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  1. i will begin a new psn account i hope u guys add me again new name is XenoviaXenac

    1. Show previous comments  8 more
    2. KingBaku


      Yes Masamune and every time u log in Catherine in bikinis welcomes u back >_>

    3. Masamune


      Stop making me imagine stuff!

    4. KingBaku


      Ur right, stay away from the dark side of the PS Store :P

  2. so many... get 3000 or more Trophies
  3. congrats vjuchen ^^
  4. alright ^^
  5. most freetime do i have on weekend ^^ if u want i add u later on PSN and here if u want,or u send me a friendrequest
  6. i started with ragnarok odyssey again recently,so we can play together if we both have the time ^^
  7. Sleepy Dog ^^
  8. i know that problem well if i have no motivation i let others choose a game for me,which i try to play to get the plat and 100% ^^
  9. Crazy.....sometimes
  10. 10/10 for Hyperdimension Neptunia,i love the Series ^^
  11. is the big bad wolf (?)
  12. 10/10 i see u everywhere in the forum ^^
  13. welcome ^^
  14. welcome to the site ^^ glad u like rpg's so much, i'm one of them too ^^
  15. hi

    welcome to psnp ^^