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  1. Does anyone knows if the black boxes give any champions tokens. I finished the game and am planning to do NG+ Story mode and then NG++ UH. I want to get the wings of the ten blast sling for UH, but I am considering collecting the missing black boxes on my main save and then start NG+ or go straight to NG+ depending on if I get champions tokens or not.
  2. Can confirm that this method works really well and it's very easy.
  3. Incredible easy list, but I feel that without a platinum this indicates that were are getting a tone of DLC trophies every time they will add something new to the game. Hope not.
  4. Yes. You only need a second controller for Versus (2 Players), but a easy work around is to install the app PS remote play in your phone and use your controller as a guest user (second controller) on your PS4. That way the game will register a local multiplayer match and the trophy will pop.