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  1. Again, this was a run focused on speed and not too many zig zags which are hard to pull. I am sure there are better methods, but this worked for me consistently. Never got caught on 0.22 by just being fast and sticking to the wall and 0.33 is the choke point area which is hard to pull clean. There a tones of good videos online, just wanted to share for some that are not so skilled with zig zags like me who sucks at it.
  2. Not really. The only part where I was getting caught was the choke point in the middle and when I went left in the 2 options as I couldn't get a consistent strategy. After I start going right I was basically only getting caught in the choke point zone. Again this is a run I made so I could replay it over and over again without having to zig zag like crazy and hurt my thumb as I did in my first session following methods online. I am sure if you are more skilled, this method is not very efficient but it worked for me.
  3. Tips from someone who is not very skilled and took around an hour (between 3 sessions to get it): 1 - Hug the wall whenever possible; 2 - Goes as straight as possible and take small jukes, releasing the run button, outside of the major sections; 3 - The middle part in the choke point is the hardest. Go right to left and take a big horizontal cut/juke and immediately go straight. Bit lucked based. 4 - After that, go left to avoid the big horde coming from the right, but then GO TO HERE THEY CAME IN THE RIGHT. THE RIGHT PATH IS MUCH EASIER. 5 - Then you should be able to get it unless some BS RNG. This method doesn't strain your tumb too much and allows you to keep on trying and for people like me who suck at fast movements, it's possible to do it. Just be patient and on the first tries continue the run even if they grab you to learn the later part of the run. Here is my run in case it helps:
  4. Does anyone knows if the black boxes give any champions tokens. I finished the game and am planning to do NG+ Story mode and then NG++ UH. I want to get the wings of the ten blast sling for UH, but I am considering collecting the missing black boxes on my main save and then start NG+ or go straight to NG+ depending on if I get champions tokens or not.
  5. Can confirm that this method works really well and it's very easy.
  6. Incredible easy list, but I feel that without a platinum this indicates that were are getting a tone of DLC trophies every time they will add something new to the game. Hope not.
  7. Yes. You only need a second controller for Versus (2 Players), but a easy work around is to install the app PS remote play in your phone and use your controller as a guest user (second controller) on your PS4. That way the game will register a local multiplayer match and the trophy will pop.