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  1. I hope this doesn't result in the same situation I got in when playing LBP 2. T_T I had just bought it and the servers closed a week after. Yeah
  2. Personally, the best series is Ratchet & Clank. Yes, it obviously plays a big nostalgia factor, but let's focus on the PS2 games (mainly, the trilogy): the gameplay and is awesome, you can level up a ton of stuff, the graphics is still really good even after 20 years, the controls are very good... I've been playing the Sly saga recently, which even that one is not bad, unfortunately I didn't have them on PS2 so there's no nostalgia factor playing here. While for Jak & Daxter... Eh. The 1st game is one of the best games I've ever played, but the 2nd one was pretty bad. It was a sudden and complete change from what I got used to play in Jak 1. Jak 3 basically managed to pick up 2's formula and spice it up a little, in fact the story and the gameplay got a noticeable improvement, but Jak 1 is always the best one for me.
  3. Repeat this until you get the trophy, it took a few hours to me.
  4. Usually, when an unexpected glitch/bug happens, it means it's an installation problem. Something similar happened to me on Far Cry 3. If you have the disc, delete the game data (not your savedata) and reinstall it by putting the disc in again.
  5. Done. inFamous, cool and easy game.
  6. I finally got the refund a few days ago. The solution now is to buy the DLCs singularly instead of buying the season pass. They cost like 7 bucks each, for those who are interested.
  7. I managed to get a physical one for 25 bucks. It's not cheap but at the same time it's not extremely expensive. I bought it physical for mainly 2 reasons: 1 - I own it, that copy is mine, if my account ever gets banned, I will still own the game and be able to play it. 2 - I have all the other GTAs for PS3 on physical (IV, Episodes From Liberty City and V). Idk, I suppose both versions are the same, but however you manage to get it, the game's worth it. It's not bad, even tho some stuff are worse than the PS2 version, but considering I only played this version I can tell it's good and I definitely enjoyed it.
  8. I'm almost sure you can't play local multi-player here. Sorry.
  9. Hello, I don't have a PS4, but I really liked Mirror's Edge, so I wanted to know how this game is from people who played it. Is it good? Also, how hard is it? (I suppose it's easier than the 1st one by looking at the platinum trophy rarity)
  10. I guess I have to complete the level after every memory, since I did this and it didn't work.
  11. Didn't remember about the 3min mission that gets you all the shards. I collected them all lol. Btw I beat the boss on Evil Hard, but it's still pretty hard. I always started my inFamous gameplay on evil.
  12. Well, I suppose the trophies are glitched in every version, since I had problems with the PS3 version and, as you said, they're glitched on PS4 as well. Right now I'm playing it on PS Vita, but I always disable the Wi-Fi, since I heard most of the problems come with syncing the savedata.
  13. I should have made a post one month ago, but whatever, here's the full story: I too bought the Season Pass on PS Store (I'm in Italy), but I didn't get what I paid for. This happened on the 14th of September, I contacted PlayStation's Support and they still have to give me those 2 DLCs (their system doesn't work, they don't receive most of the emails I send to them, that's why I've been calling them every week for 1 month). So, to whoever is planning to buy the Season Pass, DON'T. If you already did, ask for help to your country's PlayStation Support. This also sucks because you can't buy those DLCs singularly after buying the Season Pass (it will give you an error).
  14. Yea but the PS3 versions don't have trophies. I didn't know this and I bought GTA III (the PS2 Classics version). Anyways, they took 'em down in Italy (talking about the PS4 versions). Nope, they're coming with new lists and additional trophies. The icons got leaked: