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  1. Hi, I've finally decided to complete Comrades dlc trophies before playing Ardyn's episode. Haven't updated the game yet so I still have Comrades - but can't play online, obviously. Chances of getting the buff by Cid appearing and cooking are miserable - happened to me like twice and he cooked only 20% buff food, so I'm thinking I'll try to craft stuff without the buff. I played very little online before it got closed so I have enough ingredients to buy 10% buff from the store - which is almost nothing. I've seen Dragon Whisker guides and how to do them but all of them require 30% buff. Would it be possible to obtain all the trophies without it/with 10%? Wouldn't I be too underpowered by the endgame? I've just finished the base part of the game, defeated Bahamuth so I think I still have long road ahead of me. Got around 250 strength and defense stats but that's not enough for 40+ level enemies. Would appreciate any tips, want to finish it asap. πŸ™‚
  2. I'm playing it on story difficulty with classic combat mode and having a blast. Everyone was hating on this game so I ignored it even though I'm huge fan of first two Darksiders. Two annoying things are save point system and the constant loading and texture pop-in. But other than that on the easiest difficulty it's a bit weaker version of first two games and I'm more than satisfied with it (since I got it as PS+ title and didn't buy it for full price). 7/10 so far. Story is weak but that was the case for DS2 as well so I wasn't expecting epic and deep plot. They definitely made a poor decision when they tried to copy soulsborne games, though.
  3. How is it? It got bad reviews but it seems it's a niche game not aimed for everyone. How's it doing compared to Shadow of the Damned or Lollipop Chainsaw for example? I see it for 5-8€ in some local e-shops. Bought Yakuza Dead Souls brand new for 8€ to complete my PS3 Ryu Ga Gotoku collection. Now I'm awaiting physical release of remasters. And hopefully Ishin and Kenzan games get translated at some point so that we get all the Yakuzas in the west (let's ignore Kurohyo). Remaster/remake of this one wouldn't hurt either, heard it has terrible fps issues.
  4. Took me about 80 attempts to perfect all songs. #6 and #8 were hardest by far. Pretty annoying minigame but could've been harder I suppose. Bare in mind I don't play rhythm games. I loved Guitar Hero back in my X360 days and since then basically played only Yakuza 0 and Kiwami rhythm games to get trophies. But I do play musical instruments so that may have made it easier for me. I liked that the songs were in order of difficulty/speed so by the time you perfected #5, #6 didn't surprise you and so on. Biggest issue was memorizing and pressing the correct buttons, especially in the last song. Now I'm off to finishing the story and long grind so typical for Ryu Ga Gotoku games, I guess. Hopefully this was the hardest part of the road to platinum.
  5. I remember it being bugged so it was impossible to either finish or get platinum. Has it been patched? Dirt Rally is relatively easy and rare because people give up immediately when they don't win. But the reality is that the leading AI is making 30s faster times than second one and once you upgrade your car by racing you won't have troubles with it in two lowest difficulties. And for winning on the hardest there's hillclimb which again, was surprisingly easy to win once you know the track (there's only one split into several). Love the game so for me it was fun the whole time.
  6. I feel sorry for people who played regular Survival mode when it came out only to now having to play it again. Not cool from devs. I guess it's finally time for me to start this game since all dlcs should be out now.
  7. NoClip did a great documentary/interview with ex-Telltale employees about the biggest issue being dumb top management that scratched any and every original idea and wanted to keep releasing the same formula over and over again. Naturally, gamers got tired of it as well. Not to mention they were working on several titles at the same time, leaving no space (and work force) for engine innovation. Also, TWD was their biggest hit but they weren't hemorrhaging money with stuff like Borderlands and Wolf. They weren't megahits but still were profitable. Minecraft stuff was their second biggest hit financially. The real issue was the era of GoT, Guardians, Batman, etc. when games stopped selling yet studio kept making more and more of them. I do believe this time it'll be different. Edit: Yes, they're hiring old creative staff with plans to expand later.
  8. Just earned platinum. Biggest issue was finding 3 other players to win ranked matches, other trophies can be boosted with one or two additional people but this one requires four. Level 60 is grind for sure but put some podcast on and it's doable. Curiously enough I found some randos playing team deathmatch and got decimated because they were playing it for long time for sure. Full 4vs4 matches. So it's not entirely dead but boosting is much surer way to earn trophies. Especially since no one plays other modes.
  9. Haven't listened to whole album yet. But this is one of the all time best Slipknot songs already. HERE’S AN UNEXPLAINABLE ONE
  10. Anyone got an estimate of how long it takes to get all MP trophies with boosting?
  11. The New Colossus Don't wanna ask this on game's forum since it's more political question. I haven't played it yet but a friend of mine loved it at release. From what he told me it actually sounded like anti-woke game, criticizing modern political climate and SJWs. However from what I read on the internet, it's exact opposite and it takes shots at Trump and similar topics. I'm sick of SJW agenda being shoved into games and I want to avoid it as much as possible. So people who played it, how was it? Avoid major spoilers, please.
