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  1. Streaker and Reckoning Rampage. Starting a new character fixed both. For Streaker I was basically talking to everyone one in different levels of undress and nothing was happening. Started a new character and got it at literally the first person you can talk to. And Reckoning Rampage after three attempts at it and it not unlocking I loaded up a new character and got it at the first group of five enemies I could find. Was really happy I didn't have to completely restart again to get this one! Just a bit of backtracking.
  2. Nevermind. Got it by reloading an earlier save and going back to see him. This is the third trophy I've had glitch on me and the other two I could only unlock by restarting the game
  3. Has anyone else gone into the sewer and met the strange man and had the trophy not pop? Like me I keep talking to him and nothing.