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  1. Full House Get married and have two kids I wonder how much the kids grow in the game 🤔
  2. Cliques Reach a 5-heart friend level with 4 people. I think the trophy message says everything
  3. Joja Co. Member Of The Year Become a Joja Co. member and purchase all the community development perks. Well it was interesting helping the market grow, but personally i like to rebuild the old building ^^
  4. Mother Catch Catch 100 fish. I really like this game, but the fishing part is really mean at the beginning ^^'
  5. Fisherman Catch 10 different fish. I need to find a balance for FF14 Shadowbringers and my other games >_<
  6. Desire Without Emotion At least 100,000 G in possession. It doesn't take long to get the needed amount for the trophy. The enemy loot and side quests help alot.
  7. Level 40 Reach level 40 Working on this game from time to time. Trying the new Brawler class at the moment
  8. Grabbing It Won a match by executing a Break Hold attack (excluding offline PvP matches). Just working slowly on my trophies again. Was to focused on Final Fantasy 14 x:
  9. 1. 終の女神、現る EPISODE6 ストーリークエスト「女神が描く戯曲の序章」をクリアした証。本当の終わりは、誰も知らない。 - For the trophy we just need to see the EP6 storypart, which got released recently. 2. 放たれし終の一手 閃機種を倒した証。フォトナーが操る驚異。※シングルパーティーエリア限定 - Here we just need to defeat one of the new enemies. 3. 「影に潜みし亡霊」への転身 メインクラスをファントムにクラス変更した。力が欲しいか? ならば、《亡霊》の力を求めるがいい…… - For this one we need to unlock the newest class, Phantom. Need to level two others classes to Lv 75 first to unlock it. I normally don't post more than 1 trophy at a time, but these 3 look so good together and besides i like "trophy puzzles" 😉
  10. The Show-off Won 5 consecutive Ranked Matches. 3 Online Trophies are done with that, but i need to play 95 more times and win 45 times *le sigh* Well i will manage, atleast i hope so. I'm always bit nervous when doing some pvp in any kind of game, cause you never know how good or bad your opponent can be 🤔
  11. Milky Way Received 100 ☆ in DOA QUEST mode. Cause i have only one trophy left in Persona5, i decided to start Doa 6. So far its pretty easy and i have almost everything for the offline part done . I think the online matches will be a pain.. anyway this trophy is earned for reaching the mentioned amount of stars. The Quest Mode includes various Tasks we have to fulfill for the new Character Nico. On each Stage players can earn 3 Stars.
  12. Mask Collector Complete the Persona Compendium. So almost done with the game. Now preparing for the last trophy, the secret boss.
  13. A New Journey See the ending. The Final Battle and the following Ending were really great. Now preparing for NewGame+ 🙂
  14. Cruiser of Pride Sinks Complete the Cruiser Palace. Well.. what can i say. It was a bit tiring to explore that Palace cause it is pretty big. Aside from that the story part was really good 😁
  15. Casino of Jealousy Shut Down Complete the Casino Palace. That was a interesting visit. Though the games there were all rigged so i couldnt earn coins the normal way.😂