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  1. TTMoscaPT Call of Duty: Black Ops II Hello my name is alexandre, I meant what was really playing online zombies mode when Hacker gave me the trophies, I had turned off ps3 but when I turned on I had all the trophies<br /> I've been looking for what I saw Black Ops 2 is no longer necessary to install hack it's just a clip and you have the hack in your weird game<br /> I admit I used to hack the other games (GTA IV, V) but I wanted to be on the leaderboard again ... because I like platinum games ... than they come I have 15 normal platinum games with no cheating ... I hid the 3 games ... and I would like to give me one more chance for me please ... without the leaderboard I'm sad and I can't platinum ...<br /> VIDEO EXEMPLO HACK: this guy only see a video and the game give hack for him