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  1. Why Am I Disappointed Maybe someone else found this also but future tense was pretty challenging and fun (+ve) But: There was no achievement for getting a "good time" which is something that really disappointed me, on the first crash bandicoot the free DLC (actually a level from the prototype of crash bandicoot that was removed before the final version) level was stormy Ascent and one of the achievement for it required you to achieve a gold relic time which was annoying but fun. However... not so with future tense, all you had to do for it was finish the optional harder route and collect every crate. After beating I was left feeling like the difficulty of the level was somewhat wasted given the fact that none of the achievements required you to truly master the level since both can be achieved affording deaths along the way. It's obvious it was wasted since stormy ascent, a much easier level by comparison actually felt much more difficult to obtain all the achievements for
  2. seriously what is with the etiquette in online games and leaderboards, it's kind of sad how any methods of cheating apart from the explicitly obvious downloading a client or actually changing the game's code in some way are the only things that people would say "that's cheating" why are all the various cheap strategies that pretty much anyone with any morals can see is cheating so normalised everywhere?

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      Humans tend to pick the path of least resistance to make it easy for themselves. This makes us efficient. But in a context that one is challenging oneself (eg: a top spot on the leaderboard or a maths test) a shortcut will only slow you down because you are not learning the right way. Cheaters are losers from the very beginning but they don't actually feel lost because there is that artificial score that tells them they won.

      My english is wack ^^ I'm better with programming languages 😬

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      I mean In my opinion cheating doesn't just concern changing the games code. Playing downright dirty or exploiting is also cheating in my opinion. 

  3. I see your point, I do enjoy making things harder than necessary for myself why? i have no idea maybe for satisfaction, self accomplishment, who knows and I think we can agree to disagree on this, your point is also valid and you managed tp get through it wiithut a single curseword which is in itself... incredibly impressive given the current state of the internet.
  4. I prefer the satisfaction in completing a hard challenge without trivialising it, with the shape of the terrain, curves formed by meat boy jumping fit the map much better than those with the kid so to me it's obvious they intended for meat boy to be used especially since they fixed you at bandage girl for the last levels who is basically meat boy controls wise therefore it's cheap to use any of the other characters for no death runs, it is afterall a no death run not a no death stop to change your character every 3 levels then run again it should be completed in one go and since meat boy is the only character that can fit every level in the game that's who I will use. and making something that should be hard really easy for yourself is cheating in my opinion so as for the ridicularity of my statement: no i don't think i'm being ridiculous wanting to actually play the game right instead of cut corners wherever it is possible, that's half the problem of the present day attitude to things.
  5. I would say not, poor quality AI is not something the developers did not intend to do unlike a glitch or an exploit found by the player, they knew they were making bad AI since AI programming takes a good long while so there would be plenty of time to debug and improve the code. You could say the same thing about teaming in Agario, sure it's possible to do it but by how much it breaks the balance of the game aynone with any sense could see it's cheating.
  6. I have extremely strong views on cheating How do I classify something as cheating: Weigh up what the requirements actually are for the trophy, does it require a lot of skill to obtain or is it just going to take a long time to achieve Consider the tier and rarity of the trophy as to what kind of level of play should be required What is my Initial reaction to viewing the requirements, do I think "oh this isn't going to be challenging" "well this one may be a little tricky" or "wow this is going to take some getting! If the strategy you are going to use makes you feel like "ok this will mean that a 3 day task is going to take me 40 minutes" or "well this is a really hard trophy but using this little trick I can do it easy then in my book you are a cheat if you then go ahead and use it, unless you are some kind of entitled teen it should be intuitive that you shouldn't find a really difficult task really easy and if you do then you're probably cheating in some way. {if you haven't played super meat boy, do not read below this as you will likely have no clue what on earth I am on about} To give an example of how picky I am about it: I woludn't even switch characters from meat boy on no death runs of super meat boy because some characters allowed you to complete some of the harder levels of each chapter with very little effort, one such level being on rapture dark world where you can use the kid to jump inside of the zombie boy machine and collect all the keys without having to worry about getting rid of the zombie boys using the middle saw. Most people are not quite that picky but there you go.
  7. 1 Super Meat Boy 2 Crash Bandicoot N sane Trilogy 3 Ratchet and Clank Those are 3 games that I found really fun listing them in order of their difficulty most to least. Note: You could also try the Neptunia franchise but I doubt that would be your cup of tea, the series is of a somewhat... bespoke nature. I hope that helped.
  8. 9 out of 10, you have a trophy that has an achievement % of below 1%. and is in a sufficiently well-known game (Tetris).
  9. The user likes shooter games and is a premium member since Trpohy Cabinet > 3 entries.
  10. Stove-In
  11. though the grass isn't blue the answer to sin(pi) is 0 so sweet when you put it into a treehouse.
  12. 8/10- 1.28% is pretty rare.
  13. I don't like multiplayer trophies of any kind I prefer to play by myself, I like being alone co-operative modes have never interested me I think it's really unfair; just because you like to play alone you can't get Platinum for a large portion of games, not everyone wants to deal with toxicity and entitled clans and I don't think you should be punished for that, hence why none of the games I play have multiplayer only or online only trophies.
  14. The way I see it nintendo owns any rights to nintendos game. anyone offering their games for free is taking a big risk in doing so, i suppose it does kind of suck a little but... if nintendo don't want you to enjoy their retro titles for free then you shouldn't enjoy their retro titles for free. Simply pirating games though because you don't have enough money to buy them, that in my opinion is not ok...i don't believe in loans or getting something that you can't afford, if you can't afford games then you don't have games just like if you can't afford a speedboat then you don't have a speedboat. I don't think you can complain when an illegal practice gets shut down, they know the risks associated with what they are doing.
  15. I personally like to feel as though i didn't cheat myself or get something a "dirty" way but I know only a select few share that ideal... which is a bit of a fail really but...cheaters will be cheap and no amount of explaining will ever change that, you may as well talk to a block of concrete.
  16. Greetings, Information Now the pain of getting this many lives is over I do actually want to ask: is there some kind of easier way to get this many lives instead of simply replaying a bunch of levels for... 7 and a half hours I guess I am basically asking "Was my suffering necessary?" Note: It must be an entirely legitimate way, not by use of an exploit.
  17. Impossible boy on super meat boy is very hard
  18. No this is the first time. back in the day i had it on the PC but I could never get the perfect run trophies so i decided when i bought it on the Ps4 i'd give it all i had to get platinum. It took my a month because I decided that a true perfect run is to beat it with only meat boy or bandage girl for the entire game... so that's what i did.
  19. Neptunia Villain Kurome Ankokuboshi is now a member of the Platinum club for Super Meat Boy, It took me around a month but finally I achieved platinum for this game! I read in various places this platinum is rather hard to achieve. Don't think this is Me, no worries you can find me on the recent achievers leaderboard for the Impossible Boy and the Super Meat Boy! trophies. NOTE: the "stupid fancy text thing" in the middle of the title is not actually fancy text for the sake of fancy text, it says "Kurome Ankokubioshi (element of set) Platinum Club.