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  1. Hi all, need help or advice. I ran into this problem in the Rogue Legacy, I got the last trophy and platinum on PS5, but after ~ an hour I noticed that the progress again dropped from 100% to 91% (minus two trophies). It's about the difficult Thanatophobia trophy. Just in case, I made a copy of the save before the final boss, replayed it again, but the trophy was not given. There is also a screenshot on the console itself, which the PS5 takes itself, with these two trophies. Who faced similar, what can be done? Edit: Fixed by syncing trophys in the settings.
  2. About "Golden Touch" you need to check your "most gold carried" stat first and then make sure you carry more gold than this stat, works for me
  3. I just wrote in support, they said that this is a temporary problem and that it will be solved.