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  1. Hi, I've finally decided to complete Comrades dlc trophies before playing Ardyn's episode. Haven't updated the game yet so I still have Comrades - but can't play online, obviously. Chances of getting the buff by Cid appearing and cooking are miserable - happened to me like twice and he cooked only 20% buff food, so I'm thinking I'll try to craft stuff without the buff. I played very little online before it got closed so I have enough ingredients to buy 10% buff from the store - which is almost nothing. I've seen Dragon Whisker guides and how to do them but all of them require 30% buff. Would it be possible to obtain all the trophies without it/with 10%? Wouldn't I be too underpowered by the endgame? I've just finished the base part of the game, defeated Bahamuth so I think I still have long road ahead of me. Got around 250 strength and defense stats but that's not enough for 40+ level enemies. Would appreciate any tips, want to finish it asap. 🙂
  2. I'm not that far yet but in Zero simple interjections wouldn't give you more than 900 points, game clearly stated it. In Kiwami I don't think game said so but I automatically assumed it's so and played all the other songs in lively style.
  3. Very doubtful, I'm using month old, rarely used controller and have troubles sprinting. That together with getting stuck in the door frames made this trophy especially annoying. Took me like 1 hour to finally do it and I got 14,80s which is like 0,80s faster than my previous best. Have no idea how I did it, just blitzed through it all without getting stuck and missing a target. The key was to properly shoot the last two targets while back walking to the finish, then quickly turn around and sprint the last bit. Aim sensitivity was set to 5 (3 is default), it's very important to set it higher. Also, I used rifle on first three targets, and pistol on the rest.
  4. I'm only in the Pyramid palace so no major spoilers please but how the fuck are so many people picking Makoto? For the first third of the game she's stalking you and then, when she joins you, she makes you stalk other people with her! What is wrong with you people?! That's like the creepiest behaviour possible. I don't care about her circumstances at home, I get that and all the backstory, trying to please everyone and eating shit for it from every side. Ok, that's fine, I sympathize. But this stalking shit? Are you nuts? And she's incredibly uptight. I feel like living with her I would die of lack of humor. So far it's Ann because I really can't say anything bad about her... and I had a crush on similar friend few years ago... maybe Futaba, we shall see how her character develops. P.S. I saw in the guide that you can romance Kawakami-senpai as well. It's so creepy part of me wants to try it just for the fun of it. Are there any major special scenes after romancing someone? I'll probably end up just watching some Youtube videos after I'm finished with the game and pick someone from my party. Haru showed up only in fireworks clip so far, last person I don't know anything about.
  5. For new players who don't know how to change sub character from Globox to someone else. As Adrua mentioned, you need to unlock the challenge and by that time you're guaranteed to get at least one princess. And here's what to do next:
  6. I know there are already some threads about this but for the sake of people only now coming into the game I thought it would be better to post whole new thread so nobody needs to read 30+ comments. Fix comes from statman on Playstationtrophies.org. As far as I know he's the first one who commented on it directly under The Road Less Traveled trophy's description. Here's the solution: If you glitch, try replaying the chapter Child's Play a few times on hard. I managed to get the trophy to pop at the end of my second replay of the chapter! I can confirm this works as well as other people from the site. I returned to the game and it popped few seconds after I finished the chapter. When I played I first completed the whole game on easy, getting most of the trophies (some still glitched but repeating chapters did it) and then I went for hard playthrough on new save file. The trophy glitched on me and I deleted the game, cursing it and Quantic Dream. Now I installed it again, thinking I give it another try but first went on forums to see if anything had changed. And it did. The game probably doesn't recognize you've finished the chapter on hard. So my recommendation is to finish the whole game on hard and then repeat Child's Play chapter. I didn't do it in one sitting or anything crazy like that as some people here recommend. I also did the worst ending so I wouldn't have to sit through more crazy QTEs. You can close the game without fear that this one would glitch providing you repeat the chapter again. Hope this helps someone. 🙂
  7. The story is predictable from the beginning. This lazy writing is made even by worse by ridiculous game design. Skipping doesn't work as well as it should as Crimson Idol mentioned and I might add that it takes forever for the game to change people on the screen when more than two people are talking. Which happens quite often. Character says one sentence, then other replies but for the reply to occur first character has to fade out and second one fade in on the screen. And this change is unbelievably sluggish and unskippable. Makes me not want read anything at all. Why even bother when it's so badly written, anyway? There's no mystery. You have some idea how it might all be by the beginning of chapter 2 and the only reason why you wouldn't want to believe such obvious plot twist is because it's too easy and so stupid you don't even know how some in-game characters managed to pull it off. But the theory is right.
