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  1. You have to take the top elevator after the first Helghast encounter or else the officer holding Arc Technology will not spawn. The lower elevator cancels his spawn.
  2. The guide says that if no one else enters a public MP lobby then it will be an immediate victory. Is this also true for Mercenary Warfare? I've been in a queue for about ten minutes alone and it is still queueing. Edit: It does work for Mercenary Warfare, it just takes longer than the other two game modes. I got Well Rounded after entering an empty lobby on all three game types.
  3. I think I just got it as a fluke. I played my first MP match in botzone and it popped. I've been grinding the campaign for the past couple of days and I don't know if that made a difference or if it is strictly RNG based...
  4. Torbs armor up is easy. Just don't play aggressive and get good...
  5. If anyone needs help boosting, let me know. I am still working on Volunteer of the Year, For The Greater Good, and Only 500K To Go, so I am ready for a grind to finish up the plat.