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  1. This is all the info I know for invasion boss. I been checking since April. Every Monday I am able to see the faction page but every other day it's gone and the loading says failed. War tower is the only event I can join on Monday. I reckon the invasion boss guy on march 27th played the game and invasion boss was on but only recently updated on psn profile for his account. According to mrwhippy on discord there was this 5 month error code (kinda like now) in 2019, April must have been the start of this 5 month error so maybe after 5 months it will be back to normal hopefully.
  2. Currently just need to do the online part of bad blood dlc but the online isn't working 😕 they are working for the main game, just got all the online trophies pretty recently
  3. Last trophy I need for platinum. Been signing in everyday now for the invasion boss trophy but no luck, will keep looking though