  8. Took me 4 hours and 30 minutes. Old Man's Pants or what's it called was 57th(!) out of 60 items that I got. So basically useless.
  9. I did an easy playthrough getting all the trophies - two of them glitched (that +55 before ex comes in and don't raise any suspicion in work), I managed to get both later. Then I did hard playthrough and it glitched too. Repeated last chapter and actually did the QTEs to see if it helps - nothing. Fuck this game. This game's prime example how not to do QTEs and the story is terribly written (dialogues and narrating monologues feel forced) with the dumbest most underwhelming twist ending in video game ever. I'm one trophy from platinum but I'm not playing this shit again. I liked Heavy Rain and loved Beyond. Detroit seems cool too. But this is shit. And to release 13(!) years old game that's glitched this heavily and not even bother to fix it is really something. 😡
  10. I agree with the combat but the story is best part of the game along with all the trivia and random talks they do. But I guess that's kinda personal thing. With me it hits home. Sometimes literally. So far the best PS4 game I've played and one of the best in general. People compare it to The Last of Us as if it's some kind of an insult and while I agree they could have done it more originally it's still amazing game and much better than TLOU.
  11. I'm too lazy to actually search for the tweet but somebody tweeted the question to Cory Barlog - producer of the game. He answered with something like "Who do you think? Who's been after them the whole game?" So sorry to disappoint some of you (me included) but it's not Loki from the future. It really was Baldur.
  12. But on Vita I don't control the character. He's on autopilot, I control Murphy and move all the obstacles. There's no way I can change how he jumps 😕 It's exact 17.00 km. I believe someone can get that far but highly doubt he'd reach that exact number. What are the odds?!
  13. So here I am, two weeks (so far) aiming for diamond without a chance to get it (basically barely made it through 2 000m once on murphy challenge, not even that on anything else. I hate the regular players with hundreds of cups. Get a life! Go play something else! But I noticed something even worse. Today and last week there were at least two cheaters. I've no idea how they hacked the game but these scores are ridiculous and way too precise. Today: https://photos.app.goo.gl/fqcSJsi9FMXuzSpF2 Last Sunday: https://photos.app.goo.gl/FAAQ1r9HiIWZlDRT2 Tweeted it at Rayman and Ubisoft profiles, also posted in ubi forum, no reply. Nobody cares except for trophy hunting losers like us... Btw if anybody knows how to get through those three movable spikes at the end of this video, please explain.
  14. What the trick was? Another 2+ hours of replaying time attack 😅 If you don't get a good combination at the beginning - meaning at least one 6+ match don't even bother trying, just restart it. And I do have to say that I got better in spotting possible combinations and matching 3+ tiles to get 6+ combinations. But it's still incredibly luck based. My advice to you would be to just ignore the game altogether if you're aiming for trophies, not worth the time. Go play something better 🙂
  15. Any tips for this one? I've been trying for like 3 hours yesterday and today and the closest I got was to 29 once, 26-28 a few times. But the average is like 20-22 and I find it near impossible to get multiplier of 30. This is hands down the hardest trophy, yet the guide on xboxachievements.net says it's super easy and can be done even on first try. I haven't had many problems with other trophies, even the flying bug one but this is insane. I even tried to reinstall it without the patch but it changed nothing. It's the last trophy I'm missing.