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  1. It's not impossible to earn. It's tricky, and requires luck and peeling eyes to the news feed to obtain it, and a good utilization of saves. And as an addition, TrueTrophies's Plague Inc guide is a big help.
  2. Eat Your Heart Out Defeat Gluttony. Freeze Frame Collect the Stasis Hollow. Demon Meddler Meet Abraxis. Keeper of the Sky Finish Storm Wing. Big Spender Spend 50 Attribute Points. Keeper of the Vale Finish Force Wing.
  3. Toy seller Find 3 toys in New Game+ mode: teddy bear, sun and fish. Eternal Voyage Save Anna by paying the ultimate price. Hardcore Complete the game in Ranger Hardcore mode. Mutation Complete the game in New Game+ mode using any modification. RH is now out of the priority! Collectibles before the plat!
  4. That only assumes that some kind of memory corruption happens, which will usually wipe out your data.
  5. Yes. What I'm trying to say here is that "cumulative trophies" are often misunderstood. I'm trying to say that If you've deleted your save file by accident, will those trophy progresses be carried over to a new save?
  6. This refers to trophies that no matter what, it still progresses in each and every save file, even if that save is deleted. by accident For example, in Gravity Rush, you have Gem Aficionado (a cumulative trophy), where you have to require to collect 40,000 gems total. But, the age-old question still mystifies the definition of cumulative: "Even if your save file is deleted in GR, does the progress for Gem Aficionado still carries over in a new save"?
  7. Now, it's time to ask this old-age question: How are cumulative (aka trophy progresses that carry over save files, regardless if your save is deleted or not) trophies often misunderstood? Some would say that cumulative trophies is carried over to any playthrough, regardless of whatever save you have or your save lost, while the other is the complete opposite: the "cumulative" part only applies to one save file.
  8. After doing some soul-searching through this game's leaderboard, I've discovered that Ultimate can be done in a more vanilla way (no New Game+). It's pretty interesting that a handful can do it, even if it takes some time. Just comb through the main missions and that's the end of a vanilla Ultimate. To players of Spider-Man, did you do the same thing, as well?
  9. Thanks for the good tip. It's really hilarious how some people complain about others skipping the story, when others don't give a shit about it, but they wanted just the gameplay. Gameplay is what interests most of them.
  10. Some normal NPCs and even animals must be trigger happy. I wonder what drove them.
  11. Whilst I haven't gotten this during the PS Plus January Free Games, luck suddenly pushed me when I realized that this is free this month!
  12. Beat NG+ on Survival II, and you get three trophies: Surviving is Living, One More Ride, 2 Days 2 Done. Just have at least 36-40 skills, if you're going to beat it, plus the Chopper, RPD, and .50 Cal sniper rifle.
  13. They can be restlessly annoying.
  14. It's someone's option to skip or not to skip text. Nothing personal here, but most people buy the games for gameplay. For instance, I play Metro Exodus, but I skip the story, since stories in a game do not interest me, unless if it's highly convincing. I don't personally like people dictating someone who buy game w/ story, then nagging them to not ignore it. It's basically strange to say it.
  15. No, the cheats ARE NOT automatically activated. The trophy states that the cheats will JUST be unlocked by beating plague types on Normal.