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  1. 3 PS3 Games as Remaster for PS4? Hm i think for me that would be Enchanted Arms Eternal Sonata Nier
  2. Welcome! Enjoy your stay.
  3. Congrats to u too than
  4. Seems i got lucky again, just used Summon Tickets and got these two.
  5. Guess i got a bit lucky than ^^
  6. Waiting for MHX Alter aswell. I have not really much rare Servants yet. These are all i have
  7. I personally think the Game is good, though im a old Fire Emblem Fan, slowly but surely they bring more Laguz Characters. And currently there is a Banner for the God of strength from FE echoes: shadows of valentia
  8. The Game is not so bad, playing for a while now.
  9. Im getting so Jealous, playing FGO Na aswell but didnt have so much luck like u guys
  10. Greetings everyone. After using this Site for Help (Guides mostly) i decided to join official. I'm a male Casual Gamer, not really focused on getting trophies as fast as possible but still i want to 100% every Game i play. I take it easy, enjoying everything the Games have to offer. I like to meet new people to talk and/or write with. Feel free to write to me If want to know more about me. Hope we get along. Laters