  12. Looks like the game itself has been delisted as well. Just got the platinum and went to look for dlcs. Nothing but some trailers are left. UK store. The only Grid game available is Autosport.
  13. This wasn't a bait though I knew it would get spicy. That's why I put it here instead of the game's forum. I come from ex-socialist country so I know too well what communism really is and I'm watching the events in America with very skeptical eye. I'm sick of politically correct culture that's growing in the west and SJW agendas getting mixed into media that don't need it. Free speech is getting censored just like "in the old days". Only two comments to potentially label me a white supremacist. πŸ˜‚ I'm almost honored since you know, these days even ortodox jews are being called nazis. I'm a centrist, liberal, btw. Pro-abortion, pro-LGBT, not that it matters. From that video it seems the game's not for me even though I platinumed first one and loved it (Old Blood was boring, imho). I don't agree with some stuff said there and I laughed at the bathing-in-blood sex scene (it's so over the top, I love it) but overall it's a good case for why the game is definitely woke. I don't want to inflame any arguments here but I just can't ignore the insanity on the left in the west. And behold, to my non-surprise, left started promoting national socialism, you know, the origin of the word "nazism". https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7k50V-K4G1o Meanwhile everyone who's right of far-left, who'd not an anarcho-communist with fascistic tendencies is labeled a racist, xenophobe or a nazi. (I just poked a bee nest, didn't I?)
  14. Dark Souls games - to prove to myself I can do it! Also Yakuza's Climax Battles are hell. Tried 0's and gave up. Barely even touched Kiwami's because if I'm gonna platinum them, I want to platinum 0 first. Congrats! Alien Isolation is amazing game. However I didn't want to touch horror game months after that platinum. Burned me out, haha. πŸ˜… Careful there.
  15. Resident Evils 5 (and probably also 6, I didn't even bother playing it). Not worth the time. Tried with Resi 5 and while first playthrough was enjoyable you have to then play it on the hardest difficulty, get AAA rank in all levels and then grind some jewels to upgrade all weapons to max. It's extremely time consuming and boring. Not to mention multiplayer DLC if you aim for 100%...
  16. Mahjong is awesome, one of my favorite minigames in this series. I spent hours playing it just for fun since there's barely any Android game in EU Play Store so I can't play it properly anywhere else. There are some very handy Yakuza mahjong tutorials on Youtube and the rest you'll figure out for yourself. On the other hand I've always cheated in Shogi, following video guides. I've no idea how to play it. Hope it's not gonna be a big grind.
  17. Just started playing. So far the most annoying thing is that the character walks by default and I have to hold X to run which makes it impossible to run and control camera at the same time. Why they couldn't just make run default or if they wanted to copy Assassin's Creed so badly make one of the L/R buttons the run button.
  18. Story-wise Catalyst feels like it's a companion video game to some other media (usually movie). Characters weren't properly introduced as if we were already supposed to know them, saying that writing is weak is a huge understatement and I'm in half of the story right now and still have zero idea of what's going on and what happened in the past despite the fact that my character knows it all. That's bad writing, plain and simple. Story almost exclusively happens through voice chat anyway, those few cutscenes here and there are short and almost pointless. I know there was some comic book released prior to the game but I'm not paying any more money to EA to get background story that should've been in the game in the first place! Gameplay-wise it's annoying running from point A to point B only to run to point C that's in A's direction only it seems even further away. Battles are terrible. Game is too repetitive. I played original ME years ago and while I remember the story was weak I do remember it more fondly than this mess. It at least explained more at the beginning. Maybe gameplay was similar back then but that would only mean it aged badly and Catalyst was a bad game right from the release. I'd given original ME 4/5 back in the day. Catalyst is 3/5 and depending on how the story goes might even go down to 2/5. I regret buying it already even though it was on sale for only 5 pounds or so. Got a huge backlog so this game is kind of a waste of time. At least platinum trophy seems easy enough. Edit: Just learned they developed it with Anita Sarkeesian as consultant. That explains A LOT. Had I known this I would've been much more careful purchasing this game.
  19. Tales of Symphonia - Igaguri Style - Obtain all of Sheena's titles. You need to open all chests in the game to get one of her titles. Played through the game twice and both times used GameFAQ guide that supposedly lists them all and both times missed a missable chest in early army base where the items are visible after using the ring, there are no real chests there but items count anyway. People say they got the trophy following that guide, I missed the same fucking item twice! That's like 70-80 hours per playthrough I think (dialogues are unskippable and Symphonia is full of them). There's some app that can read which chest was left unopened and supposedly can even modify the save file so I'd get the title but latter part doesn't work on my EU save file. It shows corrupted in the console.
  20. I can't really put them into order: 1408 - fucking masterpiece, it's a personal hell story and I love those The Conjuring 2 - I almost took a break when I saw it the first time in cinema, Wan is amazing director Hereditary - everybody around me hates it, in my opinion it's a masterpiece that's inspired by legendary directors like Kubrick The Thing - though I don't consider it as much a horror rather than thriller since it's not that scary nowadays but it's amazing movie Evil Dead 2 - best horror comedy ever made!
