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  1. I would like to be added if possible. I just have the one guide published for TMNT: Mutants in Manhattan.
  2. Well, glad to see you are still working on this! Keep at the grind and you will get there for sure!
  3. Final Fantasy 14 would be my pick. It is an UR on both systems, and I have done them both.
  4. The trophy is currently unobtainable. I have killed the boss multiple times without the trophy popping, tried not attacking her during the spawning phase as that glitched the Steam achievement back when the patch launched on PC, and I know people who killed her during the day as well. Nothing works, so we just gotta wait on a patch for now.
  5. As someone with the trophy, I can confirm that you have to do the flagged missions with your squadron in order to be able to be promoted to the rank needed for the trophy.
  6. Best of luck! As someone who has done the plat for FFXIV on both systems, it is certainly a grind. Had a great time with it, but some of the stuff got a bit mind numbing before I finished it lol.
  7. No.
  8. I wonder if the Karen trophy gives this game a tie to Code Vein then? 🤔
  9. I did it with Alisa, cause she is just my favorite. Probably woulda been easier with other characters, but I had a good time.
  10. Lol, I figured this thread was gonna be you. Glad to know it extends to reaches farther than I previously knew. 😆
  11. Yup, this worked perfectly for me as well.
  12. One of my favorite opening songs from a video game.
  13. The controller is the best bit for sure. The faster load times are nothing to sneeze at either.
  14. I highly recommend the game, as it is a great time sink and you will love (almost) every minute of it. As for the Binding Coils, you can run them unsynched with just a couple lvl 80 people and be all set. As an ok geared lvl 80 Warrior I can solo all of the coils myself, so if you get a couple nice people in the party finder you should be all set.