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  1. Hence the game being glitched, thought they might pop at some point later (which didn't happen the first few playthroughs) ive had 2-3 other games they have popped trophies for example "25 coins collected" before it pops "10 coins collected". As you can clearly see from the many many games ive completed not a single game has ever been flagged or cheated on.
  2. TBH_God Ultra Hat Dimension Game glitched, replayed it 3 times no trophies popped, completed the final level and only the final level for a 4th time and all trophies popped.
  3. Followed the video guides, "you need to let the kid take dolls from the toy bin 10 times. However, you need to have AT LEAST 6 dolls in the toy bin for him to take any"... I have attempted this 27 times, on 2 fresh saves, and even a reinstall. The Cutscene of him stealing the toys, never appears. also tried with 6,7,8,9,11,13 toys in the box and still never happens... Am i being dim and missing something?
  4. Just followed your steps, literally nothing to do with match length, (Hazards, clay mode, speed etc) oh well thanks anyway, its easy enough game, just glad got platinum finally and can delete it now!
  5. Well that sucks my game didnt have no match length settings, life of a glitched game 😒
  6. 500 matches at 5 minutes (plus load times) each? did you get this game 2 weeks ago 🤔 cause it shows only 5 hours game time (or you found a cheat for the timer? hmm)
  7. Just completed the game, got every trophy except "Unlock Chapter 3" - But have magically managed to get "Strings - Finish Chapter 3". 😂 Deleted save data, replayed game no trophy. Deleted game and reinstalled, replayed and still no trophy. Update - Completed upto 2-20, then redid level 2-1 (Trophy finally popped) Glitchy as hell