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  1. I don't see the issue with a deadline motivating gamers to take on the challenge and be among the last to ever get this platinum. BC1 came out in 2008 an era of MW and WaW then in 2009 we got Killzone 2 and 2010 BC2, it's more strange to me that people would play BC1 over those legendary FPS games during that time.
  2. Well, that was a hell of a grind and a stupid amount of hours. I'm lucky enough to have met some amazing boosters and we all went hard at it almost every day, regularly for 12-18 hours straight to keep the lobby locked. Yes, this plat is very much still doable, for now. But if you are just starting and have never played the game I probably wouldn't recommend it tbh, unless you really, really want it, there's a lot of work involved and the grind hits you hard.
  3. For the life of me I cannot get this damn trophy to unlock. I have someone with a NAT type 1 connection, we join up but no matter how many times we try the lobby will crash or we get split up. I have tried over and over and it isn't even close to letting us play a round. Then it's not even guaranteed to pop even if by a miracle we can do the round ffs.
  4. I think the worst thing they did was make the trophy tiles force into the little square box. I get they have gone for a clean and organised look but it's so boring, they are too small and when the developer uses the logo for the game for instance it has an awful grey square behind it. The PS3 trophy tiles and logos were 100% better IMO but I like the actual trophy bronze/silver/gold/plat logo on PS5. I also think a lot of developers have gotten lazy with their actual trophy images now, so many plats look boring. I am sure they will tweak it more in the future, hopefully they make some improvements.
  5. You guys are not really selling it lol My main concern is the server crashing and glitching, I don't wanna pour hours in to be cheated out of it. I see there is a guy who has recently done almost all of the online trophies, might message and ask how it was.
  6. What's it like to get kills? Are the rounds decent enough to actually work towards it? I guess I would focus on the awards first and once they were done i'd probably aim for 100-150 kills a day or something.
  7. I'm seriously debating getting a good group together and going for this one. Or atleast trying. Realistically, how are the challenges at this point? Some of them look very hard to do especially with the stories I've read about the community.