in case it doesn't work with the xim4. Otherwise I would probably pick the Logitech K120(membrane 10$) Though personally I recommend anything Mechanical so you can hear your inputs more clearly. Most importantly make sure the directional keys are comfortable. Some laptop keyboards for example have tiny up and down keys.
  7. What is the name of your old keyboard? Maybe it is compatible but something else in the setup is wrong. For xim4/xim apex to work on ps4 you have to go to ps4's device settings first and change the dualshock 4 connectivity mode to usb wired cable instead of wireless (make sure your controller is in USB mode, not bluetooth mode Settings > Devices > Controllers > Communication Method ) Also try another ps4 controller and/or another usb cable and unplugging all the cables again
  8. 1000 deaths! That is too much to be honest. That must have hurt a lot. On my first IADI playthrough once I reached around 50 deaths I said: "F this, I am definitely approaching this in a wrong way, I must search for youtube Mein Leben strategies and best routes😂". For me the loading screen each time I died was very slow to finish
  9. I Beleive no one got the platinum using a Dance mat, only controllers and keyboards. I think you will need Titan 2. I've read that some players struggled to use a dance pad on ps4 without converters. In faq and reviews they said that this particular dance pad does not work on consoles: A twitch streamer had to use titan on ps4 for his dance pad to play bloodborne: Dance Pad for PS4 question r/necrodancer This guy tried to get his dance pad to work on ps4 without any converters, it did not go well Ps4 dance pad not working for necrodancer It is possible but you have to be athletic, very fit and active. SpootyBiscuit did not clear Coda All-Zones mode with a Dance pad. Only zone 1 and death metal in the training room. He is a great player but for me, the best necrodancer player is MonsterRacer SpootyBiscuit coda zone 1 dance pad clear: SpootyBiscuit coda death metal 2 dance pad kill:
  10. Here you go, i beat him up for you (1st try) 😂 ez 



    1. stealthlevel100


      Nice, well done, awesome job! But how do i know u did not do a regular monk any% not low%? 😂😂

    2. MohandGamer7


      the video is still uploading 🙄😒

  11. I prefer a Dance Pad 😂 so I can burn calories as I dance to rhythm instead of gaining 10KG while sitting on a keyboard. And great work on Aria low% theNightFox, That was epic!! I tried buying a dance pad for necrodancer but did not find any locally.
  12. Riku_KHX or me?😂 It is quite possible to do with a controller, but I think most players prefer a keyboard.
  13. You're welcome @MohandGamer7 😃👍 I want to share Hokuhoku's psvita coda clear. Also notice the video thumbnail is a psvita necrodancer platinum screenshot. This player is a legend!
  14. Mohand (who has a Coda clear) uses this cheap adapter, it costs around 20$. I think the adapter is pretty good since Mohand managed to clear Coda with it. FANTECH AC3000 DOXS KEYBOARD AND MICE CONVERTER FOR CONSOLE the keyboard Mohand used I believe is also Fantech brand. It costs around 20$. Fantech k511 hunter pro gaming keyboard. It does not have mechanical keys, membrane. I personally prefer mechanical, but Mohand proved that membrane does the job too. I personally hate fantech😂 because a lot of their designs are copycat from other well-known brands. The good thing about them is they are cheap👍 You can get all the trophies with a controller I'm sure you can, there is even a player by the name Hoku who got Lowest of the Low trophy legitimately on a psvita but I lost the Steam link where I saw it😓. (Edit: ) However, I do recommend buying a cheap adapter too; this will give you more options to play and you can find out after testing the adapter if you truely prefer keyboard or controller. You can also use controller just for normal tempo characters and keyboard just for coda/bolt like k1ttyloaf did
  15. Welcome😊 Another green bat today. 2-2 green bat in daily challenge. Amplified DLC must be installed and enabled.