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  1. Yea, def needs around 50 hours put into this mode for the two trophies over a 40 day period which I think is not the worst considering the rewards you get along the way. basically wil set me up to go for lvl 40 in a season trophy. I think final unlimited season will end just before 2k24 drops but I could be wrong and they leave the final season active till server dead date
  2. Threepio pops at 6k. Deja vu at 23k.
  3. Just got to 6k. This one is gonna be a long grind.
  4. Threepio trophy is earned at 6,000 points. I strongly think that Deja vu trophy will be at 23,000 points. Each game gives on an average slightly below 200 points (closer to 150 for loss, and closer to 250 for wins. Also, closer to 150 if you win cos opponent leaves early) This would suggest a total of around 120 games for the Deja vu trophy that will need to be played in a single season of 40 days.
  5. thank you
  6. Sorry, I meant where in MyCareer? I have looked everywhere in the neighborhood with no luck. And for myteam, I know it needs lots of wins, but if there was any ideas as to how many or what is the minimum win ratio required etc.?
  7. For Popping off - Where is the mini basketball game? For other two trophies - What are the exact requirements?
  8. I like this year's list much better. Especially that they removed the grind Needed to max out in GM mode on PS4 for 2k22. I am playing he PS4 version again this year (due to my particular dislike towards the W mode)
  9. Sorry, I didn't mean that 20 hour was my estimate. I think I saw someone 's comment that they finished in 20 hours. But based on everyone else's comment here, it seems it's more 35-50 hours to complete.
  10. It's disappointing to see that it is literally the same layout as Two Point Hospital. Thought they would make some nice changes to the game. But at least its only 20 hours to platinum and 3/10. Thanks for the info. I am sure they will add some DLC's later
  11. Yes, tees valley line dlc for train sim world 2020 doesn't show up when searching in store. This happened to me a few weeks back when I needed it for a dlc in part 2 of trophies. I was able to download it when I redownloaded the game, it was there as one of the dlcs I could install
  12. Thank you. great suggestion! I will try this method tomorrow. Looks to be way easier than getting blocks in open play
  13. Thanks, Andrea. I did not think about the exchange at all as I barely use it in the game, but it is a great suggestion. I am waiting for the season reset and new objectives to get some quick players and some luck on my side this time. I read somewhere else that sending 3's have the best chance and I have been doing a lot of that. It also seems that another good idea might be to keep a few grading cards waiting to be opened, and open multiple boxes one after the other. Some people are reporting that they are getting it this way (but it could also be a fluke and not mean anything)
  14. I opened a bunch of Dynamic rating card packs (3500 MT each pack only) and was able to get it by spending only about 50k. I had opened probably 200 packs prior to this through dominations, locker codes, objectives and daily login. Any suggestion for getting a 10 graded card? Probably sent close to 250 already with no luck. Also, what would be the best way to keep getting new players to send (as Original Owned are required)
  15. I noticed that 5 people had platinum for this game on PS4 yesterday. Today, it only shows 1 person who has completed the game. Seeing more people do it certainly gave me more hope. Were these guys cheaters who were flagged/removed?