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  1. Satyrs are just annoying to begin with in that challenge, especially when you are caught with their weapons and throw you off the platform. It's basically pure trial and error until you finally completed Challenge 10. The Cerberus Seeds (dogs) can be somewhat a bother if you don't kill them, because they can distract you much, giving Satyrs some room to fuck with you in that challenge.
  2. Damn you are churning out those Atelier games quick!

    1. AlchemistWer


      A fast alchemist without a doubt. 

  3. Did you update the game?
  4. By the looks of Recent Players, the trophies are now fixed.
  5. Already did it a year ago before the patch rolled in. But yeah, it's still a mess, but not as fucked as the patch they rolled in a few weeks ago.
  6. Depatching the game to 1.00 using PSX or the Charles method for FFXV Comrades, downgrading to 1.07, are the only ways to get those trophies again, save for Fake News trophies.
  7. Well, in terms of gameplay, there are two levels that are sandbox levels, but that doesn't mean the whole game will be completely open-world, because 8/10 of the levels in the game are still linear. Unlike 2033 and Last Light, where Military Grade Rounds (MGRs) are the currency, in Exodus you have to look for resources like Metals and Chemicals to craft filters, bullets, and throwing weapons like Molotovs, Knives, and Grenades.
  8. The Shadow Ranger trophy in Last Light PS3 is what makes the Platinum a lot harder than the PS4 version of Last Light. You cannot kill one single human from the beginning to the end of the game and you have to use backup saves a lot. I didn't start playing Metro games until March of this year, with Metro Exodus being the first game I have played.
  9. Metro Exodus is pretty much the first game in the series to depart from the plot of the books, which is after the events of Metro 2035. I say it's more of a story of its own, because unlike most of the usual Metro games and books you and I probably know, Metro Exodus's premise is more focused on the crew escaping Moscow and going on a transcontinental journey above the surface, rather than below the Metro underground, around most of Russia and parts of Kazakhstan with a personal mission in mind. Some of the characterization of the recurring characters still remain, however.
  10. Metro is not a scary but a solid post-apocalyptic series, albeit it states it's a horror game, but I specifically classify it more as a horror game that kind of focuses on environmental horror, especially in some levels where enemies can jump you out of nowhere if you're not prepared. Some people can be scared, some don't, so it's dependent on the person. Pretty much what hits a nail in my head is how the game sometimes punishes you for wasting resources, especially in Metro Exodus with Chemicals and Metals, which is essential when you're crafting ammunition and crafting filters, because resources do not grow on trees. Resource scarcity is worse in harder difficulties.
  11. Metro 2033 was originally a PC/X360 exclusive, and Metro: Last Light was the first game to be released on PS Consoles. Then, enter Metro: Redux, which are both games re-released on PS4/XB1/PC. Both games were remastered from the ground up, in terms of graphics and gameplay. Both of these games feature two modes, which is the slow-paced, resource management-intensive Survival Mode and the fast-paced, loaded Spartan Mode. Trophy-wise, both games have a Platinum, of course, but Last Light both have different sets of trophies in both PS3 and PS4 versions of the game. PS3 version of Last Light features the infamous Shadow Ranger trophy, which requires you to be a pacifist by not killing humans from the beginning to the end. In PS4 version, it was scrapped. Content-wise, all of Last Light PS3's DLC are hardcoded into the PS4 version of Last Light. Dunno about STALKER: Call of Chernobyl, but it does kind of look the same. And of course, in Metro, moral points and your actions will dictate which ending you will get. Metro is not that really scary, unless if you have your mental fortitude ready, even to the most basic jumpscares. Even I got spooked for the simplest jumpscares, but I just managed to play Exodus until the end.
  12. I've pretty much started the series in a retrograde fashion, which means I finished Exodus first in Good Ending (requirements of it are tedious as fuck, especially Full Strength), which took me a cumulative amount of four days, since there was one part that I missed, which forced me to re-do the entire game again.
  13. Maybe on your another Platinum milestone, I'd suggest you to go for Metro Exodus.
  14. No. The exploit can only be done on version 1.00 of the game. And also, as for anyone who go for the exploit, you don't need to complete the entire Moscow chapter. Wait for the first autosave on Moscow in Ranger Hardcore and quit, then go to Chapter Select and select Final.
  15. Q1: What are some of the best games you have a Platinum in your PS library? Q2: What are the best 3 games you have played?