  21. Thank you both for the tips! In the end, after upgrading two Dragon Whiskers it wasn't that difficult, not even time consuming considering the amount of materials I'd need to grind to get them overpowered like in that Steam guide. Instead I went with lazier build. This were my final stats. I'm writing it in case anybody else wants to know what's still easily doable and to comprehend how overpowered that Steam guide's gear is. Ifrit fight - only thing I changed from gear below was sigil - to Fierce's Rampage. This way I warp striked him to death without going under 5300/6574HP. Basically you need to have high fire resistance and spend as little time on the ground as possible. While warp striking with the sigil you're invincible. Teammates died instantly, I took largest damage during his first form when he hit me with sword. Other than that his missiles were annoying but later two forms were only a matter of patience. ALL the other fights I wasn't changing anything, only gradually upgrading this gear: 2 Dragon Whiskers, one level 99, one 109 - 109 was with Penetrator X and Lifedrain II - used only it after I got the powers 2 Black Prince shields, remnants of early game overpowered gear from some other guide, both level 70 Tall's sigil Aura - it gives 70% bonus damage, incredibly helpful and replaces attack spell with attack buff. Final stats (with Aura equipped): Level 46, health 5259, attack 1433 and vitality only 499, didn't care about the rest except fire resistance (92%) for Ifrit To upgrade weapons I used whatever I had but bought 20 of sinister sharpscales and curved hollowhorns from Norduscean Garrison's shop (you have to unlock it by appointing some person as leader and pick it from the options). Very helpful to boost damage stat. Quite lame compared to what the game offers but usable nonetheless. Steam's is crazy overpowered unless you want to defeat Ifrit fair and square. If somebody's reading this, preparing for the grind, hope it helps a bit. All that remains for me is to get 1 mil kW trophy and I can finally go play Ardyn's episode!
  22. I'm not that far yet but in Zero simple interjections wouldn't give you more than 900 points, game clearly stated it. In Kiwami I don't think game said so but I automatically assumed it's so and played all the other songs in lively style.
  23. Very doubtful, I'm using month old, rarely used controller and have troubles sprinting. That together with getting stuck in the door frames made this trophy especially annoying. Took me like 1 hour to finally do it and I got 14,80s which is like 0,80s faster than my previous best. Have no idea how I did it, just blitzed through it all without getting stuck and missing a target. The key was to properly shoot the last two targets while back walking to the finish, then quickly turn around and sprint the last bit. Aim sensitivity was set to 5 (3 is default), it's very important to set it higher. Also, I used rifle on first three targets, and pistol on the rest.
  24. I know there are already some threads about this but for the sake of people only now coming into the game I thought it would be better to post whole new thread so nobody needs to read 30+ comments. Fix comes from statman on Playstationtrophies.org. As far as I know he's the first one who commented on it directly under The Road Less Traveled trophy's description. Here's the solution: If you glitch, try replaying the chapter Child's Play a few times on hard. I managed to get the trophy to pop at the end of my second replay of the chapter! I can confirm this works as well as other people from the site. I returned to the game and it popped few seconds after I finished the chapter. When I played I first completed the whole game on easy, getting most of the trophies (some still glitched but repeating chapters did it) and then I went for hard playthrough on new save file. The trophy glitched on me and I deleted the game, cursing it and Quantic Dream. Now I installed it again, thinking I give it another try but first went on forums to see if anything had changed. And it did. The game probably doesn't recognize you've finished the chapter on hard. So my recommendation is to finish the whole game on hard and then repeat Child's Play chapter. I didn't do it in one sitting or anything crazy like that as some people here recommend. I also did the worst ending so I wouldn't have to sit through more crazy QTEs. You can close the game without fear that this one would glitch providing you repeat the chapter again. Hope this helps someone. πŸ™‚
  25. I'm only in the Pyramid palace so no major spoilers please but how the fuck are so many people picking Makoto? For the first third of the game she's stalking you and then, when she joins you, she makes you stalk other people with her! What is wrong with you people?! That's like the creepiest behaviour possible. I don't care about her circumstances at home, I get that and all the backstory, trying to please everyone and eating shit for it from every side. Ok, that's fine, I sympathize. But this stalking shit? Are you nuts? And she's incredibly uptight. I feel like living with her I would die of lack of humor. So far it's Ann because I really can't say anything bad about her... and I had a crush on similar friend few years ago... maybe Futaba, we shall see how her character develops. P.S. I saw in the guide that you can romance Kawakami-senpai as well. It's so creepy part of me wants to try it just for the fun of it. Are there any major special scenes after romancing someone? I'll probably end up just watching some Youtube videos after I'm finished with the game and pick someone from my party. Haru showed up only in fireworks clip so far, last person I don't know anything about.