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  1. Hey ! Are you sure that all the perks are from the same "family" ?
  2. Monster Hunter World! Always wanted to try it !
  3. I would take Cyberpunk because it's a game that I plan to do, someday
  4. Your plat and 100% on Batman !
  5. Gran Turismo 5. What a game and what a platinum !
  6. I'll take your Ni No Kuni 1. I always wanted to play that game, I still do. But I never took the time to even buy it. Maybe one day I'll find an interesting promo that I will not refuse ...
  7. I'll take Heavy Rain because I know that the game is good, I even have the game but I don't have the patience to do it ! (Congrats for the fifa 09 Platinum by the way, it was one of the best fifa game)
  8. I'll take your Guacamelee platinum, because it remind me that I should try to get it too!
  9. Red Dead Redemption. That one is impressive, congrats mate
  10. I'll go with your Witcher 3 plat. I've got the game since day 1 but I never found the strength to just go for it. I should give it a go in a while! Amazing completion rate btw !
  11. I'll go with your Fall Guys ! I was hyped but never able to plat it ! Nice work !
  12. I would choose any of your Uncharted platinums. I love these games and i did them on a previous account but i believe that i will never have the strenght in me to try these plats again.
  13. Madden NFL 19
  14. I'll take Ferrari Challenge!