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  1. Unless the DLC was delisted very recently, it is still available through the in-game PS3 Store option found in the main menu, as I got it that way a month or two ago. However, as the others said, it is not included in the streamable version on PS4.
  2. As someone who plays the game rather regularly, I can confirm that the trophy list is very easy. I would say that it takes about 60 hours to 100%, but it could be a lot less if you only play your 3 exp boosted matches a day, and you happen to win those. Playing more matches than that is very very suboptimal exp wise, and the largest grind of the game is leveling up. The other thing that might take some time is getting to the required rank in the rated mode. That was the hardest part for me personally, as I had really bad luck with getting teammates who wanted to throw the game. However, I hear they recently reduced the number of rank points you lose on a loss, as well as reduced the number you lose when your rival beats you, so it will be easier to hit the rank than when I did it. Finally, the PS5 version is indeed an auto-pop when you do the actions required for the trophy one time. For example, buy a cheap MS out of the DP store, and it will pop the MS trophy. Anyway, hopefully that helps a bit. Let me know if you have any other questions.
  3. When it comes to the accessory, I got one super easily by playing the Cornelia mission that unlocks during the DLC (it is you vs 30-something enemies and ends with the elemental orb boss) at lvl 400, which I purchased with all the anima crystals I had been unlocking while doing the other missions. All you have to do it defeat a single one of the Lesser Blackwidow enemies, and they should drop a pair of spider glasses that are purple rarity, which is 4-star. Once you get the item you can even die and fail the mission if you want, as you still get to keep collected items. 400 was super simple cause I did some other missions on 400 with Extra Mode turned on, and got the item drops, letting me upgrade my gear levels for my normal stuff to match that. There might be an easier way to get the accessory that I don't know about, but doing it that way saved me a ton of grinding after using Extra Mode for the rest of the DLC, so I hope it helps you as well.
  4. As someone who has been working on the 100% for a while now with my group, you absolutely need 4 people who are willing to stick it out and practice if you wanna finish it. The game also has a lot of connection issues, so be prepared to have a perfect run going for a trophy, and then one of your group members DC at the last possible moment, making you have to do the whole trophy again. This has happened to me on multiple occasions, as well as most of the other members of my group, so it is something to note if you get very frustrated at that kinda thing. Basically, find a good group of 4 to stick at it with, and you should be fine if you don't mind a game held together by duct tape and paperclips.
  5. I think that the game could have been good, but there were a ton of bugs and other issues that I found while playing it. Sometimes minor things like hitbox problems or shovels stopping working after a couple rooms unless you drop it and re-collect it. Sometimes major things like holding the attack button for a while fully breaking the attack animation of your character, and basically making you unable to play. Pair that with a lot of the challenges you have to complete for the plat being pretty hard, and you got a recipe for aggravation. Long story short, it is a cool idea, but needed a lot more polish than it got.
  6. If you are counting using the duty finder as solo, then it is totally possible to do solo. If you are counting dungeons/raids with a party that wasn't premade as non-solo, then the answer is you can't do it solo. Especially as this is the PS5 version, and the raids (while the normal version) are mostly too hard to solo even as a maxed level Warrior with good gear, and the 24-man raids can't be done in an undersized party. No need for a Free Company or anything though, so you can avoid those. (Even if a decent portion of the fun is playing with and/or making friends.)
  7. Dungeons and Dragons: Chronicles of Mystara is probably my favorite PS3 game that I have finished without a plat. Honorable mentions include Proteus, Crystal Defenders, Thomas Was Alone, and Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons.
  8. So, I just wanted to put this out there for anyone interested in starting this game in the future. This game has a pretty serious problem with crashing, especially during the clan matches for the reputation trophy. Normally when the game crashes it will take away about 3 matches worth of progress, which isn't too awful, but there is also a decent chance that the crashes will corrupt your save. This wouldn't be too much of an issue logically while working on MP related trophies where the progress would normally be saved to the server. However, all of your reputation progress for the weekly challenge is saved directly to your save file. Therefore, I would recommend uploading your save data to the cloud at regular intervals to avoid losing hours and hours of your hard work. TL;DR, don't be like me and lose 300 matches worth of progress because of a corrupted save, and instead upload your data to create regular checkpoints.
  9. Some other things I noticed while doing the trophies for the game. You start with 0% execution chance at base for the Assassin and Crusader, so you either have to have on a piece of gear that boosts the % chance, or gain the chance from the execution skill tree unlocked after getting 5k melee kills. Also, I confirmed that you do get the trophy for the making/joining a cabal when you join someone else's. Also also, if you have bonus fate points leftover after the tech tree stuff, doing the 3 cabal missions for the week in a cabal, disbanding said cabal, and then making a new one for 100 fate will give you another 3 missions for that same week. If you need fate for any of this, leveling up your influence in the different systems is a great way to earn some that you actually get to keep (since you don't get to keep the ones from selling the items over and over to get to 5k). You can also invite a friend to a cabal, and as long as the both of you make at least one point of contribution during the cabal quest, it will count for the both of you. Hopefully this helps some people out.
  10. Some real quick things to add onto this. You can just not summon constructs at all and finish the mission with just your guns in order for it to count as a mission without a construct dying for the Tech Adept. Also the Kastelan is at lvl 28, and not lvl 30. For the City of Suffering, it is in the Malcorum System instead of the Clamoris system, cause the other one was the Chaos kill trial.
  11. Just so you know, you can actually auto-pop this game backwards. So if you do the plat normally on PS5, you can upload your save to the PS4 version and auto-pop that list. That is the explination for the 1 min completion times on the PS4 list.
  12. Yes, they do. I leveled up all basic and advanced jobs on the demo, transferred my save over, and then claimed the expert jobs for those trophies. Any story missions you did in the beta will pop their trophies as well. The ones for killing specific enemies or doing certain moves had to be done again for me though. Hopefully that helps.
  13. As someone who is basically done with the whole plat already, only has 60 hours of gametime, and did it blind, the estimate of 150 hours is pretty unreasonable. The missable things are also pretty easy to not mess up as well, cause you basically have to get all the way to the last 3 story bosses before they get locked out. Honestly, this game is probably one of the easiest souls game trophy lists outta all of the ones I have done.
  14. Some more things of note that I have found. You can do the crafting benches in someone's world, but as you said in your other post, you now need to craft an item at each. I did find that we only needed one of the 4 types of fall blocks that you make from the crystal ball though. Also, if you join someone's world that has all the NPC's, kill the guide and let him respawn, you can get the trophy for having all NPC's now.
  15. He just picked it up out of the chest, trophy popped, and he put it back in the chest.